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New born baby with spinal meningitis

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  • New born baby with spinal meningitis

    Dear friends,

    I have a lady who gave birth to a baby boy on July 1, and yesterday he was hospitalised with high fever. The mother is a typical Puls and was helped much by the remedy in pregnancy, but did not take anything since 2 weeks before the birth and feels well. The baby was well in the beginning too, but then there appeared a pussy discharge from the left eye, first for a day 3 days after the birth, which went away, but appeared again when the baby was one week old and she returned home after the hospital where the baby was born. Besides the fact of displacement, there was also "change in the atmoshpere" so-to-say, the baby was moved from air-conditioned place into hot humid Japanese summer with a simple fan.

    One week later the mother with the baby went to visit mother's parents and the baby found itself in the air-conditioned rooms again.

    I was able to extract the following details. If someone has any idea, please let me know.

    (The following was written yesterday.)

    About 3 days ago the mother noticed that the baby was hot to touch and his head, the
    face and even the skin on the hairy part was very red. However, there was
    no fever when they measured.

    Since that moment the baby was sweating very much in his sleep.

    Was vomiting a bit too much, more than the other children did at that age,
    also the stool seems to be a bit unusual, it turned yellowish, though it was
    green in the very beginning, and the stool contains some "grains" like
    whitish cucumber seeds.

    THe baby increases very much the weight. Was born at 3805, one week later
    was 3880, and this morning was 4510, is quite plump.

    Since about 2 days ago was especially nervous when a lot of people came to visit,
    cried if the mother did not hold him tight, but did not nurse much compared
    to the way he seemed to demand it. And in general nursed less than in the

    SHe also noticed that a couple of days ago the baby seemed to react unusually
    to touching the back of the neck, as if it hurt him.

    THe night before, not this night, the baby slept too long and too deeply, so that
    the mother was able to take some good sleep too.

    It's aso probably important to mention that since his birth his neck
    seemed unusually strong, or shall we say stiff?

    Yesterday at night when she took the baby to the hospital - about 1 hour in the
    car, he started crying unusually strongly once in the car (markedly worse for jar?) and on arriving at the hospital he was
    bending his back backwards with a lot of force, which strength unusual for
    a baby. THe simple check of blood did not show any aberrance and they were
    sent home to come in the morning and make a detailed blood test, which
    showed some problems and diagnosis for the moment is "suspected" spinal
    meningitis - is it the right word for the inflammation I mentioned, so now baby
    is in the hospital the mother prepares some milk to carry it to him to
    the hospital later. She might add a remedy solution into the milk she gives away to the hospital.

    Added to this is the fact that the umbilical cord was still there yesterday and
    felt only a bit weaker than in the beginning.

    Since that moment the baby's state has shown no change in spite of whatever treatment the hospital gives him. MOst probably antibiotics and some nutritional injections as he was not able to nurse at the moment he arrived at the hospital.

    Any comments appreciated,


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    I would go for Belladonna 30C or 200.

    Red face, head pulled back, worse a jar (good one, Helena!)

    Consider also Cicuta: bending head, neck and spine backwards. Facial distortions.

    If you hear the "brain cry"--high pitched shrieking--go to Apis.

    For a stuporous appearance, consider Helleborus.


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      I would strongly advise AGAINST a 200 C for a newborn or any baby under 1 year of age. The aggravation could be tremendous. 30 C max.


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        Dear friends,

        Thank you very much for your comments.

        I was in much doubt about the potency, but somehow I felt that 200 might be dangerous, so I gave the mother a bottle with one granule of Bell 30 dissolved to add to the frozen milk that she's allowed to give the baby. She cannot nurse him directly...

        Would you suggest that she take the dose herself when she prepares the next portion?

        Also I told her to add the remedy only two times, to two doses, and see the reaction if any. Hopefully the baby will get them soon enough. Or should only one dose be given? He has this fever for 3 days already, so I thought he might need 2 doses...

        THanks again, I'll keep you posted,


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          Dear Helena,

          I'm glad we have a consensus about the 30C, I was a little worried about the 200 myself, but Bell. acutes tend to be intense so I considered the higher potency.

          Let me see if I understand this. She brings a bottle of breast milk into the hospital? She puts the remedy into the milk, but then it's out of her hands, right? I mean, who does the feeding?

          In such a severe disease, it's hard to imagine that one dose will be sufficient; I would feel better knowing the doses were succussed each time, otherwise the previous working-dose can actually be antidoted.

          Everything is individual in homeopathy, and, it's hard to know how many doses should be given per day. 3? 4? That would be a ballpark figure, but if there was a dramatic improvement with one dose, you would stop there; or if there were an aggravation, you would stop as well.

          I suppose you could give the remedy to the mother, but why dose the mom with a remedy she doesn't need if you can give it to the baby? It seems more of sure thing if the baby gets it directly.

          Keep us posted,


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            Here would be my question: If I were given Belladonna 30C to pass on to my daughter via breast milk, and I was not in a belladonna state and therefore not resonating with belladonna, would it even be in my breast milk? And how would we know?



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              Dear friends, Snoopy!

              I'm afraid this time it is too late to give the remedy - the doctors at the hospital, as of yesterday night, have managed to beat the fever and continue the treatment "because there are still germs", which is remarkable, as on first admission of the baby to the hospital there were no germs found, only the inflammation of the membrane, while now we are left with germs without fever...Ah...

              In any case, the baby seems to have regained appetite, the mother prepared only one portion of frozen milk with Belladonna, she put it into the milk, mixed it to the milk before it was frozen. The milk will not be warmed up in anything, just left to melt naturally... But it does not matter any more, probably, and in any case there will be no repetitions.

              I've learned the lesson and I've ordered a basic remedy kit for the mother so that next time she or the baby has something, she has the first-aid remedies at hand and if I'll be able to tell her what remedy suits the condition she'll give it before she goes to the hospital, if she has to go there after all.

              Thank you very much for your comments, I personally learnt much from this little case and hope to use the information next time something turns up.

              Dear Anna, I've looked up the 284 paragraph and noticed that there are no details as to exact administration of the remedy to the infant through the breast milk, that is how long before the feed the milk is going to be "medicated", or how long after the mother has taken the remedy the milk stays "medicated", to put it the other was? And will the energy be taken up by the mother if she is not in the same state, as most probably was the case in this state?

              I very much appreciate your reply, could you elaborate please?

              Another question, the doctor mentioned to her that there might be a complication after such inflammation in the form of difficult hearing, so would it be possible to repair this with remedies afterwards? Hopefully, yes. I know another person, a big girl already who has hearing difficulties after having been treated too much with antibiotics in early infancy.

              Thanks again,



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                After nursing my 2 kids a total of close to 4 years, I have made the experience that anything I ate went into the milk as early as 30 minutes later, but also hours afterwards, since it is not a clearly defined process. If you understand the milk supply process, things become somewhat clearer. Milk is stored in the breasts for the infant to suck. There are triggers that cause more milk to let down, i.e. a baby's cry (it doesn't matter how far away nor if the mother's actually heard it), mother's love, actual milk production needs more "space" and milk travels to the breasts, baby's established rhythm,(at certain intervals, the body knows to let down milk) and then the actual stimulation when the baby's nursing causes the milk to let down.

                One has to understand that through breast milk, a mother shares vital energy with her child (that's why nursing moms are often run down a bit and more tired). This links in with what Anna said, the mother/infant team shares vital force, i.e. is a very close unit and can be treated as ONE instead of two.
                Hope this helps a bit. - For more nursing/milk supply info, check out LaLecheLeague.


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                  Dear Helena,

                  There probably will be some price to pay for the use of antibiotics in this situation, a remedy may be needed in the future but I don't know which one at this point; perhaps future behavior and symptoms will show the way.



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                    with regard to the baby getting remedies via nursing - what about an injury to the baby where obviously mom doesn't share the same injury would you still give the remedy via breastmilk? What about remedies given for after effects of vaccination?
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                      I would just give the baby the remedy because obviously, as you say, there are just too many questions regarding giving it to the mother.



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                        Dear friends,

                        there are some good news about the baby. Yesterday he got that portion of milk with Bell,30, but at night after making this portion the mother felt so tired and wrought up that she took a dose of her Puls 200, without asking me, so maybe today in the morning he got that milk too.

                        And this afternoon he has suddenly regained very healthy look, very good appetite and otherwise was so well, that he was put off the dropper (he was attached to tubes with some medicine all this time) and antibiotics, and is kept in his box for intensive care only "just in case". However, he's so energetic now that he kicks all over this box and worries the nurses at the hospital...

                        The mother however told me that after that dose of Puls she could sleep better and relax a bit, but the milk is not flowing so well. I advised her to "milk" herself very often and think of the baby all the time when doing this, hope this helps her...

                        Thanks everybody for interest and comments!



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                          So, Helena, correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the baby got a dose of Puls through the mother? Funny we should just be talking about this!

                          Did the baby ever get Bell. 30, I don't think I'm clear on that.

                          Looking back over the case, it appears that we missed a lot of characteristic Puls. symptoms such as < in warm/hot environment, thirstlessness and greenish stool. Also, the mother being Puls. should have tipped us off.


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                            Dear Snoopy,

                            the baby received a dose of Bell mixed into the plastic bag with breast milk that was used for freezing milk, so if the remedy was not spoiled by freezing, he got one dose of Bell, which was most probably followed within 12 hours by the Puls 200 that the mother had.

                            I thought of Puls right away, but it seems it is not very typical for spinal meningitis, but in any case the baby has got some right remedy and was doing well as of yesterday. Hope it does not get spoiled today, but if it does we'll probably have mother to take Puls 30 to antidote the high potency... (If I got it right?)

                            Thanks for your interest!



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                              No, Helena, no need to antidote! If the baby should relapse, have the mom take another dose of Puls. 200C. It worked before, and we wouldn't want to change anything.

                              If someone has a different understanding, feel free to correct me.