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WANTED: Journal papers pertaining to serious case in "Skin" section.

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  • WANTED: Journal papers pertaining to serious case in "Skin" section.

    // We are searching for the following English language papers from four different homoeopathic journals, which are expected to contain valuable information pertaining to a most serious case dealt with at the "Skin" section of this forum board.
    The idea behind is to collect a small data base supposed to serve in enlightening us and any serious reader to the treatablity of a cruel disease, considered uncurably fatal by conventional allopathic opinion.

    The sources we need for this noble purpose are:

    (1) J. Amer. Inst. Hom. 75 (2) / 1982

    (2) Simillimum 10 (2) / 1997

    (3) Homoeopathy 4 (4) / 1954 [ London ]

    (4) Simillimum 8 (2) / 1995

    (5) Homoeopathic Links 8 (1) / 1995.

    The order reflects my "ranking" of them, i.e. what I thought might be the most important ones for our purpose, but that estimate is based on very patchy information available to me so far; in any case, ALL of the sources listed above are expected to provide valuable information, since very little data apparently exist with treating that disease.

    Whoever has any of these sources within their reach, or know they can get at them without excessive effort to spend, is heartily requested to contribute them.

    In such case you could please

    (a) notify me by posting here in this thread

    (b) try to contact me via private board message, or the "Skin" section moderator, PANNAKAL, if he is going to be around in the next future.

    (c) Or, by far best of all: Post the required data directly in that thread at the "Skin" section ( "Scleroderma case" ). I have posted the precise location of the papers we search for there.

    What we wish for is a summary of the cases with that clinical diagnosis which have been successfully treated with class. hom.; like a summary provided by the article author, or a similar one by yourself, and possibly some additional information that may seem valuable
    ( - how the homoeopath choose his strategy, particularities of the individual case, how long the disease had existed; chronology of case treatment; any remarks to miasmatic aspects would be my personal favourites, for which you could earn an extra prize ... ).

    I know I could get at some of them myself, but via library distance loan only, which would take considerable time.
    In case no-one seems to come forward with the papers, if you could work one of the English language homoeop. mailing lists ( not active on any of these at present myself ), or personal networks, would be another option much appreciated.

    In the unlikely case that someone should know, or be able to learn, good and RELIABLE data ( and only those ! ) from other sources, they would of course be equally welcome.

    // Finally an urgent request:
    That one thread at the "Skin" section is meant to be an absolutely no-nonsense high-quality thread, if only one on the whole board, initiated by one member moved by witnessing suffering and the prospect of death in her surounding, and with a good deal of work going into it to make it a strictly serious and good one. By which I want to indicate that I am not going to tolerate that one project to be messed up in the widespread HHBB way, and many of you will sadly know what I am talking about ( although I am not a regular reader or contributor ) ! All serious and precise contributions and, above all, reliable high-quality data, are most welcome. Any mere guessing or hearsay, let alone the widespread waffling and off-topic amusement are only a regrettable waste of space, time and concentration. You have enough other space for your entertainment, so please do keep that one free and up to real standarts.
    I think that many of you will understand I am speaking from experience, and understand my reasons. It should be possible among adults to use the opportunity this platform offers and keep it unspoilt. And you have my word I mean it. //

    So I sincerely thank you in advance for all potential valuable contributions, and, mmmhh, constraint exercised.


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    ...And I am still waiting.

    I was sure you had those, someone, somewhere; or at least access to them, somewhere, somehow.

    Perhaps I will have to repeat this a hundred or so times, but I really mean to collect these pieces of evidence. And sure I also do contribute what I can lay my hands on.

    Come on please, that is for a disease otherwise considered fatal, so there may be a chance you could actually make an impact, and that just for posting a summary, and leave us to do the rest of the work, to make that thread a good reference source...

    - And sure, whoever contributes something really helpful will get an "honourable mentioning" or something, in public...

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      Why not ask Julian Winston on the email list? He might be able to help. Good luck.


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        Yes, I did think about him.
        I used to post on the lyghtforce list myself last autumn, then took a leave for the time being because I could not stand a certain sort of waffle that occupied much space there for a while. I also once had a short exchange with J.W. in private mails then, and I knew about his library collection and book even before ( through journal articles and reviews ).
        But all that was through my main homoeopathy-related mail accounts, which are currently blocked by persisting server strike; so I would have to register anew probably, and thought if others here, at the place where I need it, are well-read, and currently active on that list, I could perhaps count on their assistance.

        Like I have easy access to a decade each of two good journals ( and quote cases from these repeatedly in my posts on various forums, including this; and one Scleroderma case is being described by myself using these ressources ), so I thought others may be in a similar position regarding journals from their parts. And anyway it is not for my own personal profit or something...

        I may have to ask J.W. finally, at least for the 1954 paper;
        or if some lyghtforce-and-HHBB member should be inclined to post such request on that list some day soon, you can add a note like "in my name" and regards, sure. I even got some "Fan post" from list members for my few contributions then, so if they hear "Panthera", plus a noble course this is asked for, there may be a chance some will contribute...

        Regards, The-same

        [ 26. February 2003, 12:07: Message edited by: panthera-non-onca ]


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          And thanks to the first ones who now had been inspired to contribute already. I watched that upon entering the board early on the day; it looks more inspiring than posting this "wanted..."-note in vain...

          Now perhaps someone with the "simillimum" issues still hiding in some dark corner of their dwelling place ? I remember one post from my ocasional readings here some time ago, in which a member explicitly asked for the fate of the editors of that journal, so I thought you were familiar with it. - Are you ?...


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            Panthera, If I had any of the documents I would indeed forward copies to you. But, alas, I don't. Good luck. Hopefully someone else will be able to help out! Austin


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              Thanks Austin.
              In fact you are already doing sort of an "indirect service" in that you helped to keep this "wanted" thread alive. Because if it sank into complete oblivion it won't help the cause, and if I had to do all the "reminders" myself alone, post after post, I'd feel a bit strange ...

              But now Rochelle has already done that pioneering deed of hers, so I feel a bit more confident we can assemble those data.

              [ 28. February 2003, 15:18: Message edited by: panthera-non-onca ]


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                ...Still four substantial resources needed.

                I do not believe that of many hundreds "members" really nobody could make them available if they wanted.


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                  Have you contacted Julian Winston? He is a member could find his email address easily I think.