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Chronic congestion with alcohol - HELP!

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  • Chronic congestion with alcohol - HELP!

    I have had a general nasal congestion problem for 5 years, for which I sought the help of a homeopath. Nothing changed until one day (in August 1999) when I was given some stuff (I think it was R49 from Dr Rekeweg, although this may be a red herring)and from a day after I took it, I have had a chronic effect (severe congestion, sinus pain, bad smell in nose, feeling like a balloon is being blown up inside my face). It is still the same - a generalised congestion all the time, with this pronounced effect with alcohol. Has anyone come across this before? One suggestion from a friend was that it sounded like a TB miasm (my grandmother died of TB).
    Peter Storr

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    Do you know what brought the nasal congestion on? Did something precede it? A cold or flu or something you may have taken medications for? Perhaps you used powder to stop foot sweat, or perhaps some other discharge was suppressed?

    Is there a discharge along with the obstruction, or does it alternate with a discharge, or a nose bleed? If there's a discharge, what color is it?
    Is it thick or watery?

    Do hot/wet or cold applications help you feel better? Are you better or worse in the open air?

    Is it worse in a particular kind of weather?

    Are you better or worse for applying pressure to the area, like pressing with your hand or fingers?

    Are you more or less thirsty than usual because of this? Do any kind of drinks help, like warm drinks or icy cold?

    Is there a way you can describe the odor you smell, like fishy or musty...? Are there any odors that really bother you, like garlic, etc.?

    Have you become colder or warmer since this started?

    Is there a particular time of day or night when you feel worse?

    Is there anything else wrong that seems to be accompanying this problem?

    Has your mental/emotional state changed since this problem began?

    Any other details you may have left out?

    Finally, congestion with alcohol--I'm not sure what you mean.


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      Nothing changed until one day (in August 1999) when I was given some stuff (I think it was R49 from Dr Rekeweg
      The sereies of R Numbers are very effective against normal disorder in the body. In these numbers few remedies are mixed in such manner that it covers the whole picture of the patient for a particular disease. But I would not like to recommend you to use without taking 2nd opinion from your homeopaths.
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        Using of R numbers is not homeopathy but recently new rules have been defined by classical homopaths.

        We can prescribe remedies on disease names as said Peter Chapell. Recently we (classical homeopaths) have started using AIDS remedy. More and more classical homeopaths are placing orders for the medicines. So in this sense there is no hurdle in using R Numbers. :razz:

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          Instead of the word "we" which implies everyone please write "a few homeopaths"!!!
          RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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            Thanks for your reply. The discharge is yellow, and very slimy/rubbery, and musty/metallic would describe the smell. I cannot think of any psychological or personality differences either before or during, but I did take part in Asthma trials for a local hospital as I had a very mild form of Asthma as a child. I was not asthmatic enough to carry on with the study! I guess this was about two years before I started getting congested.

            To clarify - by "congested with alcohol", I meant that after only half a glass of wine or beer, I get the symptoms described earlier - the discharge, smell, pain in the sinus and I cannot breathe out of my nose for maybe 24 hours.

            I haven't noticed any weather changes, although I do love to be outside. As for pressure, it sometimes helps if I press on my left cheek bone - the symptoms are a lot worse on the left hand side, incidentally. I don't get nose bleeds but there is usually a small amount of blood when I blow my nose.

            As for temperature, I think I may be hotter - my partner calls me a radiator, anyway!

            I appreciate your response, Snoopy!
            Peter Storr


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              Are you saying that if you don't have beer or wine, etc. you're OK?



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                For Pete(r')s sake, could you stop asking him leading, and either/or questions?

                Why not tell him you can't see him, hear him, observe him, that you don't know anything about him, and that you are no position to know what is really going on?

                This is a real person who is in a desperate situation to find a real solution for ongoing problems. Tell him your name so he at least knows who he's dealing with!

                Alternatively, find a reliable and reputable homoeopath for him.

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                  How do you feel about warm rooms, and can you describe your thirst and the kind of weather that would tend to make you worse; also, the time of day or night when you tend to feel worse, or for that matter, better? (Long sentence!) Also,
                  tell us about your appetite and what you love to eat and what you really can't stand or any food you might like but makes you worse to eat it.


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                    Hi again, Peter,

                    You said that you were very hot. Could you give us an idea? For instance, in the winter when you go outside, do you bundle up as others would or do you wear fewer outer garments? Do you open the bedroom window at night? Are your feet hot or cold or somewhere in between? Do you have to stick them out of the covers at night?

                    Are you thin or heavy?
                    Are you hurried or relaxed?
                    How would you describe your energy?



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                      Well, Peter, the truth is that you were made ill by a combination polypharmacy remedy. Now you have to find a good homeopath to undo the damage.

                      At least you will have first hand knowledge of the danger of using combination remedies--these are cheap, randomly "combined" formulations (truly, the combinations never make sense as many of the ingredients actually antidote or are inimical to each other) of what can be seen as low potency drugs. The fact that these remedies are given in combination, without full case taking and individualization of treatment, cancels out their classification as "homeopathic".

                      These combinations are used by practitioners who are not trained in homeopathy (this is how you can tell), and are often sold by people who wish to capitalize on homeopathy's success without having to spend time, money, and intellectual energy undergoing the training to practice it properly.

                      The best thing to do at this point is to find a qualified classical homeopath close to you who will take your case and prescribe a good remedy for you.
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                        Hello Ricky. Although, I have not been trained to pass funny remarks but I want to pass funny remarks with your permission. No offence just fiddling.

                        Instead of the word "we" which implies everyone please write "a few homeopaths"!!!
                        Are you come under the category of "WE" or "A FEW HOMEOPATH"

                        I hope you will not mind it.


                        You were also among those who appreciated Peter Chapell aids combination medicine on disease name aids.

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                          It is not the matter of R number whether you are using them or not. The questoin is whether you are using other methods or medicines in your practice beside homeopahtic medicine?

                          This will categorize whether we are using classical or non classical approach.

                          O.k Tell me Is Dr. AUR is classical homeopath or not. Whether his method of using allopathic medicine is correct or not?

                          If you answer this question then you will get your answer?

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                            I am greatful to Opium and Dr. Majid for their loving words. thanks

                   is my home. Athough I am included in those who put their blood in protecting homeopathy in Pakistan. I have introduced this forum on various occasion. My name is also included in founder memberes who really contributed hard in lauching the first Hoemo gateway from Pakistan.

                            It is tragedy that I started discussion on this forum handsomly. I really contributed well on this forum. As a person I am so serious in learning homeopathy. I was creating healthy discussion. Then unfortunately few members trying to deceive me by creating unavoidable situation. I was alone. I am going to cut short this story. Then I decided that i should sit in Opposition group at this forum.

                            One member told me that She is M.Sc. and she knows better then anyother. She told my about classical rules. She taught me many rules of homeopathy.

                            Today, I just want to ask Ricky only one question. If she will answer this question. I will leave this forum for ever.

                            If your teacher is mixing allopathic medicine with homeopathy then what you can expect from his students.

                            You were also among those who taught me classical principles. :razz:

                            Not an annoying mail. Just to remind her three years back history when you were learning classical homeopathy. It was post number 52 when I decided to sit in opposition benches when she said as she is M.Sc so she knows better then any other

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                              This bb is running so smoothly. Please don't create confusion. Your prescence is not needed here. If you can not contribute positivly then don't appear.

                              There are few facts WE (here we means we all homeopaths classical or non-classical) have to survive with them. :razz: Yes! There are weaknesses in the philosophy of homeopathy. There are confliction between the philosophy and scientific principles. But on the whole we have to adjust ourselves. This is reality.

                              Don't show mirror to us.

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