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Can anyone recommend a computer repertory?

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  • Can anyone recommend a computer repertory?

    Hiya, I am a recently qualified homeopath and have just started my practice. I live in the UK and am interested in using a computer repertory as an extra tool to help me work on cases.

    Does anyone have any particular recommendations? At the moment, I don't know whether to go for Cara or Isis.


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    I have both!!!
    Isis is brilliant and has loads of features that you will probably never get round to using!! Get a demo disk sent out to you from

    I still use Cara as well because at the moment Cara is faster to scan down the MM than Isis although they promise that this will be put right soon.

    If you are on a budget you can't beat Cara.I am sure you can download Cara as a trial for a month from miccant.

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      I love CARA. It's easy to use and when I was looking for software, I evaluated all the programs for functionality and CARA definitely had more bang for the buck than any of the others. Their service is really good, too, if you ever need help with anything. I looked at CARA, McRepertory and Radar.

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        These license programs are very expenisve. In Pakistan, it is very difficult for a common homeopath to purchase these programs. Taking into consideration. I thought I should facilitate homeopathic community.

        I made my first homeopathic programe in 1984-86 period. I distributed that programe free of cost. That was DOS based because win 3.1 was not popular. Systems were slow.

        When I said I want to buy a computer then my father, sisters and brothers contributed 10 thousand ruppees for me. I purchased my first computer in 1986-87 with 50 thousand Ruppees. By using handy scanner, I transfered the written data in digitized form at that time. That was DOS based programs which fulfilled the purpose at that time. Then I made an Urdu language programe. When window 95 operating system was introduced, I again gave a gift to homeopathic community. Later on few more small programs were made.
        All of them were distributed free of cost. Although I expended money over them.

        Keeping in view of the expensive nature of these programs. I made world homeopathic computer club. The club is providing free softwares to its members.

        What I have observed few members are official advertiser for ISIS and other programes. They send posts at BB and in other forums for advertisment purpose. I think, OZONE is the best program. It has kent and boreick repertory free, which fulfills most of our requirements. Mac has also demo version but that is not complete. So for I have distributed almost 1000 copies free of cost in homeopathic lovers. They are all happy with these repertories.

        Secondly, by purchasuing expensive programs it does not mean that you can reach at similimum easily. There is fifty percent chance to reach at exact remedy by using computer based repertories. These repertories are only helpful in study. Which symptom should be included and which is to be avoided?". This is the main question for a homeopath and that is a very difficult job. You can get help from them to reach at possible similimum but most of the time doctors blindly follow them which I think is wrong. I think the programes based on practice of medicine are good for new comers. These programes provide possible remedies with medicinal discription. My own program was also based on the same theme.

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          COMPUTERS AND SOFTWARE IN HOMEOPATHIC PRACTICE: We have no objection to the use of computers in selecting the remedy. But it is maya-- a Hindustani term
          meaning 'disillusionment'-- to think that selecting the remedy from the computer is 'time-saving' and 'unfailing.' The reference book HOMEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS by Dr. Samuel Lilienthal, for use as and when a case comes to us and not a textbook for study from cover to cover, is, in a fair percentage of cases, quicker and unfailing than any latest computer software.

          Yes, it is that much quicker. Ten times surer and quicker than any of the latest softwares, call it Radar, Cara etc.

          Before you start using Lilienthal's, the reader must remember the following words of Dr. Oscar E. Boericke,in the Preface to the ninth edition of his Repertory:

          "it is only by the persistent use of one repertory, that its peculiar and intricate arrangements gradually crystallizes itself in definite outline, in the mind of the student of the same, and thus he attains the ready ease and practical insight of the collator, thereby rendering such a clinical bee-line well-nigh indispensable in our day of labor-saving devices." We have such wonderful authors around 1930's that the arrangement and presentation of their works enable us to select the remedy in no time.

          Actual cases treated successfully are given below to illustrate the use of Lilienthal's:

          Case 1: A boy of eleven was brought by his mother: "Doctor, look at him. The boy is making constant movements of his fingers. He often becomes violent and restless. This started six months ago. We went to allopathic hospital and they diagnosed his case as worm complaint and gave him santonine, but even the double the adult dose of it had no effect. Then we went to a
          Homeopathy specialist. Here shows me the prescription: Cina-30 daily morning and Graphites-30 daily night, for one month. on the symptom-- eruption on the left forearm of the boy. We completed one month course of these two remedies but no result."

          I looked at the boy again and then the case sheet. 'Case sheet' means plain white sheet on which we start writing down one below the other what all the patient and/or his relatives tell us. After a pause, the mother told me with wide open eyes, "Doctor, ever since he developed worm complaint he often complains of headache and vertigo. Why is it so doctor?"

          I went through all the remedy descriptions in Lilienthal's HOMEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS under the chapter 'WORM AFFECTIONS.' Thirty-four remedies are described and the words 'vertigo and headache' told by the mother --which is an 'uncommon' symptom in worm complaint-- were found under one remedy only viz., Cicuta virosa. This remedy in 200th potency, single dose, cured both his worm symptoms as well as his skin complaint.


          A certain middle aged patient came to me at 3 p.m. asking if I can give him some throat paint for his sore throat. I told him that I would give pills only and asked him to tell me how long he is suffering etc.--something to make the patient talk about his complaints.) He replied:

          "Doctor, I have this for fifteen years daily at 3-4 p.m. it starts, so much burning that in the evening I am unable to do poojas. Later I learnt that he is a priest in Hindu temple there he has to use loud voice to utter verses during worship etc. loudly because my voice becomes husky. The burning pain would continue in the night, but next morning there won't be any pain.

          In this case only one symptom is prominent - "< evening, night."

          I went through all the remedies under the chapter SORE THROAT in Lilienthal's. The symptom "< evening" was found under the remedies Alumina, Hepar, Natr. mur. and Silicea. In Alumina it is "< evening and night."

          Under the remedy Alumina the words "clergyman's sore throat. < evening and night. with husky voice" suited the case. Just to confirm the remedy, since it is one of the remedies for chronic and obstinate constipation-- I asked him about his bowel movements, to which he replied that he would pass stool once in 3-4 days.

          Alumina-10M single dose cured his chronic sore throat as well as
          constipation. I never knew that he got complete cure till one day when I casually visited the temple in which that priest was doing poojas. I even forgot him. On looking at me he immediately removed a big garland from around the neck of the deity and put it around my neck--this is a sign of honoring V.I.P.s in Hindu temples. I was rather puzzled. He gave me fruits etc. and came out with me till the entrance while other big heads were waiting by paying heavy amount etc. That night I narrated this to my
          house-owner who does part-time work in that temple and he said that I was honored because my prescription of one single dose completely cured that priest, which he used to remember almost daily.

          Case 3: This is an interesting case. A boy of twelve was brought to me for tuberculosis of lungs . I asked the boy a few questions just to make him talk, about the name of his school, what games he plays etc. Nothing 'uncommon' or 'rare-strange-peculiar' or 'mind symptom' came out. I got up and went to the cupboard of medicines, took out a bottle and was preparing doses of some medicines. At this time it occurred to me to consult Lilienthal. I studied the short descriptions of all the remedies given under the chapter PHTHISIS PULMONUM. While doing so, under the remedy Lycopodium, the words "observing disposition" made me to pause and ponder. I could recollect how the boy was constantly observing me at what all I had been doing, writing on the case sheet, referring to books, preparing the doses etc. I could remember that unlike other patients, he was constantly observing me.

          Lycopodium 10M one single dose cured him.

          The last case is very interesting and educative too.

          Case 4: A certain breastfed baby was brought to me for constipation. On the symptoms, which I don't remember now, I prescribed one dose of Nux vomica-30. The lady came three days later saying that with the one dose the child passed normal stool the next morning. But next day, again constipation.

          It has never been my experience that one dose acted for one day only. I only thought that my selection of Nux-Vom may be wrong. To select a better remedy I looked through all the remedies given under "CONSTIPATION" in the Chapter "CHILDREN, DISEASES OF" in Lilienthal's. I read Nux-vom. also wherein the following words under the remedy caught my attention:
          ".the nurse takes too much coffee and lives too high."

          I asked the mother about coffee habit and she at once affirmed that she consumed daily seven or eight cups of strong coffee.

          I gave one dose of Nux-vomica 30 to be given to the baby at bedtime and emphatically told the mother that she must either stop coffee or stop the breast feeding. She agreed to take light coffee 1-2 times only. After the second dose of Nux-vomica there was no relapse of constipation. Without Lilienthal I would only have concluded that my first prescription of Nux-vom. Was wrong and would have meddled with the case.

          Remember the words of Dr. Samuel Lilienthal: "Drop a symptom in the slot and you get the remedy." Yes, it is so quick and certain in some cases. Much less than the time needed to switch on the computer, leave alone opening the software etc. etc.

          Selecting the remedy manually with the repertory/ies is neither difficult nor time-consuming. It is definitely quicker than the computer. What is time-consuming and difficult is Case Taking which the computer cannot do even one per cent.

          Most homeopaths consider "totality-of-symptoms" and so administer a questionnaire to the patient, but they are not taught that "Totality-of-uncommon symptoms" is the correct method. Section 153 of the Organon. In any patient "uncommon, rare, strange or peculiar" symptom is one or, at the most, two only. For referring these one or two symptoms to the repertory, doing it manually is definitely quicker than the computer, as explained in the above four cases cured with the help of Lilienthal's.

          Homeopathy software is not altogether useless. It can certainly do a better job in the hands of researchers and authors of books. But, unfortunately, homeo software is dumped into the heads of innocent practitioners. The real and ideal use of computer is in the hands of those who are doing compilations, preparing manuals, indexing, writing special repertories, therapeutics like Lilienthal's and so on.
          Certain symptoms cannot be classified under any rubric in the Repertory and, therefore, they must be memorised. Let us consider a few clinical cases.
          Calcarea carbonica: We find the phrase 'Easy relapses, interrupted
          convalescence' under this remedy in Boericke's materia medica. We shall now learn the significance of this Quite often we have observed this symptom with children that often catch a
          cold. The mother would say: 'Doctor, he gets the cold and fever almost every month. We give some medicine and he is cured. But the attack saps his energy and his health is going down hill. We give tonics or nutritious food and he slowly recovers in a month. By this nutritious food and he slowly recovers in a month. By this time, when he is exposed to cold or plays in water,
          another attack come on; again it takes away all the regained health of the
          There is not only 'recurrent relapses,' but every time it also interrupts the recovery of the child. The convalescence period of recovery following illness too is interrupted. As soon as the child recovers from the last attack of cold and fever, there is another attack undermining its health. It is not either, the easy relapses alone or the interrupted convalescence, but both together are seen in the patient. It is a syndrome. In these situations I give the child a vial of Belladonna-30 or 200, one or two doses only at four hours intervals) to be given only when the child is having cough and cold and, as soon as he recovers from it, to be followed by one dose of Calcarea carb.1M. I also prepare a dose of Calc. carb.10M with the instructions that, when the child gets his next attack, at that time they have to repeat Bell.30 or 200 ,one or two doses, and as soon as recovery is complete, to be followed by Calc. carb.10M, and like this each time Calc. carb. in the next higher potency.
          The monthly attacks, during the acute phase, always points to Belladonna. When the mother carries out my instructions she finds that the next attack does not come after a month but it is postponed by a few months. During a relapse she repeats Belladonna, followed by the next higher dose of Calcarea carb. and this, in turn, holds on the case for a longer duration and so on. Ignatia: In homoeopathy we do not treat aches, fevers and haemorrhoids but
          the patient. Treating the patient and not disease, alone brings permanent and complete cure in the shortest possible time and in the gentlest way. Thus, instead of pathology and prognosis we, in homoeopathy, have to learn a different classification of patients ,not diseases, and that is the real and correct study of omoeopathic techniques. In the remedy Ignatia we find the phrase 'Great contradictions' in William Boericke's Materia Medica. This, indeed, is a very interesting symptom. My first case was that of my daughter. One night when I was away from home at 10 O'clock she was found muttering and trembling in bed. My wife woke her up and took her to a nearby allopath who put the thermometer in her mouth and found a temperature of 102. But her body was not hot to touch. That doctor gave her medicine. The next
          morning I returned home. On touching her I found her body hot but the thermometer showed 98.4. This, at once, brought the above symptom to my mind. The previous night when the hermometer showed 102, her body was not hot to touch. Now the body is hot but thermometer shows a normal temperature. Ignatia 200, in a single dose, cured her. Homoeopathy is just and only a specialty. Another homoeopath reports that by keeping in mind the above symptom 'great contradictions' in Ignatia, he could cure a case of haemorrhoids with one single dose. The curious feature in his case was, in the very words of the patient, "Whenever I get constipation and strain at stool there would be complete relief of pain and burning in my piles. Whenever I get diarrhoea,
          during loose bowel movements, the suffering gets worse.''
          It is both-ways. Constipation alone aggravates piles and loose bowel movements give total relief to piles patient. In this case, both are directly opposite. Hence the word appears in plural in Ignatia: "Great contradictions.' Dr. William Boericke is indeed a great author!

          Homeo is not a matter of rituals---giving the remedy Arnica for injuries and Belladonna for fever. Such routinist homeo won't tolerate.
          Homeo is not a substitute for allopathy. Again, homeo is not just another system like Ayurveda, Rei-Kei, herbal etc. Then what is homeo?
          When and where other systems fail, homeo comes in. In other words, homeopathy is a specialization, as the following case would show:
          A middle aged patient came in and asked if I can give him some relief for pain in his anal region where he had been suffering for a few months with boil like eruption. First he went to llopathy, then Ayurveda. Again, he went to a homeopath who said he would give Silicea in low potency to make the abscess ripen and suppurate out. It worked. But in two weeks time it reappeared. He went to a somewhat senior homeopath, who said he would abort it and so gave high dose of Hepar sul. The eruption subsided. But three weeks later it reappeared. He was then referred to a Specialist who said he would give a remedy to "eradicate the tendency to boils" and gave Graphites. Patient had relief this time also and he thought that the story was over once for all, because this time he was treated by a specialist! A month later it was the same old story. At this time he came to me. I told him I may not be able to give medicine at once and that I needed a few hours. I asked him to tell me from the very beginning ever since he first had the skin complaint.

          He told me that his skin complaint first appeared five years ago around his mouth. For this he took allopathy and got relief. A year later it appeared on his left upper arm--the same eruption. This time allopathy failed and so he went to an Ayurvedic doctor whose medicines gave relief. About two years later the same complaint appeared on his right hip. He went to a doctor and got cured. One and a half years after this, it appeared on his left nates. This time he took allopathy and got relief but six months later it reappeared on the anus. It was at this time one homeopath after
          another treated him, first to suppurate it out, then the second homeopath aborting it and finally a specialist eradiating the tendency.

          CASE REPERTORISATION: In this case the only available peculiar or uncommon symptom is the "direction of appearance."

          From left upper arm it goes to right hip
          left upper, right lower
          From right hip it goes to left nate

          upper right, lower left
          Though "sides of the body" is the least valuable symptom, since no other more valuable symptom was available in this case, this was taken as a matter of exception. Page 1400 of Kent's

          LEFT UPPER AND RIGHT LOWER--a big list of remedies
          LEFT LOWER AND RIGHT UPPER--several remedies
          Remedies common to the above two lists were taken out and read in Boericke's Mat. Medica.

          The words "Mouth and anus chiefly affected" found in the remedy Muriatic Acid seemed to suit the patient. Originally it appeared around mouth. Now finally it is in anus. Muriatic Acid-1000, single dose, completely cured him. It is now more than ten years and there is no relapse. His general health too improved.

          The mistake committed by many homeopaths is they mainly concentrate on "sensation, location, modality, concomitant" but if we carefully keep in mind the advice of Dr. Hahnemann in section l53 of his Organon, we would learn that if we prescribe on a symptom not at all connected with the pathology, we can be more confident of our selection of the remedy. By this way alone we can treat the patient and not the disease as the following case
          would show:

          CASE 2: Sixty year old Mr. C. L. K. was referred to me for chronic renal failure. The attending nephrologists said that kidney transplantation was the only way out. At the time of the visit of the patient in my clinic, five of his relatives were with him. They showed me his case file that
          contained lab findings, blood reports etc. etc. I have to patiently look through the file. After twenty minutes, one of the relative went out to bring money for my fees. Others except the patient also went out. I and the patient were sitting in my office. The patient said, "Doctor, instead of telling me that I am alright and would recover soon, my son and others tell me quite often not to talk much, not to work much and to take rest etc." He epeated this two more times. I asked the patient to come the next morning
          for collecting his medicine.

          The rubric in Kent's Repertory cannot be so exactly found by a omeopath. To make a start anyhow, we may think of
          "Complaining, discontented"
          "Reproaches others"
          A more appropriate word would be 'wants moral support' ,ut this ould not readily occur to anyone.
          To start with ,we have to start somewhere, like a detective, no ard and fast rule for this)Boericke's repertory was consulted:

          MIND--page 695--fault finding, finicky,
          cautious--13 remedies
          --Complaining, discontented,
          dissatisfied--21 remedies
          Some readers may wonder why we have not considered kidney symptoms of the patient. The answer is simple. The patient did not tell ny 'uncommon' 'rare-strange-peculiar' symptom in respect of his kidney. lso if we select a remedy, that too on mind symptoms that are not commonly found in a disease, we are playing a sure and safe game. Section 213 of the Organon.

          A few words about Lilienthal. Most homeopaths would think that the above two lists should be read in Lilienthal's HOMEO THERAPEUTICS in chapters connected with urinary system. But this is not so. We selected remedies on mind symptoms alone. For such cases where we select a remedy, or
          remedies, on mind symptoms, we must go to the chapter "Melancholia" in Lilienthal. This is the only chapter in Lilienthal for mind symptoms, apart from 'hysteria' 'insanity' and 'emotions'

          If the reader does not find some remedies,selected through the Repertory, under the chapter "Melancholia" he may ignore them.

          When we did the above, i.e., while reading the description of remedies --in the above two lists 'fault finding...' and complaining, discontented...' in the chapter MELANCHOLIA in Lilienthal, the remedy Tarentula Hispania seemed to suit the patient because of the following words under that remedy:
          "...despondency, sadness...moral depression and relaxation..."
          In some rare case of patients you come to learn the exact words for a symptom of the patients while you study them in the Materia Medica after having selected remedies through the Repertory. The Materia Medica should be studied with the aid of a Repertory. You have to be an artist and not a clerk doing mechanical work. You have to be an executive as far as
          "taking of the case" and/or "selection of the remedy" is concerned.

          In the case of the above kidney failure patient, his reference
          to the attitude of his relatives indicates his feeling of not getting moral encouragement.
          Tarentula Hispania-10M single dose was given and placebo, with instructions to report after six weeks.
          Four weeks later, the son of the patient told me over phone that the lab. test showed lot of improvement in uric acid and creatinine level. When the patient met me two weeks after this, he said, "I feel very good...but how can I say that my kidney which is inside, has improved..."--Drags on his reply

          I asked him to pay my fees of two hundred rupees for the next course of medicines; he hesitating replied, "Money is a difficulty for me now...." This time too, drags on in his reply

          A healthy reply in the case of a poor patient would be either
          that he would take loans from somebody or make arrangements for the money etc. In this case, he drags on in his reply.
          In the above two replies of the patient, regarding
          improvement of his kidney and regarding payment of fees to me, he is not definite in his reply.
          For many homeopaths, selecting the appropriate word for this attitude is not easy. At the most, we may say 'indecision' or 'inconstancy.' 'Inconstancy' under MIND was there in Kent's Repertory. All the twenty remedies in this list were studied in Lilienthal under the chapter "MELANCHOLIA." Therein, under the remedy Arsenicum Alb. the following wordscaught my attention.

          "...gloomy disposition of mind...conscientious scruples..."

          One of the meanings for the word 'scruples' is "feeling of doubt or hesitation...about acting or approving of action."--Oxford

          The patient's reply in respect of his kidney condition and
          payment of fees, both were of hesitating nature. Arsenicum Alb.10M single dose was given. Fortunately a distant relative of the patient who accompanied him volunteered to pay the fees to me on behalf of the patient. Arsenicum Alb. showed further improvement. Patient is still under treatment.
          For complete knowledge on homeo see my book ADVANCED HOMEO PRACTICE which can be had by sending US$l2 or British Postal Order for 7=00 to Dr. V. Krishnamurthy, Raman House, 21 Kuppiah Street, West Mambalam, Madras-33,


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              Now a days, a package having two cds are moving in the market. in one cd complete repertory of kent and boreick is available for repertorization with few other software. In the same Cd, there are almost 500 pictures of different homeopaths which are famous in pakistan. This also reflects the activities of last year homeopathic events. In the second Cd, there are video lectures of George vithoulkas, dr. Najmi, Dr. Sabir Hussain, Dr. Khalid Saboor (member of this board) and peter Chappell of uk plus few glimpses of seminars. Anybody who is interested in those cds can contact world homeopathic computer club. These are free.
              is your close friend.