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  • Osteoporosis Pain

    I would truly appreciate it if someone could recommend a remedy that could help the excruciating pain that my mother is having. She is 80 years old and was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with osteoporisis. The pain she is having is unbearable. The internist prescribed darvocet which relieved the pain for 2 days and came back hurting even worse. He prescribed two other pain killers which did nothing but cause hallucinations. She has only been taking tylenol but the pain killers left her jittery. She can't eat or sleep. He gave her Actinol and some kind of hormonal nasal spray which is suppose to stop the bone loss. She has been on thyroid medication for the past 20 years after having an over active thyroid which was destroyed by a radioactive drink. She is also on high blood pressure medications and has glaucoma in one eye and lost sight in the other many years ago. She takes a multiple vitamin and calcium supplements. She used to be very active. From reading the bulletin board I tried giving her Calc Phos tissue salts 6X. Is there any remedy(or any other treatment) that can help the pain and muscle spasms, appetite loss and sleeplessness (from the pain) that could possibly help her. I don't know how long she will last this way.

    Best regards,
    Sue K

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    Oh these stupid stupid doctors who give RAI for overactive Thyroids then compound the damage by giving Synthyroid

    Osteoporosis is caused by the above but also the Absorption of Aluminium from cookware, antacids, buffer/ fillers in tablets plays a part as does a disordered magnesium absorption
    These 2 factors certainly seem to be the cause of my 86 yr old Mothers problems with Osteoporosis and she did not have an overactive Thyroid

    I suspect the hormone the doctor tried was Calcitonin which suits some people

    As far as I know the best form of Magnesium is Magnesium Citrate which must be taken in conjunction with Vitamin D and Calcium citrate
    I am sure Homeopaths on this board will be able to offer more help


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      My mother had terrible pain from osteosporosis...and the homeopath told her there was nothing he could do for her. She begged him to give her something. He ended up giving her belladonna 30 c and it took the pain away and it never came back. Of course, later she got alzheimers. I wonder if there is a connection.


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        Dear Sue,

        You're in Connecticut where there are a lot of good homeopaths, like Amy Rothenberg; have you thought of seeing someone who would take a complete case? Even when homeopathy can't cure, it can almost always palliate and control pain.

        I would have thought of Calc-phos. 6x right off the bat. How many times a day did you give it?
        Given the intense nature of the complaint, did you consider giving it more often or do you feel you gave it a fair trial?

        Of course, we would have to know:
        1. What does the pain feel like and how does it come and go and does it wander or is it always in the same place, and does it extend from the point of origin?
        2. What bones are affected
        3. What's the worst time of day (or night) and if you can, try to pinpoint the hour or hours.
        4. what makes it better or worse? And I don't mean Asprin, etc., I mean movement or heat or cold or humidity or sleep or massage and so forth.
        5. What mental state accompanies the condition?
        6. What physical symptoms accompany the condition?
        7. Is she warm or chilly?
        8. What position is good for her/bad for her?
        9. Does this condition make her restless or would she prefer to be still?
        10. What are her food and drink desires?

        Tell us what she does all day.

        OK, that's enough for now.
        It's awful when old people suffer.



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          Sorry, Ricky and I were posting at the same time.

          I forgot all about the muscle spasms! Yes,
          mag-phos. does seem like a good idea.



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            Thanks so much for the responses.
            Amy Rothenberg is about 1 1/2 hour ride away and I don't know if she would be willing to go there.
            Her pain moves but is still mainly located in the back.
            -The pain is constant.
            -Laying down and getting up from sleep is the worse time for her.
            -She has only been sleeping 3-4 hours day/night.
            -The heating pad, which I started this evening, seems to make it better.
            -Sitting or standing is the best position for her.
            -She says she is neither warm or chilly.
            -She desires no food or dring. She forces herself to each which isn't much. She started drinking Ensure.
            -She is restless.
            -She took the Calc Phos 6x twice a day for the past 3 days.
            -She sits in the chair most of the day getting up and down. Watches TV, listens to the radio, plays word search and sometimes talks on the phone. While I'm there she keeps talking about how much it hurts and that she can't believe her health has gotten this bad.

            Seeing the heat helps should we try the Mag Phos?

            Thanks so much.
            Sue K.


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              I believe Amy takes phone cases. Also, an hour and a half isn't a long drive if your mother will agree to it--to see a truly great practitioner.

              Calc-phos. 6X 2 times a day for 2 days is not an adaquate trial. According to the cell salt books I have, you can alternate 2 cell salt remedies, so, I would suggest both calc-p. and mag-p. 4 times a day for each remedy, but stagger them so they're not taken at the same time, and a week would be a better measure than 2 days.

              I'll read over the info you gave; meanwhile, do put in a call to Amy; you may have a long wait anyway.



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                If the pain from the muscle spasms is better from warmth the best anti spasmotic pain relief is to give Magnesium Phosphate 6C or 6x dissolved in hot water and sipped every 5 -10 minutes stirring between each dose. If after 3 or 4 doses there is no change then presume it is the wrong remedy.

                It would be best if you could find a local homeopath to manage the case.
                RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                  Sue, I'm impressed! You mean calc-p has worked already? Geez! No. No need to take anything else, just keep taking calc-p. She may need to take it for 6 months; as long as she has only improvement and no aggravations.

                  So, I would just put a hold on Amy and other remedies for the time being and see how far calc-p will take her. I would say, give us another report in a few days so that we can see what direction we're going in.

                  Great job, Sue!


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                    Today her pain has started to subside. She's been taking the calc phos 6x along with her other meds. I can't get the Magnesium Phos until tomorrow. Seeing there is improvement, should I still get the mag phos. Also, how long do we continue the calc phos? Even though the pain has started to subside she is very weak and has no appetite. Should this improve with the lessening pain?
                    Best regards,
                    Sue K


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                      She looks better today but she is still very weak. She says that her legs are restless especially when trying to sleep & she feels jittery. Could this be withdrawal from the pain pills? Should this go away as the bones rebuild?

                      Thanks so much.

                      Sue K


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                        Hi Sue,

                        I really am sorry about your mother's pain.

                        I work with Osteoporosis patients as well as being a homeopath.

                        It sound as if your mother is having pain from a new crush vertebral fracture. This is excruciating at first but does tend to resolve itself. This expalins why our statistics on vertebral fracture are not reliable because after the pain has subsided not many people report to their Gps- so it never really comes to light.

                        i think all the suggestions you have been given are good - hownever , as Snoopy says - stick with the calc phos while it is helping.But keep Ricky's suggestion of Mag phos in warm water in mind as well.

                        Another remedy to consider is Symphytum which may help the bone to heal.

                        I hope you mum feels better soon
                        Please keep posting and let us know how she is.


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                          Dear Sue,

                          I would recommend you buy an herbal product called Avena Sativa, which is simply Oats, in tincture. This is supposed to be very good for the nerves and people withdrawing from drugs.

                          The cell salt, Kali Phos., is the cell salt for the nerves, and might be just the thing to induce relaxation.

                          Don't stop the calc-p., though; but add these two other things and hopefully they may help.

                          With the Oats tincture, 5 drops in 2 oz. of water, 3 times a day.


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                            Hoppitt makes a good point about the Symphytum, as a good remedy for healing bones. Maybe try one dose of a 30C.



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                              Uh, guys, I am very concerned here. Direction of Cure may not being followed here.

                              Paitient is weaker while local symptoms disappear. That is bad news.

                              Sue, you need to have your mother stop the tissue salts. It is very possible they may be suppressing the symptoms, and this could result in very serious consequences. In elderly people, it can mean death.

                              The case needs to be taken more fully. This case is complex and complicated by medication and a history of suppression already. It must be handled carefully - the BB may not be appropriate, but if you decide to do it this way, post a complete history.

                              If you can at all have someone take the case personally, someone who will accept responsibilty for what happens to you mother as a result, that would be better all round.
                              David Kempson.<br />Dip.Homoeopathic Medicine.<br />Lecturer Australian College of Natural Therapies (Brisbane Campus)<br />Member AHA, AROH, HMA<br />Member Australian Homoeopathic Association. Member#0442.