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  • Impetigo in child

    Dear All,

    My 1.5yr old daughter has been diagnosed with impetigo by her Pediatrician. She has actually been having it since she was about 6mths old but I did not know what it was then. She has seen a homeopath when she was about 8mths old for "frequent skin eruptions" but her homeopath did not know what it was and so did not treat her for that. I got a feeling she did not suspect it to be impetigo. Her condition looks more severe now with open sores that are slow to heal. Just last night, she developed 6-8 more of those spots on one hand alone. The rest are on her legs and some are beginning to come up on her torso as well. She scratches them a lot. What should I do? I don't know if I should go back to her homeopath as she has not been able to treat her successfully the last time and she has almost become unaffordable for us since she revised her rates. I do not know of any other homeopath in Singapore. My only other alternative is to bring her to a skin specialist or treat her myself with your guidance but I might not have the remedies in the potency that you suggest.

    Thank you.


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    Tell us more:-

    What is the color of her skin?
    Any kind of oozing?
    If yes! Oozing Color? White or Yellow etc
    Is she feeling hot? (Fever ? Yes or No)
    Is there dampness in your house?

    Impetigo is contagious
    Keep your child away from the other.
    Put her in isolation.
    Use neat and clean clothes
    Use separate towel

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      Does the symptom aggravate by washing?

      Are you enjoying winter or summer season?

      When does itching symptom become worse?

      When does your daughter feels comfort?

      Rhus tox, Nat carb, Merc, lach, sep, Anac, Dulc, Ars and Sulph are major remedies


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        Don't be worry. It is treatable under the head of homeopathy. If it is difficult for you to purchase online homeopathic medicine. My free offer is valid for three days.


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          Dear Dr Masood,

          Thanks for your quick reply.

          Skin color - at first there is just itching without any visible symptoms, then i can feel there is a hard lump beneath the skin. as she scratches the skin begins to turn pink around the hard lump and eventually turns red. the center of it (where it's hard)is usually pale yellow. Worst when scratched - forming blister and pus can resulting in open sore which is very clow to heal

          Oozing - slight oozing,clear, worst if scratched, sometimes resulting in pus

          Fever - no

          Dampness in house - this is a tropical contry, with summer all year round and high humidity

          aggravate by washing? - i don't think so but scratching deffinately makes it worst (ie more itchy, more blister and pus)

          itching worst? - yes, especially at night also very irritable at at night, due to constant rubbing and scratching.

          when comforted? - not sure but i think she might have some relief from light rubbing but it also make is more itchy after that.

          Hope you can help. Thanks once again.



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            The last case I treated was cured with one dose Ant tart 6 after Ant Crud failed to work!!
            RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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              Ant tart, Ant crud and Thuja are also major remedies.

              I think Nat carb will be a good choice to start. It should be given in 30 first three times a day.
              Dr. Sindhu<br />Trying to become Homeopath


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                I am happy with the attitude of Masood. The way he/she asked questions. It is better to select few appropriate questions from the huge list of questions for the patient. Refering each patient to questionaire section is not suitable. Here I can see that the case is quite clear for prescribing remedies. It also seems to me Allysa has good back ground of homeopathy.
                Dr. Sindhu<br />Trying to become Homeopath


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                  You can't treat impetigo state in patient with ant tart less than in cm potency. It works only in cm potency in impetigo state.


                  Start with Rhus tox 200. A sinlgel dose of after three days for fifteen days. You will observe marvolous improvement.
                  <b>Sam Symptomatologist and homeopathician</b>


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                    Antimonium crudum: People likely to respond to this remedy have eczema with thick, cracked skin and are also prone to indigestion. They are usually sensitive and sentimental, love to eat (craving pickles, vinegar, and other sour things), and may be overweight. Children can be shy and irritable, insisting that they not be touched or looked at. Itching is worse from warmth and sun exposure. Antimonium crudum is often indicated for impetigo, plantar warts, and calluses, as well as eczema.

                    Arsenicum album: People who need this remedy usually are anxious, restless, and compulsively neat and orderly. The skin is dry, itches, and burns intensely. Scratching can make the itching worse, and applying heat will bring relief. Indigestion with burning pain and a general feeling of chilliness are often seen when Arsenicum is indicated.

                    Arum triphyllum: This remedy can be useful when allergic skin eruptions are focused on the lower part of the face, especially around the mouth. The chin may look chapped and feel hot and irritated. The lips are cracked (and usually raw from the person picking them) and the nostrils may be sore. People who need this remedy are often inclined toward throat irritation and hoarseness.

                    Calcarea carbonica: This remedy is suited to people who are chilly with clammy hands and feet, and tend to develop eczema and cracking skin that is worse in the wintertime. They are easily fatigued by exertion, and feel anxious and overwhelmed if ill or overworked. Cravings for sweets and eggs, a sluggish metabolism, and a tendency toward weight problems are other indications for Calcarea.

                    Calendula: This remedy (in potentized homeopathic form) can be helpful if the irritated skin has a tendency to get infected. Topical use of the unpotentized herb in lotion, gel, or tincture form is soothing to irritated skin, and can often ease inflammation and prevent infection without artificially suppressing it.

                    Graphites: People likely to respond to this remedy have tough or leathery skin with cracks and soreness, and often have a long-term history of skin disorders (impetigo, herpes, etc.) The areas behind the ears, around the mouth, or on the hands are often cracked, with a golden oozing discharge that hardens into crusts. Itching is worse from getting warm in bed, and the person will often scratch the irritated places till they bleed. Difficulty concentrating, especially in the morning, is often seen in a person who needs Graphites.

                    Hepar sulphuris calcareum: This remedy may be helpful to very sensitive, chilly people whose eczema is extremely sore and becomes infected easily. The skin, especially on the hands and feet, looks chapped and deeply cracked and is very slow to heal. The person usually feels vulnerable and irritable, with a low resistance to illness and infection.

                    Mezereum: A person who needs this remedy often has strong anxiety, felt physically in the stomach. Intensely itching eruptions start as blisters, then ooze and form thick crusts, and scratching can lead to thickened skin. Cold applications often help the itch (although the person is chilly in general). A craving for fat and a tendency to feel better in open air are other indications for Mezereum.

                    Rhus toxicodendron: A person whose eczema has blisterlike eruptions that look red and swollen, itch intensely, and are soothed by hot applications may respond to this remedy. The person is restless from discomfort and often is very irritable and anxious. Muscle stiffness, relieved by warmth and motion, is also likely. A person who needs Rhus tox often craves cold milk.

                    Petroleum: This remedy is indicated for individuals whose skin is extremely dry and tends to crack, especially on the fingertips and palms. Eczema is worse in winter, with deep, sore cracks that often bleed. The person feels a cold sensation after scratching. Itching is worse at night and from getting warm in bed. The skin is easily infected, and may get tough and leathery from chronic irritation.

                    Sulphur: Intensely burning, itching, inflamed eruptions that are worse from warmth and worse from bathing suggest a need for this remedy. Affected areas may be red, with scaling or crusted skin. Eruptions can be either dry or moist. This remedy is sometimes helpful to people who have repeatedly used medications and ointments on their eczema without success.
                    <b>Sam Symptomatologist and homeopathician</b>


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                      Dear All,

                      Thank you for all your replies. I checked the online Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by Timothy F Allen (from this website)and I found it's description of Antimon. ET Potass. Tart very close to what my daughter is experiencing especially ..... what it says here "after scratching, small deepseated pimples/lump appears...pimples - rosered and white on pressure". I find these two characterisctic especially separates Ant tart from a whole lot of other symptoms which a few other remedies share like intense itching, worst at night etc.

                      Is Antimon.Et Potass.Tart the same as Ant. tart? Just want to be sure. Do you think I should give this a try? If so, what's the dosage? I'm not sure if I have this remedy at home. I'll have to check when I get back this evening. If I do have it, it's only in 6X potency. Pls let me know what is the correct dosage for a 6X based on my case. At this moment the eruption seem to be subsiding. It could be due to the topical cream which her PD prescribed. But I know it's not a lasting solution as she keeps having them every now and then. Should I still try Ant. Tart even thogh it's subsiding? I'm also applying Tea Tree and Lavender Oil on the sores to prevent it from getting infected. Should I continue with it?

                      Thanks for all your input



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                        Dear Allysa,

                        You can straight away give one dose of Ant tart cm without hesitation. It was "Mark Tyler" who first said ant tart has result in cm potency only whether acute or chronic. No external application is necessary
                        <b>Dr. M Iqbal (Classical Homeopath)<br />Iqbal Poly Clinic, Main Market, Kharian<br />Phone Clinic: 05771-511337, Residence: 05771-533737 </b>


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                          It was D.M Borland who said Ant Crud 12 x is effective in Impetigo Contagiosa. The selection of potency is the key role in homeopathy. Some time you select proper medicine but you failed to achieve better result. It is only due to bad selection of potency. For better selection, one needs lot of clinical experience beside study.
                          <b>Dr. M Iqbal (Classical Homeopath)<br />Iqbal Poly Clinic, Main Market, Kharian<br />Phone Clinic: 05771-511337, Residence: 05771-533737 </b>


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                            Remember to give a dose of Tub 200 after one week as an intercurrent remedy. This problem will never happen again in her life. This nosode is very effective especially in impetigo patient. Although there are many other nosode which can be prescribe but this one is most effective.

                            Just wait for one week after administerating the medicine.
                            <b>Dr. M Iqbal (Classical Homeopath)<br />Iqbal Poly Clinic, Main Market, Kharian<br />Phone Clinic: 05771-511337, Residence: 05771-533737 </b>


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                              Dr Sam -say what you wish but I can only state what took place!!
                              Child - age 5 constitutional rx is Tub - he is a long standing patient who is brought to me when necessary caught impetigo at school.
                              10th Oct. 01 - Ant Crud 30 - 6 doses over next 2 days and nothing
                              Oct. 12th Ant Tart (sorry checked my notes ) 30C (not 6) at night- one dose and the impetigo was well on the way out by the morning. It was situated around his ear only.

                              Boericke - Skin
                              IMPETIGO (25)
                              3 ANT-C, 2 ant-s, 3 ANT-T, 3 ARS, 2 arum-t, 3 CIC, 2 clem, 3 DULC, 2 euph, 2 graph, 2 hep, 2 jug-c, 3 KALI-BI, 2 kali-n, 2 lyc, 3 MEZ, 3 RHUS-T, 2 rhus-v, 2 sep, 2 sil, 2 sulph, 2 thuj, 3 VIOL-T, 2 calc-m, 2 aln

                              BTW I wouldn't dream of using a CM for an acute problem!!

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                              RSHom - Registered Homeopath