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    Dear colleagues,
    I need your help as I am having difficulties with the treatment of a child.
    The child is five years old. During the first consultation (01.11.2001) his mum complained that the child has a fear of darkness, dogs and ghosts and that he can never stay alone even in the next room. He falls asleep only with light on. He frequently wakes up at night screaming, staring at one point and it is impossible to make any contact with him. He is very disobedient, offends his sister and he fights.He can't stand water on his head. When he sleeps he covers his head with his blanket. He is very hot and easily sweats.
    According to his mother he grew and developed as a healthy child. Half a year before he had been ill with German measles with a high temperature. During this period and for two months after he had enuresis. He hardly ever catches a cold.
    On the basis of this, the child was given a single dose of Stramonium 10m. During the first month the situation was aggrevated - aggression and fears became stronger. There were hallucinations (he saw monsters).It lasted for 5 days. Then there was purulent tonsilitis with a temperature of 39.5 for 5 days, It was not treated. During the following 6 months a smooth improvement of his psychological and emotioal condition was seen. 6 months later the child was in a good condition but thirst appeared.
    As their older daughter suffers from diabetes, his mum checked the blood sugar level in the boy. It was high. In the morning 10, in the evening 29.
    I have the following questions:
    1. Could the use of Stramonium result in diabetes?
    2. What is the homeopathical point of view on this?
    3. What should the further treatment of the child be?
    4. What can I explain to the parents, who believe that it is a result of the homeopathic treatment?
    5. Was it the correct remedy for the child?

    The child is curently under my treatment.

    Best regards

    Alex Stolyarov

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    Hi Alex,

    Difficult Situation.

    What I would think is:
    1. The Stramonium could have been similimum but the potency was too high, which resulted in an aggravation.
    1. The Stramonium is partially similar and has resulted in a partial improvement emotionally but a physical deterioration.

    SO we'll need to explain why the two physical complaints that he has apparently not had before appeared:
    i) Purulent Tonsilitis
    11) Juvenile Diabeties.

    But the fact that the sister also has Juvenile Diabeties, it would seem that there is a strong Tuberculer Miasmatic Inheritance. And both these complaints are indicative of a Tubercular Miasm. take complete details of the family history adn you'll know better about this.

    So in all possibility, the remedy has stimulated the expression of "Latent Miasm". HE may have developed Juvenile diabetes eventually anyway some years down the road, under stress.

    My final interpretation is that Stramonium was possibly a partial Similimum though the sympotms you mention do seem to indicate it at that stage. Or this child just requires a series of remedies to bring him to cure (zigzag). Its not necessary that only a single remedy is required by a person over time. Its difficult to say without the complete history.
    MAybe a causative factor or taking into account the state of the mother during the pregnancy would shed more light.

    The best thing to do next is now to confront this next layer with the next remedy taking into consideration the presenting symptomatology and the mental state. BUt please do avoid such high potencies, exspecially as he has aggravated with the last one.

    Some other members may have some good ideas as well.
    All the best.


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      Dr. Leela said
      Or this child just requires a series of remedies to bring him to cure (zigzag).

      You are a classical homeopath. This zigzag method is also a king of using combination which many homeopath are using as said by kausar.

      some doctors have the habit of using homeopathic medicines in series. Some prescribe nux at night and sulphur in the morning. Although at time one remedy was given but this procedure is called "SEREIES OF REMEDIES PRESCRIPTION " This is also not classcial homeopathy as said by Shirley Reischman in multiple disease thread. Many classical homeopaths have this habit of using medicines which we use when one remedy is not covering entire current symptoms as said by Dr. Mujahid Hussain. He was the student of Dr.MAS but practicing homeopathy and acupuncture independently. This is also a kind of using combinations which 95 percent homeopath are using. So point is very difficult to understand but if you recall your mind capibility then you can easily understand this point. (kausar point)
      I always prescribe single remedy. But some time technically we use combinations. When you will give one remedy for one ailment and other for another ailment. you rightly pointed out an aspect of using combination in sereies. When a person is suffereing from multiple diseases and you don't find the similimum then you have no choice to treat him/her with series of medicines which is general practice adopted by many homeopaths. Of course this is also a kind of combination practice but it needs lot of mental capibility to understand.
      quotation from dr.mas: Your concerns are genuine. Yes! Combinations are not permitable in homeopathy but very widely used in homeopathy.

      All classical homeopaths are very found of using combinations although they don’t accept.

      Actually the way they use is totally different. They will not give you Ferrum phos and kali mur at the sametime. First they will give ferrum phos and then kali-mur, which is also a form of combination.

      To understand this sentence, you need lot of study of homeopathy. Bye the way combination by rule is allowed in homeopathy. Hahnemann himself used combinations. For authenticatin you can consult divina. That’s I have also proved so many times.
      quote from msjhan post: Why these compounds are not allowed in homeopathy when 90 percent of the world population is relying on these combination stuffs. Shirly said “ they can often be effective in reducing symptoms.”

      quote from msjhan post : Peoples want short cuts. They have lack of time. They are happy to use homeopathic compounds. When these are also working. Shirley said “ can be used in the following circumstances: The person can not contact a homeopath, they do not know enough about homeopathy to find the similimum, and/or they are too sick to make the effort necessary to find the similimum.

      Dr.MAS said “I have observed David (in australia) and Shirley's (USA) in their clinic and saw using combinations very frequently. “ Shirley said “ I have been in this situation and have used combos a few (very few) times and it helped me enough to allow me to figure out the right remedy… David said “I rarely give a new remedy even a whole day later, unless it is a serious acute situation.
      This credit goes to some regular members those who brought new concept/thought. First they all opposed them and now they have started accepting them by saying
      this child just requires a series of remedies to bring him to cure (zigzag).
      According to shirley (classcial homeopath) zigzag pathy is not classical pathy :razz:


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        I am a silent reader of this bb. I think whenever any new idea was generated by someone. It was always opposed by NON-EDUCATED qualified homeopaths.


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          What a stupid approach in homeopathy by confirming that single dose in POTENCY FORM can cause Juvenile Diabeties.

          I never heared such rubbish thoughts. What a bogus approach. I condemn in all respect this kind of approach. It is a kind of discredit to homeopathy which is famous for its no side effects specially in potency form. By saying this we are actually trying to discredit homeopathy. It will create alarming situation among the general public.

          Juvenile Diabeties is a common problem now developing very rapidly in most of part of the country. [img]redface.gif[/img]

          My question to them have all juvenile diabeties patient taken single dose of homeopathy

          [ 13. January 2003, 16:31: Message edited by: Stranger ]


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            There are million ( I suppose) of patient who has Juvenile Diabetes they never took single dose of homeopathic potency. Becuase you can judge from this figure that there are 17 million people (6. 2% of the population) in the United States who have diabetes. what is exact figure in the rest part of the world. I don't know.

            This disease is self progressing day by day and it has no link with homeopathic medicines.

            [ 13. January 2003, 16:50: Message edited by: Stranger ]


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              Please also look at the remedy Medorrhinum and see if it fits.
              RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                Dear Allhomeo

                It seems to me that the remedy chosen was correct and the potency given as well. It is not uncommon for a clinical condition to appear after the application of the homeopathic.Especially if this condition is a strong familly feature and would have erupted in any case. Remember that we do not treat names of conditions but people at all times and without exemption. Rest assured you have done the right thing if the child has improved overall. Mental/emotional and developmental symptoms would be landmarks of the right or wrong prescription given. Now that the child has developed diabetes this is your new status quo. Do not get alarmed if the child is overall better then before.Be steadfast if you have done the right thing and to not subdue to the paranoia of material medicine.Understand what is happening and inform the child parents so that they can be intelligent at all times. Too often are we as homoeopaths side tracked by the fear of the material world. It could be detrimental to the child to interfere materially if you had success with your Stramonium prescription. A new remedy would be indicated if there is no move in the child which indicates curative action. Here you have to be very pedantic to assess this. A 10 M may well act for 12 months or 18 months or longer. This is up to the individual. Once you have assessed proper direction in this case and cessation of action of your previous remedy it is time to look for the next homoeopathic. Be there a diagnosis such as juvenile diabetes or not or any other diagnosis this is not the primary homoeopathic concern. The similimum is the only concern.


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                  I am fully agree with you. However, this much high potency was not suitable to such a small child. Agg. is most likely to take place but it can't create Diabetis.
                  Homeoman, Since You are man of homeopathy. So I expect more sensible approach from you. It was previously quoated by members tthat when hahnemann found that his low potency is causing aggrevation he went to high. High potency has less side effect as compare to the low.

                  Now you are saying high (single dose 50m) has caused J/D. ARe you saying right or hahnemann was wrong?
                  <b>With warmest regards<br />Q.T</b>


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                    Dear Alex,

                    First of all, congratulations on getting the right remedy! Now you have before you a case of diabetes. Just take the case as it presents itself now, just as anyone with diabetes might walk into your office for help.

                    I would only make my usual plea, which generally goes unheeded, that prescribing in such high potencies not only is often not good for the patient, but also, look how Alex is now beset by angry parents demanding an explanation! We've got to be more conservative in our use of potencies, if only for our own sakes. A 200C would have been a more appropriate prescription, I believe.



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                      I have been in this field for many years. I am doing practice under an experince homeopath. I don't think so that high remedy could cause such a high side effect in the paitent. I have seen homeopath prescribing thuja cm tds in some rare cases. I never observed such a life threating side effects from any homeoathic medicine. Homeopathic medicines are one of the world safest remedies. We daily see many diabeties patient they never took any homeopathic medicine high or low. Disease itself generate in the body. disease does not require high potency.
                      Dr. Sindhu<br />Trying to become Homeopath


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                        Dear Allhomeo

                        I would like to obtain some information:
                        1.-What?s the scale of measurement do you use to read the blood glucose?
                        Are you talking about Centigrade when you say 10 and 29? This is because
                        in Spain we read the Glucose in Milligrams X 100.
                        In this case could it be 100 and 290 Milligrams?
                        In what city lives this child?
                        Is it a place proper of conifers?
                        A rural ambient or urban?
                        In relation to your questions, my opinion is that the remedy may in
                        reality act very little in this child. I don`t think it was the similimum
                        evaluating by what has happened after, even though the prescription was
                        in accordance with the taken symptoms.
                        Any homeopath could think in Stramonium as their similimum. My
                        hypothesis is that the disease has continued til today their normal
                        course. The channeled unbalance somatised or together with diabetes may
                        have been the cause of the mental amelioration experienced by the child,
                        not the remedy.
                        I don`t think an aggravation can last for a complete month, maybe some
                        hours or days, but never for a month.
                        This way I think that there has not been the effect of the Stramonium.
                        It may have been a subjective situation from the child, their parents,
                        We know that many factors can influence upon what happens after a
                        prescription. Now is necessary to continue searching the similimum. We
                        must consider a remedy that can be very close to Stramonium in some
                        peculiar symptoms. The Terebinthiniae Oleum, which is the oil of
                        Terebinthiniae. I think you can study this remedy with the data you have
                        from your patient to see what you can conclude.
                        Awaiting your news...

                        [ 15. January 2003, 18:17: Message edited by: Dr. Caturla ]


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                          I believe the readings initially stated are mmol/L

                          10mmol/L = 180mg/dL
                          29mmol/L = 522mg/dL

                          conversion is 1mmol x 18 = 18mg/dL


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                            What about a dose of Morbillinum (I do not have any experience of this, neither can find any info in my books), but as the causation seem to be the case of german measles, it could be considered.

                            Obviously the causative factor could have been the high fever, which would also indicate remedies such as Belladonna, or more importantly Hyoscyamus (compare with Strammonium), and also Ferrum phos.
                            Christiaan van Schalkwyk<br />Registered Homeopath (RSA) (M.Tech.Hom (Natal))


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                              Morbillinum is from measles
                              Rubella is German measles
                              RSHom - Registered Homeopath