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Please Help!! Prolonged (over 1year) cold like symptoms in my 2 year old son

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  • Please Help!! Prolonged (over 1year) cold like symptoms in my 2 year old son

    Please note: I have also posted this in the Children and Parenting section

    Hello everyone,

    Please Please Help!!

    I need help for my 2year old son, Eshaan. I have tried to provide as much information as I can remember. I hope to find a solution in your answers.

    Eshaan's Background
    Ethinicity : Asian Indian
    Living in : San Jose, California USA
    Date of Birth : 9/1/00
    Current Height: 40 inches
    Current Weight: 30 lbs
    Birth Height: 20 inches
    Birth Weight: 7lbs
    Vaccinations: up to date
    Diet: Vegetarian

    Eshaan has had a stuffy nose EVERY DAY(I would like to emphasize on every day) since he was 9 1/2 months old. His cold like symptom starts off with a runny nose (clear discharge) on the first day to a mucousy formation(thick greenish yellow discharge) by the 5th or 6th day. This cycle keeps on repeating. He does not sleep well in the night..wakes up every couple of hours because he is unable to breath through his nose. He has developed dark circles under his eyes and has lost 1.5lbs in the last 2 months.

    Detail about Eshaan
    When I was pregnant I was throwing up a lot. Infact I was losing weight the first three months. But the remainder of my pregnancy was wonderful. I did put on quite some weight. It was a healthy pregnancy. I was very active, I use to walk 1 and 1/2 mile everyday when I was pregnant. Till my last month I continued walking. Eshaan came 2 weeks early. It was a natural child birth. It took 7 and a 1/2 hours from dilation to delivery. It took me 2 and 1/2 hours of pushing and I was very exhausted fainted right after delivery.

    Eshaan was a healthy baby. He was 7 pounds and 20 inches long. He had very smooth skin (and still does) and delicate features. I started breast feeding him immediately. Eshaan used to wake up every 1 and 1/2 hour during day and night. He never continuously slept even for 2 hours. This kept on going till he was 4 or 5 months old.

    He started eating oatmeal cereal at the age of 4 months. He liked it. We also started feeding him Gerber fruits and vegetables. He was a very healthy baby. He started rolling over at the age of 4 1/2 months. He started sitting at the age of 6 1/2 months. He started crawling at the age of 8 1/2 months. Up until this point he was never sick. The first time ever he got sick was at the age of 9 months. He was hospitalized for 2days and monitored Ivy for dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea. The doctors diagnosed it to be a stomach virus. I had stopped breast feeding at the age of 8 months. He was on formula (Similac), oatmeal cereal and Gerber food. We started to put him at a in house daycare when he was 9 months old. Also we started swimming classes (once a week for 8 weeks) right around the same time. His cold started around the same time...when he was 9/12-10months old. We stopped his swimming classed because we thought that the swimming constituted to the cold. That did not help either. Since then he has never been able to lose that cold not for a single day.

    Eshaan started walking at the age of 10 1/2 months. We took him to India when he was 15 months old. Once again he had to be hospitalized for Stomach virus. He was dehydrated because of vomiting and Diarrhea. He was hospitalized 6days. But he did recover very fast and the rest of his stay in India was a lot of fun. When he was 22 months old he started to go to a pre-school like day care.

    Up until Eshaan was two year old, he used to sometimes throw up towards the end of his feeding...I think he was too full and we did not know to stop.

    When Eshaan was 26 months old, he had developed a fever which went up to 104. We had to take him to ER for his fever was 104. They gave him Motrin and Codine and he was okay after that. That was sometime in November of last year. A few days after we recovered, there was another incident. Eshaan was in our sight and was playing with other kids. All of a sudden he started to cough and his face started to turn red. For about 7-10 seconds it seemed like he could not breath because something was stuck in his throat. I put my fingers in his mouth and made him throw up. Some food came out but nothing that could have blocked his wind pipe. We had called 911 but by the time they got there he was fine.

    On January 3rd when Eshaan cam back from daycare, he had a a slight fever. This developed into a prolonged fever for 4 days and a cough build up in his chest. We stayed home with him up until today. He went back to his daycare today. He still has some cough in his Chest/Throat but is okay. Since Jan 3rd he has become very lethargic and does not seem to have much energy. He still eats okay. His dark circles have become more prominent and sometimes the bottom of his eye becomes a bit puffy. He seems to be a lot more pale than before. We have talked to our pediatrician and he thinks it is allergies. We went through a series of allergy tests (apparently they are not too reliable) but all came up negative. The allergist has asked us to give him Dimetapp Cold and Allergy (an antihistamine)...1/2 a tsp every night before he goes to sleep. Does not seem to have much effect though.

    Eshaan has always had problems sleeping in the night. He is always warm in the night and every time we try to cover him with a blanket he kicks it off. But once in a while he forgets or is too tired to kick of the blanket and then he starts to sweat. His sweat never has any odor. To help him with his breathing, we turn on a humidifier in his room. Even today he wakes up at least two times every night. Also, he sleeps for 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon. I brush his teeth every day and his tongue usually is clean but once in a while he a white coating (no too thick) on his tongue. He has normal bowel movement. Sometimes he goes twice a day.

    Eshaan always puts his "balnky" in is mouth and pulls of shreds and swallows it. It think it maybe helps him with his teething. Last evening we bought a new toothbrush for him and he was fussy about sleeping with it. He constantly would bite on the un-bristled side of the tootbrush. He did that for 20mins and as if satisfied, put it on the side. He is very active and playful but is not interested in sitting down and doing something quietly. He is always on the run and wants to play games that involve physical activity. He loves to hear music and loves dancing even more. He loves animals but is scared to go close to them. He loves to eat all the kinds of food. Banana, Watermelon and grapes are his favorite food. He loves fresh fruit juices. Oddly enough he love to eat raw onions (Julian cut with fresh lime and salt sprinkled over it) He tries to talk a lot but is not there yet. His sentences are all jumbled. He loves to be cuddled, is very sensitive and loses his temper quickly.

    I hope that I have provided you with enough information to get started. We are desperate parents looking for answers.


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    I agree with Snoopy but also would like to ask what the childs diet is like? A lot of this sounds like food sensitivities, especially the dark circles, puffy eyes accompanying the nasal congestion.

    Bach? I am sure you would agree?
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      It's a good thought, Barb! Could be a sensitivity to dairy.

      Where is Bach, anyway? We can't run this place without him!



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        Thank you for responding. In an effort to see if he is allergic to foodd/other environmental factors, we have done the following:
        1. I had my carpet steam cleaned.
        2. I bought the Sharper image Ionic Breeze GP Silent Air Purifier with Ultraviolet Germicidal Protection.
        3. We switched day care providers
        5. We moved away from dairy products to soy based products for 14 days
        6. We stopped sending him to the daycare for 14days.

        Eshaan's most commonly consumed foods include
        Gerber Oatmeal ceral with Cow's milk
        Bagel and cheese

        Bean Burritto with a side of veggies (peas, beans, carrot)
        Grilled cheese sandwich
        Veggie burger
        Rice pilaf
        Macarroni and cheese
        Pasta with veggies in Pasta sauce
        Fried rice
        Chow Mein with Tofu

        Carrot juice
        Apple juice
        Doritos Nacho flavored chips
        Plain Yogurt
        Tomato soup

        I know I have listed quite a few many foods. Eshaan also had skin tests (apparently these are not too reliable) to see if he was allergic to dairy products but the results were negative.

        I could go see someone in person but would also like to get opinions from this site. BTW we live in San Jose, California USA. Please do let me know of good Homeopaths in the area.

        Thank you,


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          Dear Kinny,

          This person looks like the best qualified in San Jose:

          Ratna Kumari, MBBS CCH BRCP
          1836 E Hamilton Ave
          San Jose, CALIFORNIA 95125-5631
          Phone: (408)261-8378



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            I will try that Snoopy...In the meantime, I hope to get some guidance from the Discussion Board as well.

            Once again thank you.

            Best regards,


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              The milk sensitivities are common to many homeopathic remedies, particularly those often given to young children (eg. sulphur, pulsatilla, lycopodium, calc carb, natrum muriaticum, tuberculinum, medorrhinum, stramonium, baryta carb, nux vomica, ignatia, etc. etc.) It isn't an important symptom, but it should figure in the remedy selected to treat the child. It's clear he is a very sensitive child altogether, but foods can easily set him off as well as other things (pain, for example, as with the teething).

              After treating the child with the homeopathic remedy, that food sensitivity disappears anyway, so there is really no need to alter the diet. Other sensitivies--eg. to pain, to emotional stimuli--should all become better handled after the remedy.

              Finding a good local homeopath who loves to work with children and has many pediatric patients is the best start.

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                Dear Kinny,

                You are in California, which is a homeopathy haven! Would you like a recommendation to see a homeopath in person? Where in California are you?
                I'm sure homeopathy can help your child, but I wouldn't want to play a guessing game at your child's expense, saying, "Try Medorrhinum" or
                "Try Sulphur or Pulsatilla" and so on, wasting your time. If you can afford a homeopath, that would be your best bet. Of course, if anyone here thinks they know the remedy based on the information given, feel free to render an opinion.



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                  Thank you Homeoman...I will try Kali.Sulph 6X today evening. I am a strong believer of astrologu and was very impressed by your discussion on astro-homeopathy. If it helps any here is the information for Eshaan

                  Birth Date: September 1st, 2000
                  Birth Time: 9:20am
                  Birth Place: Santa Clara, California (Close to San Jose, California)
                  Constitution: I do not know what this exactly means (I became a member just 2 days ago) but I assume it involves understanding the nature/characteristics of a person. I know you had read Eshaan's profile from my post above and hope that would be a good start.

                  Also Homeoman, Why Kali.Suplh 6x? I assume I give it to him once a day after dinner. How long should I continue this for and how long will it take to work?

                  ChaChaHeels...Thank you for your response. Are you indicating that we should stop dairy products while monitoring Kali.Sulp 6x and that over a period of time the food sensitivities will disappear and that we can start giving him dairy products?
                  Also, I would love to "Find a good local homeopath who loves to work with children and has many pediatric patients" but for a person who has just started to learn about Homeopathy (introduced to it 2 days ago) it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Any recommendations? FYI..I live in San Jose, California.

                  Warm regards,

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                    There seem to be many symptoms of carcinosinum: chronic cold, the fever, likes raw onions, sleepless or sleep disturbed in children, multiple allergies, mother losing weight during pregnancy, but feels exceptionally good throughout pregnancy, afraid of animals, likes to dance, restlessness, urge to move, very careful upbringing
                    feeling of not being loved in children causes illness (diarrhoea, fever) - : when daycare started?
                    illness from change in surroundings.


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                      Hi Luzie,

                      Thank you for the response. Eshaan started his day care when he was 8months old.

                      He is the most sensitive among all his friends-just like his mom. He loves to cuddle and we give hime a LOT of love. He loves to wrestle with me and my husband. He loves to play with my hair. He loves tO Kick and throw ball. He is very very friendly is not shy to meet other people.

                      He always asks for fruit juices-preferably fresh fruit juices.

                      His illness in a summary have been
                      2 stomach viruses
                      1 fever
                      1 flu like symptoms...cough and fever

                      I believe all of them were contracted at his day care.

                      Please let me know if you need any other info.

                      Warm regards,

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                        Hello again Snoopy,

                        Well Eshaan does not have Diahrrea currently. But the two times he had it was a result of the stomach virus. It was accompanied by vomitting resulting in dehydration. At that time his diahrrea was yellow..not slimy though. His current bowel movememnt is normal and not slimy either.

                        WRT his yellow mucousy disharge...well it starts off with clear disharge on the first day and by the 5th day turns into a thicker yellowish greed discharge.

                        Thank you for taking the interest in my kids' health.

                        Warm regards,


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                          Hello again Homeoman,

                          I loved reading your converstions with Opium wrt Bio-chem. Although, I must say, that your converstaions were a bit bifficult to follow sometimes.

                          Here is the information you had requested:

                          Tongue coating-Usually his tounge is fairly clean. Sometimes he does have a slight coating (usually white)

                          Discharges-So this is where I am a bit confused. It starts off being clear. And if we make him blow enough times, it tends to stay clear but seems to get a bit thicker. But I think if he does not continuosly blow his nose or when we wakes up in the morinig, the discharge tends to be a lot thicker and tends to be greenish yellow. Does this make sense?

                          Timings(Day hours and lapsed days in between problem usually occur)-Okay, so if we ask Eshaan to blow his nose every 1/2 hour then there tends to be enough mucous buildup. But if you are asking me how often this cold/allergy/?? occurs-well he has had it every day every hour since he was 9 or 10 months old. That's almost 19months!!! I had a hard time to make his pediatrician believe this.

                          Discharge from left right or both nostrils-Just before I put him to sleep, I asked him to blow his nose and he had a lot more discharge in his left nostril and hardly any in his right. But most of the times there is almost equal amounts in both. I will pay more attention here on.

                          heat/cold feeling in morning/evening/night-In the night he tends to be warm and does not usually like to keep a blanket on. But the we tend to keep his room fairly warm. Although when I sleep with him I still need a blanket. In the morning as well as the evening he tends to stay fairly warm. There are time when we wants to run around with just his daiper on.

                          aversions-nothing really...he is afraid to go near animals but loves to watch them.

                          Oh and one more thing...he is not as brilliant as his freinds are....all of his friends had started speaking sentences when they were about 22-23mos old. Eshaan is 28mos and still does not complete sentences. Physcially he is the tallest 28 month in my group. He is fairly skinny but is heavy. and fair shiny smooth skin.

                          I hope this helps.

                          Best regards,

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                            Here is a recent picture of Eshaan..this was taken 2mos ago when we was 26mos old

                            Eshaan is lying down on one of the Sofa pillows. Notice the mucous buildup in both of his nostrils

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                              Dear Homeoman

                              More into on Eshaan...

                              He loves to go outdoors...we do take him on day trips outside the house to the mall or to the zoo. He does not necessarily feel any better (in terms of a runny nose) but is excited to be outside. The same happens in the evening as well.

                              He enjoys his baths quite a bit. Because of the steam the discharge loosens up and comes out in abundance. That does provide him some temporary relief. He likes to stay naked for about 10-15 minutes after the shower to cool off (I guess).

                              He is not fat at all. In fact he is a very lean and has a strong boy.

                              His nasal dischare are like thread (very stringy and long) and so they hang off off his nose.

                              I did leave out one important fact...his face is
                              a lot paler than it was before.

                              Also, once Eshaan wakes up, I am going to pay close attention to the coating on his tounge and the color of his nasal discharge.

                              When is the best time to check the tounge for coating? ( I clean his tounge and brush his teeth before he goes to sleep and when he wakes up).

                              My initial eval makes me rule out Natrum Muriaticum but I do not want to haste sna re-evaluate after paying close observation to Eshaan in the morning.

                              Thank you...

                              Warm regards,

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