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Are Radio Waves Harmful?

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  • Are Radio Waves Harmful?

    We know that radio waves are present everywhere in the atmosphere around us. These waves can pass through almost everything; even the concrete walls (but not the metals perhaps). That is why we can watch our TV, listen to our radios and mobile phones everywhere.

    I was wondering if these could be harmful for our health and contributing to ever increasing ailments on our planet? Are they very slowly and un-noticeably creating the disease, may be mental or physical like anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, cancer etc? Any views on this?
    M Akram Khan

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    My Dear Doctor,

    Yes! I agree with your uncertainty. Radio waves are harmful. Beside radio waves many other waves are spreading incurable diseases in living creatures. Waves/Radiations from Television, Radio, Mobile telephone and many other cordless devices are emitting waves or radiations. These are very much harmful for us.

    Some of the waves are source of interference in the action of our potencies. Keeping in view of this fact some homeopaths are greatly emphasizing on introducing new Miasms.

    Electromagnetic Miasm (caused by waves, electric rays dispersed in external and internal environment, by electric poles, by telephone antenna, by computers, by mobile - telephones and so on)

    Acustic Miasm: (Due to Air traffic, Road traffic and so on)

    Air Pollution Miasm: (Caused by air pollution in our internal external environment, by heaters, by automobile, by air traffic emissions and so on.)

    Iatrogenic Miasm: (caused by medical intervention and intoxication from chemical medicines)

    Aluminum Miasm: (From Aluminum Cook wares)

    Alimentary Miasm: (due to taking products, contaminated by chemicals, fertilizers and sprays)
    Forum Pk


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      Susceptibility and individual strength/vitality will determine how each individual reacts to any outside/external influence.


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        It is better to agree first to win the heart of Carolorr and Austin and then disagree. for starting another good discussion. I love you and all other members. I have great respect for all of them. Now, Let's come to homeopathy with special reference to radio waves and radiations.

        Do you have some more comments on the effect of waves on animal kingdom.

        Hi Akram,

        Waves and Radiations are the responsible of the most important biological effects on human beings. As for the skin, they cause it harmful effects in the short and in the long term. Radiations and Waves interact with living material it is absorbed by many processes. The reddening of the skin, from slight to large burning, is the main harmful effect.

        Thanks for pointing out

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          The origin of all miasms are biological micro-organisms. Virus, bacteria, fungus, worm, etc.

          You don't catch a miasm from watching too much TV, sitting under a sunray lamp for too long, or from eating junk food. There is no windy weather miasm. Or humidity miasm. Or, just drove past a mobile phone tower miasm. Or earthquake miasm. Or cyclone miasm. Or country music station played too loud miasm. These are external environmental influences that may or may not effect you (and your neighbours).


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            Yes, you can link waves and radiations a one step hurdle in the physiological action of these potencies in human body but not by force. This may be another factor but not a single factor. However I am obliged with your forceful explanation. Atleast for me.


            To me you are authority as you are member of AHA. Obviously no imprudent person can become the member of AHA. I can’t disagree with you. If you are saying then you must be saying with full wise authority.

            Human virus was discovered some fifty years ago. While Miasm concept is approx 200 years old or more even before Hahnemann (If I am not wrong). Some 200 years ago Hahnemann or his companions gave idea of miasm. When they don’t have an idea of virus. (I am not sure). My question is how will you relate viruses with miasm? And how will you proof that idea of virus factor was initiated by Hahnemann or his companion.

            If you are saying right then may I assume that Allopath are also saying right. They link causes of diseases with bacteria and viruses.

            I have visited few foreign countries. I want to visit Australia too for attending homeopathic seminar. Would you link info regarding most recent forcoming seminar in Australia.

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              Tinis Smits seminar. I haven't decided whether or not to go yet. It's raining, I'll get back to you on the other stuff tomorrow.


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                O.K chrisg

                I am not in hurry. Get back after collecting some info. I will wait for tommorow.

                Thanks for your info regarding seminar.

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                  What about 'revolted by the bee-gees miasm' - c'mon, surely that one applies, Chris.


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                    I am heart patient. My doctor adviced me not to place any mobile in your chest pocket. I don't know. Why

                    He said I have great concern for the heart patient. [img]redface.gif[/img]


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                      Are radio waves harmful?

                      I think the answer is definitely yes - but depends mostly upon what you are listening to. For example, I have my own list of harmful listening: most rap, political propaganda, most talk show hosts, etc. But, classical music, NPR and the Prairie Home Campanion are good.
                      Or, homeopathically the harmful effects on your mind and emotions are probably more severe than the radiation?


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                        You said in one of your post that homeopathic medicine may have radiations. I believe but not satisfied. You may right and you may be wrong. But time will decide.

                        I was thinking.... Could we potentize radio waves? It is my silly question. But what I can do... My mind is pinching me in this direction.

                        Thanks for starting thoughts provocating thread.


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                          Medicines from X-ray, Electricity, magnetism and Lunar’ rays have already been prepared.

                          References from Meteria Medica by Willliam Boericke, :-
                          X-rays (page 681),
                          Electricity (page 682),
                          Magnetis Poli Amb (page 682),
                          Magnetis Polus Arcticus--North pole of the magnet (page 682),
                          Magnetis Polus Australis--South pole of the magnet (page 682),

                          Luna (from Moon’s rays, Encyclopedia of Homeopathic Drugs in Urdu by Dr. Kashi Ram, Volume 3, page 631).

                          Possibly, medicines from Radio waves could also be prepared but there would be practical difficulties in doing so. There are innumerable transmitters which are transmitting radio waves at different frequencies. Therefore, the most difficult thing in my opinion would be the selection of frequency and then it’s proving.
                          M Akram Khan


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                            Si, yo sé que se ha hecho también medicamento de radiación de ordenador.
                            En España se han dado ya algunas sentencias que obligan a retirar antenas de telefonía móvil del centro de las ciudades, aunque hay una gran lucha de las compañías interesadas en contra de estas medidas que no están respaldadas por estudios todavía serios y profundos.
                            La contaminación acústica, las ondas de radio, etc., yo opino que afectan a nuestra salud, por suerte, también el organismo tendrá cierta capacidad de adaptarse a la agresión, pero sin duda afecta y principalmente a nivel mental, por una sencilla razón, nuestro cerebro es la parte más sensible, más sutil de nuestro organismo y estas agresiones son por decirlo de alguna forma, también sutiles. Cada época tiene su idiosincrasia en cuanto a enfermedades sociales o colectivas, así como en la Edad Media se daba la peste u otras epidemias masivas relacionadas con la higiene, etc., ahora hay una mayor expansión de la enfermedad mental, desde los tumores cerebrales visibles y palpables, hasta toda esa serie de trastornos de neurosis más o menos identificados que son en homeopatía y jerarquicamente hablando, los que constituyen la enfermedad con máyúsculas.
                            If, I know that there has been done also medicine of radiation of computer. In Spain they have given themselves already some judgments that force to withdraw antennas of mobile telephony of the center of the cities, though there is a great struggle of the companies interested in opposition to these measurements that are not endorsed by still serious and deep studies. The acoustic pollution, the waves of radio(radius), etc., I think that they affect our health, thankfully, also the organism(organisation) it(he,she) will have certain capacity to adapt to the aggression, but undoubtedly sympathetic(keen) and principally to mental level, for a simple reason, our brain is the most sensitive, subtler(finer) part of our organism and these aggressions are for saying it of some form, also subtle(fine). Every epoch has his(its) idiosyncrasy as for social or collective diseases, as well as in the Middle Ages it(he,she) was giving himself(herself,itself) the pest or other massive epidemics related to the hygiene, etc., now there is a major(bigger) expansion of the mental illness, from the cerebral visible and palpable tumors, up to all this series of more or less identified disorders of neurosis that are in homeopathy and hierarchically speaking, which constitute the disease with máyúsculas.


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                              This is an interesting thread and have lot of new information.

                              My question is directed Chris g for learning point of you.

                              Do you believe in other miasms except, psora, syphillis, sycosis and tuberculinum. If your answer is in yes then my question is what are those and if your answer is no then why other miasm are introduced in homeopathy?
                              Dr. Sindhu<br />Trying to become Homeopath