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2nd opinion pls :lycopodium for cough??

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  • 2nd opinion pls :lycopodium for cough??


    I am totally new to this. My 14mth old son from the age of 6 mths will have difficulty and wheezing whenever there is a slight cough. This happens every 2-3mths. Conventional DR diagnose as bronchitis.

    Just went to a homeopathic who prescribe Lycopodium. In small little round pill to be taken 3 times a day. The potency is not indicated as it is packed in a "homemade" container.

    Questions he asked and I answered to:
    lots of perspiration
    drools a lot
    like to bite and chew things
    lots of movement during sleep
    wet cough
    slight runny nose
    prefer eating fish

    Info I provided
    used to have eczema till change to soy formula
    always sound phelgmy

    from what i read of lycopodium, seems like it's used to treat more of hair loss/genital rather than cold and block/inflammed airways. I am concern whether the prescription is correct.

    In addition, would also like to find out whether we should continue the remedy if my son takes his 15mth MMR vaccination.

    Please help. Thanks a lot.

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    HI JAzzii,

    A homeopathic remedy is prescribed on the basis of a complete homeopathic history of your child. I did not get the impression that a long interview of at least an hour was taken to prescribe the Lycopodium. the information you have provided above does not clearly indicate any particular remedy.

    BUt if the Lycopodium is indicated based on his complete history, then I would not worry about looking it up in books to find out if it fitted your son's history! SUre Lycopodium could cure chronic allergic bronchitis if it was the "similimum".

    I think you should ask your own homeopath some serious questions about what he expects in terms of response to the Lycopocium and anything else you need to ask. Also ask him if his prescriptions are based on single remedy similimum for cure /Classical homeopathy.

    Warm regards,
    dr. leela


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      I feel you should be aware of the following.
      Your child's eczema will have been brought on by the first vaccinations. Wat usually happens is that the child is taken to the Doctor who prescribes something that suppresses the eczema - like a steroid/cortisone cream. The eczema is suppressed so the dis-sease now goes on a deeper level - to the lungs and this is what starts the asthma/wheezing.

      My suggestion to you would be to think very carefully about whether the next lot of vaccinations that you talk about are really necessary in a child who is already suffereing from the effects of them. You may wish to become more informed by reading some of the stuff on

      Lycopodium may or may not be the correct remedy.We don't have the full case history so it is difficult to tell. As Dr Leela suggests - Do discuss your concerns with your homeopath. That is what we are there for. My patients know that they can always phone me with their queries.
      RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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        Dear members

        Homeopathic remedies are prescribed on the disease-symptom picture currently present ( Org.: 6-15 et al. )

        >>A homeopathic remedy is prescribed on the basis of a complete homeopathic history of your child<<
        = Unhomeopathic procedure.

        >>Lycopodium. In small little round pill to be taken 3 times a day. <<

        I would reason, that from the dry form of application Lycopdium is given in a C-potency.

        C-potencies according to the Org.: 5, Kent et al. should not be repeated in a routine manner as reported here, but only given once and then been left alone to act out. Once action has seized, the case has to be reassessed.

        If the reassessment leads to the result, that the remedy in question is still indicated, it is advisable to repeat the C-potency in a single dose in a different potency in order to avoid possible suppression or proving.

        Whether the selection of Lycopodium is rectifyable in this case remains unclear, as from the little information which is provided a good few other remedies would have been equally if not even more indicated.

        Personally, I would advice to consult a homeopath who is fully conversant with all homeopathic rules and principles reflected in his/her casework.

        Best of luck

        Hans Weitbrecht
        Hans Weitbrecht


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          Hi, thanks for all the comments.

          I have tried calling the homeopathic and he seems to say it's ok to continue the frequency and to complete the bottle given, which probably will last more than a month.

          Was asking him whether there will be symtoms, like hot flushes which my son had after taking lycopodium and he said should not see any symtoms.

          As much as I would like to find another homeopathic, this practice is not common in Singapore.

          I am at a lost of what to do. Stop the remedy, and then what? How to treat my son's pheglmy problem and the periodic wheeze.


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            lyc - cough

            Nothing you mention indicates Lyc- key indications , eats little and often , worse at 4pm-8pm . Agree totally Vaccination may be original cause of problem - it would be foolish to have any further vaccinations.
            Eczema combined with heat suggests Sul 30-1m-10m at 24 hr intervals.Is there a tendency to lose temper -go off like a rocket - and subside immediately- plus untidiness -would confirm. Catarrh suggets a herditary tendency for neisseria - Medorrihnum might be worth looking at on a miasmatic basis.