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  • Cystic fibrosis

    Yesterday, on MSNBC I watched the program about the young girl Rothenberg, and her disease Cystic Fibrosis. I was devastated at what the allopahts had done to her. I can't believe that her parents didn't know about homeopathy. When someone you love is so sick and about to die you explore EVERYTHING. Did she try it.
    I won't buy that homeopathy couldn't help her to be CURED.
    And BTW, what the hell is this disease, is this common?
    My heart cried for her, did anyone see her entire body covered with surgery scars. Were these guys trying to save her or conduct experiments on her ?
    Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.

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    I've told you already that they are total quacks and murderers.

    If this is new to you, prepare yourself emotionally for a lifetime of witnessing legalized murder by quacks who need to be executed!


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      Here is a URL with many links providing information on the variety of befallments which can strike someone with CF:

      The disease is one that is passed genetically. Homeopaths are rarely given an opportunity to treat those who suffer from this disease because a great deal of research money is collected and focused on allopathic treatments for this disease--so people are always seen by the allopaths first, who tell them there is no cure--but they have some "new" treatments that the child might be eligle to undergo....

      FF, you are going to come across a huge number of people like the parents of this child--and you are going to come across a large number of doctors like the ones treating this child. All of them are convinced that they are doing the best that they can--using the only possible means of treatment that can be effective. To us it appears that the "treatments" are just sickening experiments...and ineffective...but these people believe this is the best that can be done.

      You have to respect that they have chosen their way and made their decisions about how they will face the challenge they have. The only thing that is accomplished by ranting and raving about "ignorance" like this--to the extent of condemning the people involved--is that it makes them less open to other possible means of treatment. Keep in mind that there are a number of terrifying emotions involved in these decisions: parents who have a CF child often deal with great fear and guilt for example, and truly want to spare their child from suffering in any way. When they are told that this is what medicine can do for their child, many jump at the chance because of the possibility of treatment.

      Doctors who get involved in this research are human beings, too. They honestly believe that they are using the best form of medicine there is. They don't go to medical school for many years, learn all the skills and information that they have, and learn how to deal with these cases to the extent that they do because they "want to be murderers", as Albert suggests; they do this because they really want to help--and they are told and believe that this is the only way they can help. This is why so many of them are defensive and dismissive of other treatments, no matter how effective they are: they've invested their whole lives in their method and won't accept other options readily.

      We're all like this, you know.

      Perhaps the most important lesson Hahnemann left for us is that ranting and raving against the allopaths as he did is simply not effective--and is, in fact, dangerous.

      Hahnemann was effectively shut out by the allopaths he so vociferously condemned. They often manipulated him into his rage just to watch him be angry!! And then they would denounce his work based on his "obvious" emotional instability. We should not take this tactic ourselves: it failed Hahnemann miserably and it will fail us miserably too. I don't think conventional medicine offers much to anyone at all, but I also know that simply spouting frustrated anger at that institution, with all its power and money and influence, succeeds in making me look powerless. So who would come to see a powerless whiner for treatment of anything? No one, that's who. I'm forced to try another tack.
      Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.<br />C.G.Jung


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        I think Albert's views are quite extreme.

        My line of thinking has always been more towards integrative medicine, as I have been saying in my previous posts too. I don't think that allopathy is all evil, one thing coming right away to mind is surgery. The position of learned allopaths on their mode of practice is that they know its far from perfect but that's what they know at the moment.

        Similarly, I think that homeopathy is not THE only method of healing, it is one of THE methods available.

        I agree that allopaths don't go to college to earn degrees to kill people, they are doing what they think is best.

        Apart from this, you being a homeopath and knowing CF also, do you think its curable or treatable with homeopathy. That's the main question.
        Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.


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          HI folks. I thought CF was caused by a faulty gene. Does homeopathy make the gene right when it cures CF?


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            I did not say that they "'want to be murderers,'" as Albert suggests..."

            I said that they ARE.

            I don't doubt for a second their sincerity, but nor do I doubt for a nanosecond that they're ignorantly misguided fools who graduate from medical schools in a system of medicine WITHOUT any cures who are therefore QUALIFIED or board-certified QUACKS who can do nothing else but murder their patients.

            Most of the wrongheaded errors and evils perpetrated on the human race have been from sincerely motivated but misguided people.

            Sincerity without any of the other 12 Great Virtues means little when human life, health and sanity are at stake, so I say, because I have seen enough already for many lifetimes: OFF WITH THEIR HEADS AND BACK TO HELL!

            It is as obvious as can be that doctors dealing with what are to them incurable diseases are just going to kill their patients, and that means ALL chronic diseases in allopathic land.

            Neither do I understand why people have anything to do with people who are self-admitted quacks since that means they are killers.

            One plus one still equals two in my world; what it means in quack land and on the Moon (LPHs) as well as in the public mind is obviously skewed and distorted to some delusion due to mass brainwashing that would make Hitler and Goering envious of the allopathic pharmaceutical companies and the AMA.

            Moreover, I just recently said this in the middle of page 3 of On The Scientific Mechanism:

            First of all,

            Tim, you said this: "You [David] have been well and truly defeated and exposed as a fake."

            I do not feel like a victor when it seems I failed to explain homeopathy to somebody, for the loss resulting from maintaining this status quo of a total allopathic cartel is humanity's less-than-optimal life expectancy, less-than-optimal quality of physical health and less-than-perfect sanity plus the social manifestations of these compromises of less-than-optimal health in general and thought that is largely dominated by conditioned-reflex brain reactions or brainwashing/conditioning/indoctrination and so-called "education" to half-truths and lies.

            This is not a game of winning victories per a patriarchal attitude and the Apollonian worldview, for we are not combating allopathy but trying to win them over since you cannot create the medical heart, and all they need to know is how to do it.

            We simply continuously wonder why they don't want to know how to cure, and it hurts us that we live through whole generations of this allopathic denial of easily proven medical Truths and refusals by scientists in general to act like scientists and test what we have been saying for 213 years.

            It is truly inexplicable and tragic, for I have seen far too many iatrogenic deaths already and am thus acutely aware of the reality of causations involved in them.

            I am not attempting to debate issues, for I have nothing I need to prove since I am absolutely sure of my knowledge and only want to share it.

            All of our patients know this works, and they amount to untold millions over this history.

            Moreover, this does not count the benefits rung by physicians in the three previous forms of homeopathy, which reach back to prehistory in that the ancient Egyptians and those of the ancient Rama Empire (i.e., the Harappan Culture of the Indus Valley) obviously came from somewhere else since they both arrived on the historical scene already civilized without any period of progress and thus rather clearly brought homeopathy with them from preceding cultures known by arcane archives.

            The Hermetic physicians of ancient Egypt potentized their drugs in the homeopathic way, which is inexplicable unless according to the Law of the Minimum or (more properly) Optimally Ultramolecular Dose as part of the four Laws of Therapeutics in order to precipitate the four Laws of Cure under the grand parameter of the Law of Chronic Diseases.

            The unknown homeopaths of ancient India left us unquestionable evidence in the BHAGWAT PURANA of having done homeotherapeutics in that they knew all four Laws of Therapeutics.

            And the Spagyric physicians are ancient by the 10th century in Europe and appear on the scene without any development of homeopathy and yet with it as complete as we now know, which inductively indicates that they were simply the surviving fragment of the Hermetic physicians after the so-called "Christian" sacking of Alexandria in AD 393 and their subsequent total destruction of the Egyptian legacy.

            Everyone loses when we fail to explain homeopathy to those interested, okay?

            You put into quotation marks something I did NOT say; you'll push my buttons big time every time you do that.

            Please cool it with that, for I am very precise and thus attempt to get things absolutely right and consequently am very sensitive when I am so horribly misrepresented under the guise of quoting me.

            No appologies are necessary, though, for your points are an important counter-viewpoint that are best to have been posted.

            I could have done so myself but liked it succinct and am really fed up with allopathic medicine and low-potency pseudo-homeopathy as systems.


            And I also take exception to this remark: "The only thing that is accomplished by ranting and raving about 'ignorance' like this--to the extent of condemning the people involved--is that it makes them less open to other possible means of treatment..."

            I disagree and vociferously, because we are dealing with crimes!

            We need to not only convert allopaths to homeopathy, but I insist that they and their entire system needs to be first held accountable for their/its crimes since they are deformaties, torture, the creation of insanity and mass murder.

            Off with their heads!

            We have the laws already; what is lacking is perception due to mass brainwashing.

            So, off with their heads as a matter of justice and prevention of endless injustices because they are killers!


            I also disagree with this set of remarks about Hahnemann: "Perhaps the most important lesson Hahnemann left for us is that ranting and raving against the allopaths as he did is simply not effective--and is, in fact, dangerous.

            "Hahnemann was effectively shut out by the allopaths he so vociferously condemned. They often manipulated him into his rage just to watch him be angry!! And then they would denounce his work based on his 'obvious' emotional instability. We should not take this tactic ourselves: it failed Hahnemann miserably and it will fail us miserably too."

            The rejection of homeopathy by allopathy had absolutely nothing to do with Hahnemann's passionate anti-allopathic diatribes.

            It was rejected because, like today, they are getting rich committing crimes of murder and torture that would conceivabley fall on their heads if the whole system suddenly admitted it.

            Their whole livelihood depends upon their sustaining a status quo whether or not it works, and it's a very affluent livelihood too: $1 trillion dollars or 10-13% of the gross national product (GNP) will be lost when allopathy in diseases finally collapses.

            Besides, nothing Hahnemann said about allopathy was untrue.

            They murdered their patients with bloodletting and calomelization plus the other mineral drugs.

            Today they do it with other drugs plus vaccines, but the effect is the same: mass murder in ghastly agonal and premature deaths after years of torture via iatrogenic diseases.

            So, off with their heads and back to Hell with all of them!

            That goes for their attorneys too, and the priests, and the bankers, and the scientists, and the insurance agents; infact, anybody who has sustained this torture- and mass-murder machine should be brought before the law and then executed since the evidence is rather overwhelming and so much admitted to that everyone knows it.

            Hahnemann was vociferous, true.

            So what; he was a lone voice in a wilderness and the only witness to the evils because all others saw only through allopathic eyes.

            It is the same calculus with Hahnemannians opposed to low- and high-potency pseudo-homeopathy (LPH and HPH), remembering that the HPHs are the woosey ones with the matriarchal attitude who would thus forgive people who need to be executed for karmic reasons since it would be better for them and all concerned for them to go back to Hell for a while and take their blood cult with them.


            Then there's this: "...simply spouting frustrated anger at that institution, with all its power and money and influence, succeeds in making me look powerless. So who would come to see a powerless whiner for treatment of anything? No one, that's who. I'm forced to try another tack."

            We ARE powerless!

            Who comes for treatment? everyone and their brother after I cure somebody they know, and this continues for decades.

            I turn away patients, and I made the mistake when my father died three years ago of not taking any new patients and dissolving all of my cases so that I could exit this black hold of Calcutta in the West.

            We do not have problems finding patients, believe me, because EVERYONE is sick.


            But I appreciate your attempt to counterbalance my diatribe.

            It's honestly fair enough that it would be equally extreme on the reconcillitory side, but you shouldn't have pushed my buttons by misrepresenting something I said and then blaiming Hahnemann for the failure of allopaths to embrace homeopathy, for both are totally wrong.

            [ 20. July 2003, 05:02: Message edited by: Hahnemannian444B ]


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              fitness first,

              You said that you favor the development of "integrative medicine."

              Pipe dream, pal; and read Article 52 of the ORGANON before you say that again.

              All other systems are allopathic.

              Very little of it is necessary.

              Name those you think should survive into the future and why, and be specific about their benefits in your opinion.

              And, first principles, sir, surgery is NOT medicine.


              I wonder how many of those other so-called genetic and congenital diseases are curable.

              I have seen so many cures in case reports by Hahnemannians of the hundreds if not thousands of allopathically incurable diseases that logic says they are curable.

              Will put it on my list of questions I'm about to ask of colleagues.


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                You said: "HI folks. I thought CF was caused by a faulty gene. Does homeopathy make the gene right when it cures CF?"

                Sweetie, most of what involves so-called genetic causes of diseases are suppositions about cause and effect.

                Allopathic medicine is famous with us for having cause and effect eternally superficial and usually fouled up.

                They actually constantly admit to it, but it escapes our attention because it happens with regularity and is presented on the nightly news in the form of some "new discovery that researchers expect [or hope] will lead to a cure of" one of their gazillions of incurable diseases.

                Moreover, I am rather positive that a great many of these so-called congenital diseases will ultimately be attributable to vaccinations and the accompanying foreign proteins of the beasts they culture them on slammed into the children as infants by this police state also unwittingly (due to ignorance) in league with allopathic mass murder, torture and premature death while they steal all of your money in the process.

                Besides, a cause has absolutely nothing to do with the treatment of a disease:

                "Impulses that produce natural illness, be they physical or psychological in nature, cannot be changed. Once a person is ill, whatever has led to the illness can no longer be influenced directly. But these natural causes of disease are not so strong as to make every person ill. Only those of certain temperaments or who are predisposed [usually by drug diseases and less-than-optimal health in their parents] will be affected by these relatively weak disease impulses" (Georg von Keller, M.D., On Q-Potencies, CLASSICAL HOMOEOPATHY QUARTERLY, "4/91," Vol. 4 (1991), No. 4, pp. 123-24).

                He also has a footnote reference there, but this site does not provide us with exponents, so I add it here:

                "4) ORGANON VI, Article 31: "If I define illness as a disposition or as the human organism's being out of tune, I by no means intend to give a hyperphysical [extra-planar or so-called 'miasmatic,' as the word is today corrupted by HPHs] explanation of the inner nature of illness...This definition merely tries to suggest what illnesses have been proved not to be: they are neither mechanical nor chemical changes in the material substance of the body, nor do they depend on any material disease substance. They are merely spirit-like, dynamic alterations of life."


                Please enable messaging here if you are going to post.

                [ 20. July 2003, 04:53: Message edited by: Hahnemannian444B ]


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                  HI Albert. So are you saying there's not a faulty gene at all, or there is and homeopathy cures the faulty gene when it cures the patient? Sorry to be so stupid.


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                    Sorry again. I don't know what 'enable messaging' means. Don't really understand how the system works.


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                      One example.
                      He had lousy fashion sense.
                      He would wear really outdated clothes (before it was fashionable to do so) and 'make an entrance' into the lecture room at the University of Leipzig. Seems he enjoyed the status and admiration that went with being a University lecturer. Then he would start to deliver his lecture and one of the students in the room would, on purpose, get him started about the allopaths and 90% of the room would start snickering behind their hands because Hahnemann would be all red in the face, shaking his fist, and yelling out diatribes of indignant (but justifiable) accusations directed at allopaths for an hour or so, oblivious to what he was really supposed to be lecturing about that day.

                      Most of the students in the room came to his lectures for the entertainment value only. And the very small numbers of genuine students interested in homoeopathy would die a thousand deaths, cringe down into their seats, and wish he would just cool it a little and realize he was being set up by a bunch of no-brainers!!! Clever manipulators, but no-brainers nonetheless.


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                        And I thought I could never agree with a man who called me sweetie or cutie...
                        But I have to agree with Albert. I also was an unfortunate witness to iatrogenic murder and torture and mutilation.
                        And once I saw on Disccovery Health Channel a young female MD who actually asked the patient-a young man with ALS, true, very sick, but ALIVE - whether he wants pain killers or getting disconected from the breathing machine (i.e. killed. She would do that!)
                        What I didn't understand was why did he keep coming? She was giving him no hope and wanted to kill him. And TV showed it as NORMAL.
                        Not many people think for themselves. They'd rather be brainwashed into automatic behavior.
                        And they refuse to see the medical establishment for what it is. The open-minded drs who call for the integrative medicine (like dr A. Weil or Dr.B. Siegel) go only half way and even for that are labeled weirdos by AMA (even though one is from Harvard and one from Yale).

                        As to cystic fibrosis: I believe there are NO incurable diseaes. All diseases are really nothing for the vital force which sometimes needs a nudge (from homeopathy or other "alternatives") -and who cares about the gene if there are no symptoms EVER?
                        Astra<br /><br />"Difficult cases take some time to be cured,<br />impossible - a little longer."


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                          The point made was not about whether allopaths cause iatrogenic atrocities,
                          - that has been patently shown, no matter which side of the fence you sit on,
                          the point is,
                          if you go around lambasting the allopaths endlessly,
                          people stop listening to you,
                          you get written off as a wanker,
                          if you want to be effective, you meet the arguments they present with your own factual and experiential evidence.
                          All the jumping up and down in the world won't make you more credible
                          -unless you're a Madegascan lemur and it's your only legimate means of travelling.
                          All the rest is entertainment value.

                          Why are Sagittarians like cocoa?


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                            I don't know...but hahnemann was a sagittarius ascendent with sun/moon/and mercury in aries...and pluto in sagittarius and neptune in leo...kind of a grand trine in fire...something reportedly found in a few holy men in india..All that aries energy....very impulsive and sometimes his diatribes against the allopaths...acting before he realised he might be cutting his own throat. And jupiter in virgo...all that learning in the field of health and healing...squaring his pluto in sag...which is where pluto is now...jupiter..teacher/learning but also overdoing....squaring the planet of death and transformation..death of the old ways of doing this case...sag...institutions of higher learning...(the old medical school ways...bloodletting, etc) for what it is...another way of saying this: Jupiter on the midheaven...the house of career...jupiter..the teacher..the opener of the mind....opening other people's minds to new ideas of health but at the expense of the difficulty of the exposure of the generational madness of the current medicine of the times.

                            Saturn in its own planet of capricorn..noted for absolute discipline...but squaring his courageous pioneet spirt(sun/moon aries) in attempting something new...but not easy...going against the authority of his times and at the same time becoming the authority himself in something new.

                            So he had an incredible amount of energy to start new spiritualize his findings..and raise it all to a new philosophy. And the discipline to carry the whole thing out.

                            Superficial look at hahneman's horoscope found at the back of the yasgur's homeopathy dictionary.


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                              I don't think that all other systems are allopathic.

                              What about herbal treatments, Chinese acupuncture, ayurvedic (kind of herbal). You can't call these as allopathic, neither are they homeopathic. Strictly speaking, homeopathic doses are less than physiological in quantity, anything exceeding that, though using the same substance, will not be homeopathy.

                              Surgery is a form of medicine which is used to cure people. Allopaths have a claim over it since they are the ones resorting to it almost always.

                              Regarding vaccination also, your views are not correct. I agree that some vaccines can be done without but not all, e.g. polio, small pox etc. Statistics have repeatedly shown decline of these diseases and it is attributable only to vaccination. Considering the hazards involved, if it has been proven statistically that the chance of fatal or other dangerous reactions is less than 1% then itís a risk worth taking.

                              Regarding homeopathy, no matter how great a system it is, can anyone explain how it works scientifically. The difference in allopathy (and why more people listen to it) is that they know exactly what they are talking about. Thanks to years of research which shows precisely what their medicines will do, good or bad. Their approach in addressing problems might be wrong because of looking at problems superficially but they make more sense to anyone with analytical and scientific mind. We in homeopathy are always grabbing at "oh, maybe Ruta or Rhus, Arnica or Ledum or Hypericum". This makes us look plain old stupid.

                              Coming back to the point, don't elude it, everyone, can CF be treated with homeopathy. Has it been done?
                              Don't take life too seriously, it aint permanent.