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Suspected colon polyps or stricture

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  • Suspected colon polyps or stricture

    I am unable to find any information in the materia medica about either colon polyps or colon strictures. My symptoms are such that my bowel movement gets to a certain point and then stops, never descending to the rectum. It feels as if something is obstructing my colon. If I strain really hard, I am able to pass a very small, skinny feces. I have been a Sulphur for 6yrs but my bowel has been steadily worsening for over 6 months now. My homeopath insists that I am still a Sulphur but then why are my bowel symptoms getting worse? On my own, I have tried Nat Mur and then Nux Vomica, both of which have similarities to Sulphur, but neither has done anything for me. I have done much research on the internet and have tried many, many non-homeopathic treatments but nothing has helped. I am going in for a colonoscopy in a few days and there will probably be one of 3 outcomes: 1) the doctor finds a stricture and then wants to surgically remove that section of my colon; 2) the doctor finds and then removes colon polyps, but from what I've read, they will probably grow back and I will keep having to have them removed; 3) the doctor will find nothing wrong and will tell me that I will just have to learn to live with my situation. Sorry for this being so long, but not being able to have a normal bowel movement is making me feel quite ill and I am feeling somewhat frantic. If anyone has anything to contribute that might help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.

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    please explian health history prior to this occuring..treatments -illnesses -traumas....etc in chronological order...


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      Have you tried a colon cleanse? It can help tremendously in the short term while you try to sort out the correct remedy that will address things.

      Also, consider altering your diet; cutting out processed foods; increasing fibre intake along with water intake, etc.

      I would not have surgery!!

      Best wishes,
      "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
      Carroll Dunham


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        Yes - I have been doing colon cleanses (as well as liver cleanses) but my bowel movements still seem to stop once they get to a certain point (thank you for responding, by the way).

        As for my history, I will try to be brief while still touching on the more important points.

        I grew up with my grandmother because my mother was not interested in raising children (my father was almost completely out of the picture). I contracted gonnorhea as a teen-ager and married at the age of 18 to a man that was physically abusive. I divorced him several years later and raised 2 children by myself while finishing my college degree in business. I remarried shortly after graduation to a man who, I found out afterwards, has plenty of emotional issues of his own (although he is not violent). Shortly after I got married, I developed very painful uterine fibroids. Out of desperation, I turned to homeopathy, Sepia being the remedy that helped me. Many years later, I developed chronic constipation. This time Sulphur is what the homeopath prescribed, and it worked like a charm for about 6 years. Which brings us to the present, where it seems like Sulphur is petering out on me, to where it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all.

        Here are some of my symptoms: extreme constipation, unable to pass anything unless using a 2qt bag enema. Frequent urging, feeling as if bowel movement gets to a certain point and then goes no further. Cravings for sweets, feeling mildly depressed, no appetite - nothing sounds good. No desire to do much of anything, moderately lazy. I have acne on my face that won't go away. I have ringworm on the palm of my left hand which prescription ointment will not clear up. No desire for socializing. Nothing to look forward to. I am 41 years old and had my tubes tied about 4yrs ago. I am half Hispanic, half Anglo, with olive skin.

        I believe that my maternal great-grandmother died of tuberculosis, and my father died of heart disease.

        Normally I am outgoing, the life-of-the-party type of person. I normally have several projects going on: home repair, crafts, cooking, gardening, etc.etc. I really do fit the stereotype of a Sulphur, I just don't know why it isn't working for me anymore (I bought a new bottle of remedy, have looked for hidden mint, etc).

        That's all I can think of for now. As I mentioned, my homeopath insists that I am still Sulphur. She is the nicest person, but I am wondering if I should find a different homeopath (not an easy task here in the U.S.). Again, thanks for responding.


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          what validates fact of colon polyps?please explain

          how long ringworm on palm existed? what occur prior to the start of ringworm?please explain

          what condition of fingernails and around fingernails?any white spots on/under fingernails?


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            Why are you using a prescription ointment for the ringworm? It's suppressive.
            When did the ringworm start?
            When did the constipation start?

            Did you report all these symptoms (ringworm included) to your homeopath? Did she advise you not to use prescription ointments?

            Hope you can get sorted soon,

            "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
            Carroll Dunham


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              how was gonnorhea treated (mentioned)?how long undergo treatment before symptoms vanished?


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                Thank you, John and Lisa.

                The gonnorhea was treated with a double dose shot of penicillin, which the nurse said was standard (20+ yrs ago). I never went back for additional treatment because I didn't notice any symptoms and she said that it wouldn't be necessary. In fact, I never remember having any symptoms at all: I was at the doctor's office for birth control and they just automatically test everybody for veneral disease. When they told me that I had gonnorhea, it was a total surprise, as I was not experiencing any symptoms.

                I have had the ringworm for about 1yr. I told my homeopath about it right away, because I understand that skin eruptions in homeopathy are significant and that you generally do not want to suppress them. I was very suprised when she told me to buy some over-the-counter ointment (like for athlete's foot). I followed her instructions but the ointment did not clear up the ringworm. Since she said that ointments were OK, I went to my regular doctor and he prescribed something stronger, which also did not work (I only used the prescription ointment for a short time and then discontinued it).

                My fingernails are perfectly fine.

                The constipation started about 7yrs ago. I will get a definite diagnosis about the polyps on Friday of this week. The reason I believe that it is polyps is because it feels as if something is obstructing my intestines: my bowel movement gets to a certain point and then stops. I have already been to my gynecologist to make sure that it is not my uterus pressing down on my colon.

                I think that my constipation is due to emotional upset with my husband. Divorce is not an option at this point in my life, so I am trying to resolve this as best as I can homeopathically (my husband is not a bad person - just very immature and unable to be emotionally supportive). I very much want to avoid surgery: I delayed going to see a gastroenterologist for quite some time, as they seem to be very fond of surgery.

                Have a good day and thanks for any input.


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                  A stricture can also feel like an obstruction.
                  Surgery is not the answer.
                  Even if you go for tests, don't feel pressured into having any surgery. I think you already understand it would only leave you with further problems.

                  How's the diet? Honestly. What do you typically eat??

                  When did you get married to your current husband?

                  Have you ever had a weekend away from him/the stress - and could observe that your bowels worked okay during that time?
                  Are there any foods that seem to disagree with you?

                  I'm a bit stumped why your homeopath would say ointments for ringworm are okay. Anything that is successfully suppressive can end up 'hiding' the symptoms making it very difficult to trace disease symptoms.
                  Lucky for you the ringworm has not been successfully suppressed.
                  Have the symptoms of the ringworm changed in any way since using the ointment?

                  When did you last speak with your homeopath about all this?
                  Maybe you can print this page and take it into her and ask her to reconsider what's going on in your case....or find a new homeopath?

                  Best wishes
                  "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
                  Carroll Dunham


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                    My diet is mostly good - I'm the lady who almost exclusively eats 100 percent whole wheat (even my home-made cookies are whole wheat). I drink plenty of filtered water but I don't eat enough fruits and vegetables and I have a weakness for sweets (mostly sweets w/fat, such as ice cream, chocolate, and cookies. I don't much care for hard candies). I do a decent amount of walking every day and am not considered overweight.

                    I married my current husband 15 years ago this November. We had horrible marital troubles almost immediately. He was not at all successful career-wise when I met him, but he talked as if he was ambitious about getting an education and such. Live and learn: people change once they tie the knot, and my husband turned out to be quite a "loser" for the first couple of years, quitting jobs left and right, expecting me to pick up the slack every time. I came down with terribly painful uterine fibroids within a few months after getting married and I am convinced that it was due to marital stress (the guy was such an A-hole and he was mean to my 2 children).

                    Prior to the beginning of my constipation problems, I was working my butt off so that we could purchase our first house. I had a rebellious teenager to deal with and I was concerned that my husband would quit his job again, which would disqualify us for a mortgage, since they usually require at least one year at your current employer. That's when the homeopath prescribed Sulphur for me, and it worked great for 6 yrs, until recently. My chronic constipation started to come back about 8 months ago, but I can't think of anything that might have brought it on.

                    I am baffled as to my homeopath telling me to suppress my ringworm. I had caught ringworm from a cat about a year or so ago, and she had me use ointment on that ocassion and the rash cleared up. This time, I have had no contact whatsoever with a cat (plus the rash is in a different location this time). Again she had me use ointment, only this time it isn't working.

                    If memory serves me, the constipation came back sometime between the first case of ringworm and the second.

                    I have tried repeating Sulpur, thinking that the ointment antidoted, but the Sulpur isn't working for me like it used to. Do you think that my case is all messed up now, thanks to the ointment? Last time I talked to my homeopath, she was adamant that I stick with Sulphur, but it isn't working. I can go see her again, but she was so insistent that she is right, I don't think that she will change her opinion : (

                    My homeopath has helped me so much in the past - I feel as if I were being disloyal by going to a different homeopath. On the other hand, I am sick, doggone-it, and she doesn't seem to be able to help me. Is there such a thing as a referral service for homeopaths? (I have no idea how to find a new homeopath).

                    Thanks alot and take care.


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                      how much alcohol use/used in health history?
                      how much tobacco use in health history?

                      what drugs used/use? ...i.e... cannabis;lsd;xtc;cocaine;...etc

                      any head symptoms ? ...headache, dizziness....etcwhat other symptoms accompany the head symptoms?when usually occur?what ameliorates ?what aggravates?

                      have you been to chiropractor?

                      what characteristics of menses? is it regular?when was last (date) menses? when is next menses due(date)how many days in between menses ?how long last? what are characteristics of flow?clotting..heavy..dark..light...odor...etc what complaints just prior to menses?what complaints during menses? what complaints just after menses?

                      how do you feel during menses?compared to no menses?

                      please explain pregnancy(s)?when?what complications?what medicines used during labor? abortions?miscarriages?
                      experience any outstanding emotional experience?when? what was the occurance?
                      are /were you using any birth control?what name of product? when ? how long?
                      any hemaroids after or during pregnacy?


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                        When I was a teenager, I smoked cigarettes and drank beer, alcohol. I also smoked alot of marijuana, plus I experimented with LSD (it was the 70's - need I say more?).

                        I have never been to a chiropractor.

                        I have no head symptoms, other than acne on my face.

                        My periods are almost exactly 28 days apart, lasting 4-5 days, neither too heavy or too light, no unusual odor or color. No particular discomfort, other than very mild cramping and increased appetite a few days prior. Next period is due 10/6.

                        Six pregnancies, six live births, 2 were induced with pitocin. Had my tubes tied after #6, no abortions, no miscarriages. Prior to tubes being tied, method of birth control was condoms. Used oral contraceptives briefly as a teenager, but don't remember the name. No hemerroids (sp?) during pregnancy.

                        I don't have any "weird and unusual" symptoms, unfortunately, unless the ringworm on my left palm qualifies as such (sorry - I know the weird symptoms make it easier to find a remedy).

                        Any ideas yet, John? I have taken my own case several times and I still keep coming up with Sulphur (just like my homeopath keeps coming up with Sulphur), only it isn't working for me anymore. Thanks :-)


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                          As an aside, you really need to consider adjusting your diet because it could be that you simply don't tolerate some of the things you're eating and craving. And, this needs to be investigated in order to rule out any possibly maintaining cause and see how well you respond or not to any dietary modification.

                          How about try it for a couple of weeks while you figure out how to proceed with homeopathic treatment. Cut out any processed/packaged foods - and eat only fresh foods, increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables (where you should get plenty of fibre from!) - and possibly limit your intake of wheat, dairy and meats.

                          Hope you find some relief soon!
                          "The significance of a fact is measured by the capacity of the observer."
                          Carroll Dunham


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                            please explain thoroughly concerning "...terribly painful uterine fibroids ..." .how was this treated? what were the characteristics concerning uterine fibroids at that time?

                            please explain what was going on in life just prior (around time of ) getting 'ringworm from the cat'...what was exact name of medication/ointment used?

                            how does coffee effect you?how much use daily?what drinks typically/habitually use?what quantity?


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                              what pains experience in back region?where exactly? when typically occur?how long been occuring?

                              any pain-killer /aspirin ...etc use in health history?when?reason(s)?

                              any antibiotic use in health history (besides for gonorrhea mentioned)?when ?reason(s)?