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Cysts of (nearly) every flavour: is there an underlying condition?

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  • Cysts of (nearly) every flavour: is there an underlying condition?

    Hallo dear members (and be indulgent with grammar errors, english is not my native language)

    I just joined and I would like to ask you a question. Let me say first that I am not seeking for any medical or homeopatic _specific_ prescription: I just want to know if what I am about to explain can have a homeopatic treatment and, most significantly, any holistic explanation that I suspect there MUST be, and yet "official" medicine ("official" with NO disrespect implied!) does not recognize this pattern as meaningful or as etiologically explainable.

    I am 38, male. Since I was a teenager I suffered of a common "ailment" which is cystic acne: that is, acne that shows a tendency to form underskin masses slightly bigger or inflamed than normally expected. It has arguably a relation with hormons, though I never found a clear medical explanation.

    Now, at 38 which is perhaps a bit odd, I still occasionally develop this type of cysts, which always reabsorb themselves in a matter of 10 days.

    Now, the strange fact is this: I started in two occasion developing a fat cyst (not a lipoma though): in one case it grow rather big (say 2 centimetres on my shoulder) and yet after 2 years it opened up and got emptied. Then years later I got a smaller one which disappeared in a matter of 4 months.

    Then I started develpoing that bugging indeed "disease" named pilonidal cyst - basically an ingrowing hair that forms a sac. I got two surgeries in 7 years for that.

    Now, I just developed a ganglion cyst on my wrist.
    Acne does not involve a sac, yet pilonidals and most opf all ganglion involve a sac. So the "new" thing is the sac. I say this in case it could have any meaning which I ignore.

    At this point, I have unavoidably to assume there must be some condition that predisposes me to develop a variety of not really harmful though strange cysts.

    Of course, a possible concern is that this might lead over time to bigger problems.

    Yet my real question is: I don't know what hormonal causes may be involved - the fact I got cystic acne since I was very young is certainly a hint in my (maybe wrong) opinion. But is there any pattern that a more holistic approach may detect in a profile like mine? "official" medicine won't even mention as a possibility that a person who has such a tendency to develop cysts may have an underlying condition - there is not even a name for it.

    I am interested in knowing more and I thought that persons with a homeopatic background could have answers or ideas.
    Let me repeat I am not seeking for a prescription, but for a judgement on whether it is possible to identify a profile for this cyst developement scheme.

    If it may help, another characteristic is that whenever I can sleep, I sleep even 14 hours (sadly can't do that often, but whenever I can I really sleep with gusto lol).

    I also have a tendency to develop a considerable amount of heat - no kidding, my skin seems a bit warmer than skin normally is. Also, I like sport activities, but I am lean also without that, as if I burn fats quickly.
    Yet, speaking of fat, I don't like eating flesh, it gives to me in the last years a very displeasant feeling as if I were to vomit. Really.
    I have an intense intellectual life (dunno if this matters lol!)
    I smoke 15 cigarettes a day and 101% agreed I'd quit - strangest thing of all I feel a disgust for smoking a cigarette after sex, whereas conversely all my friends who smoke report the need to smoke as more intense after sexual activityl.

    My "profane" outlook seems to spot a pattern in this puzzle, but I can't see clearly, thence my attempt asking here: anybody sees a known, though maybe not truly common, pattern?

    don't say to me I have been too vague ROFL


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    an almost infallible remedy for cysts is Sulphur /1m or 10m/ , from the detail you give its almost certain - good luck


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      Oh thank you Passkey, I wasn't expecting so prompt a reply and even a prescription. I am now searching omeopatic websites to know more about the profile associated with Sulphur.
      Well, since you have been so kind to provide a prescription, I will give it a try; yet to avoid harming myself, I suppose I'd get this sulphur once (or is it like medicines that you get them every day for a week?), I don't know if getting this Sulphur more than once could cause inconveniences.

      I now will search more on the internet, taking this Sulphur thing as a start; I am really curious, this field seems incredibly ample and fascinating!



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        Jesus, Passkey... The profiles of Sulphur I am seeing on the internet seem my portrait. I'm somewhat impressed. I didn't know that omeopaty makes these psychological profiles, and so precise.

        Except from the hygiene mentions (I take a shower daily with immense pleasure lol), they seem taken by somebody who just took a snapshot to my life.

        I don't know if it will work as a remedy, but I can say to our members, as say sorta personal contribution (I like giving, dunno yet if this belongs to the Sulphur type, I have 5 documents here now lol), that the impression a newcomer like me got from the _profile_ associated with Sulphur was an impression of considerabvle exactness. Also, the associated descriptions are not those types of descriptions that might fit nearly everybody, they seem highly specific.

        I am impressed. If the remedy is so good at "its" job as the profile has been, that would be ideal. But certainly, that a profile can be so neat is already an achievement that spells good.

        thank you!


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          This vial will be destroyed within 15 MINUTES

          Uhm ok going to try it, got this Sulphur it is written 30CH, 80 pills. Dunno what it means exactly.

          Since I do NOT mean to take advantage of the group expertise, I will proceed as follows.
          If somebody answers within 15 minutes telling me how many pills I must take, I will follow those instrictions.

          Otherwise, elapsed the 15 minutes, at 16'.00'' I will surely proceed to open the vial, put ALL the 80 pills under my tongue as the chemist where I bought it suggested, and cross my fingers lol

          ps well I wouldn't do that with a standard drug of course!



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            Hi Alberto - the whole vial will work as one dose, no matter how many pills you take - its the number of times that you do.
            Also 30C is too low a potency to expect too much of change immediately. We usually repeat this potency more often - but this of course is entirely dependant on your response to the first dose.

            For the future its best to be in touch with a homeopath personally.
            All the best,


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              thank you a lot. Actually the best homeopath (apologies for wrong spells, I'm not a native speaker) we have in my town charges really too much, yet I'd like to give homeopaty a try. I won't say how much this doctor charges for a vist but we are in the order of the hundreds++ so you see I have a normal wage, that would _really_ affect my monthly income for august.

              I reasoned as follows: if an allopatich packet of antibiotics usually contains from 4 to 8 pills, then 80 homeopatic pellets arguably could be thought as to be4 be divided in 4 or 6. I thus eventually decided to get 20 pellets a day for 4 times.

              I am proceeding like that, whatever advice you may add I know you'ere not supposed to, so this is why I am trying to reason about it myself and if any further advice comes along I will carefully listen to it.

              I will go on two more days until the 80 pills are over.
              Then I will wait a few days and try another round of 4 days, as last. Maybe this time I will choose a stronger Sulphur than just 30CH, I will ask to the chemist's shop what's a stronger formula.

              ciao thank you a lot
              Alberto from Italy


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                What you are doing is a waste of money. You only have to take 1 pillule!!!! And if it is your constitutional remedy - if you take one dose night , one in the morning and one the next night that will be enough!!!!! If anything happens let us know. Do not be tempted to get a higher potency and take it without checking back with us.

                BTW - I check out this board once a day not every 15 minutes. Us homeopaths have work to do!!
                RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                  ciao Ricky,

                  You're not supposed to check every 15 minutes Ricky. It is an open forum and I just assume I can ask questions, then wheoever wants to answer I take it as a kind gesture and I'm grateful for it, if one doesn't want to answer one just doesn't answer; I NEVER, NEVER assume somebody is supposed to answer.

                  I don't know whence you got the impression I was assuming somebody was supposed to check this forum every 15 minutes.
                  I myself have to work and I check it twice a day: today this is once, maybe another tonight.

                  I am proceeding like that, whatever advice you may add I know you'ere not supposed to, so this is why I am trying to reason about it myself

                  So I am aware of that.

                  Thank you anyway. As for the waste of money that was not a real concern because I found 80 pellets of Sulphur 30Ch at least here in Italy cost 5 Euros (nearly the same as 5 US$): much less than the less effective allopatic antibiotic.

                  Exactly because I don't deem anybody supposed to answer, I was reasoning by _myself_ about what type of dose taking.

                  My reasoning was rather simple: if the medium box has 80 pellets, it should be meant something between 10 or 20 pellets is an average dose - otherwise why they sell as many as 80 pills if all one normally need is 1 or 3 pills and that's all?

                  Of course I can be wrong. If you say 1 pill is enough and you put stress on it, I take that as definitive Ricky, no problem.

                  It's just odd that if 1 pellet is enough and at most one gets them 3 or 4 times, they then produce boxes that contain as many as 80: they could then last a lifetime. Maybe this is precisely the case, I don't know.

                  doctorleela suggested a higher potency, I was inclined to value his free counseling you see. If you advice against it, I will ponder your contribution as well.

                  I don't know if Sulphur is effective; passkey makes a reasonable point it could. I will wait and see, thus far my sinovial cyst is there, but I seem to sweat much less than usual despite the very warm weather.

                  Thank you, ciao


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                    Homeopathic pillules are cheap - it's the time that it takes to work out the correct remedy that homeopaths charge for.

                    Yes 1 pillule is all you need to take at a time. If you take too many doses (not pillules:-) ) you may start proving the remedy which means getting symptoms of the remedy that you don't want!! It's Ok to take more doses if it is an acute problem when the disease is using up the pillules but not if it given as a constitutional remedy. I don't know your case so I wouldn't prescribe online for a constitutional remedy.
                    RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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                      Alberto vorrei contattarti

                      IO sono un veterinario Argentino e ho dei grossi difficolta per scrivere bene in inglese ( in italiano me la cavo bene) su i casi di omeopatia, forse mi puoi aiutare se ancora ci sei sull foro
                      Veterinary doctor


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                        I happen to think that a zinc deficiency should be ruled out first. Zinc and acne vulgaris has been studied. Zinc Status is sold in health food stores for under $20. (In Europe the product is called Zinc Tally.) This product tells you immediately if you have a zinc deficiency.

                        This site mentions a study using zinc sulfate.


                        Something on a topical zinc product for acne.


                        I think sulfur in its crude form is also great for skin problems including acne. The medicated sulfur soap made by Stiffel is great to use on your face and body for acne problems.

                        There is some product that is sold by prescription only and contains zinc and some other nutrients for acne.

                        But some of the things you say about yourself make you sound like you have high histamine levels to me. High histamine levels means you may have a sulfur deficiency which would never be considered by any doctor you go to. Histadelics would also be known to have a zinc deficiency. The lean body, the feeling warm, your interest in playing sports, smoking tobacco, make you sound like you have high histamine levels. A simple blood test can help you know your histamine levels.

                        But high histamine types are known to have a thin build, be very active or even hyperactive at times (they need to supplement calcium and magnesium too), can be prone to addictions, may be perfectionists, can have seasonal allergies and some other stuff. Smoking tobacco is one way of lowering your histamine levels. Cigs put copper in your system and copper lowers histamine. Even in orthomolecular, which is known for balancing histamine levels with nutritional supplements, they will sometimes recommend that people stay on anti-histamines because they do help. If you do take anti-histamines regularly then you are most definitely a histadelic. Histadelics have a number of deficiencies. It might be good to eat little animal protein because this may be the main source of histadine (which gets converted into histamine). But an indiction of a zinc deficiency is inability to digest animal protein. And, unfortunately animal protein is the best source for zinc.

                        Histadelics should avoid folic acid and nicotinic acid (flush producing niacin) because these raise histamine levels. Vitamin b12 can also raise histamine in the body but b12 is not so clear cut as the others.

                        I hope I didn't confuse with this new information on histamine levels. I think homeopathy is great for understanding yourself if you read the psychological profiles. But if your problem is the result of deficiencies I don't know how successful homeopathy may be for you in treating your acne. But I think you may also consider researching any possible deficiencies you may have.


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                          Dear Alberto
                          Welcome to the forum
                          Take one globule disolved in a small amount of water,succuss it 10 times before taking a spoonfull of it. (succussion= shaking it hard)Like banging a water bottle against a book.And thats it............then wait.......Taking too many taking too often will cause a proving of your remedy like ricky mentioned. This is not allopathy (the more the better) Only one.....................Then see............
                          This wakes the energy of the homeopathic remedy.(succussion)
                          The other item of consideration is that youmight have what we call aggravations............This is related to your symptoms getting a bit worse . This is not a bad thing,it's an indication that its working.
                          The difficulty is the constant monotoring of your progress as this is obviously a chronic condition you have suffered from. It will take months perhaps a year to fully heal. Only with proper dose/potency/timing regards your symptoms. It is truly worth it for you to find a classical homeopath close to you as this should resolve properly with good guidance.
                          There are a few items you need to consider that will stop the action of your remedy drinking coffee is a big NO.......during your homeopathic treatment, Camphor will also antidote it.Smearing ANYTHING TOPICAL is not a good idea this will SUPPRESS the symptoms deep within your body.

                          "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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                            I guess no one noticed this thread began in 2004.

                            Ortho - There are several possibilities why someone is deficient in certain vitamins or minerals. One of which is lack of said vit/min in the diet. Another is malabsorption. etc... Homeopathy can correct the malabsorption. If someone is simply not eating the right foods, the diet can be modified (then wait and see if it helps). Supplements aren't the answer to chronic diseases..... To only take a few symptoms and say it needs x or y vitamin or mineral is attempting to pin the cause on a physical reason ---this departs from homeopathy and the way we understand disease. If you think homeopathy is only good for helping understand yourself by 'personality profiles', then you're missing out on what it can really do. Those so-called personality profiles can be misleading - especially to lay people. Interesting to read....but certainly not the whole 'picture' when it comes to understanding what a remedy can produce in a proving....hence what it can cure when applied by symptom similiarity.
                            "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
                            Carroll Dunham


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                              Thanks Lisa Annan for pointing out the date............... OOps!
                              "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein