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HSP - vasculitis/ arthritis in children

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  • HSP - vasculitis/ arthritis in children

    Has anyone had experience of treating children Homeopathically who have received a diagnosis of HSP? (Henoch - Schonlein Purpura)
    Any information on the diagnosis & or experience of treating/cases would be much appreciated.

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    In my book HSP is hereditary spastic ataxia !. This would call for very different treatment . Vasculitis - end with '-itis' and implies inflammation. Arthritis also ends with " -itis " and both would imply that some inflammatory medical condition has been suppressed with antibiotics.
    From a homeopathic point of view the original condition needs to be rooted out on the way to a permanent cure. Anti inflammatory drugs will end up creating a chronic incurable condition.
    Easy bruising would indicate weak walls to blood vessels which could also be dealt with homeopathically.


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      Vasculitis HSP

      My son (8yrs.) has HSP and has had 2 reoccuances back to back. I feel helpless. It seems as if I can not do anything and he has had MANY break out. If you have any advice PLEASE let me know.


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        Vasculitis HSP

        Originally posted by Shanie
        My son (8yrs.) has HSP and has had 2 reoccuances back to back. I feel helpless. It seems as if I can not do anything and he has had MANY break out. If you have any advice PLEASE let me know.
        It started on July 27th and is still FULL BLOWN (Aug. 25th) It doesn't seem right. I am am spending soooo much $$$$ going to specialist and not getting any results. What can I do???


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          HSP = Heat Shock Protein

          Shanie wrote:
          <It doesn't seem right. >

          HSP can also be an abbreviation for " Heat Shock Protein "

          What are heat shock proteins and how do they work?
          Heat shock proteins (HSPs), also called stress proteins, are a group of proteins that are present in all cells in all life forms. They are induced when a cell undergoes various types of environmental stresses like heat, cold and oxygen deprivation.

          Heat shock proteins are also present in cells under perfectly normal conditions. They act like ‘chaperones,’ making sure that the cell’s proteins are in the right shape and in the right place at the right time. For example, HSPs help new or distorted proteins fold into shape, which is essential for their function. They also shuttle proteins from one compartment to another inside the cell, and transport old proteins to ‘garbage disposals’ inside the cell. Heat shock proteins are also believed to play a role in the presentation of pieces of proteins (or peptides) on the cell surface to help the immune system recognize diseased cells.

          Please follow the thread discussing " CytoKine Storm " for the product Canova.

          With regards


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            Perhaps if you specify the symptoms as you see them and as the child experiences them, someone here might have an idea how to go about to treating this sort of condition. In homeopathy it is not so much the disease label, so to say, that matters. Many people have diabetes, for example, but everybody's objective and especially subjective symptoms are almost never the same, although a certain group of their symptoms are sufficient for a doctor to diagnose this as diabetes, which, basically, means "sweet urine", but that's beside the point, of course. Just to give you an example that the diagnosis does not say much about the patient and what's wrong with him.

            However, when the patient is the child, then it is difficult to give any advice without seeing the child, so the best idea would be to see a good homeopath in person.



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              Dear Shanie,did it start in july? or was it happening all his life? If it started in july what happened prior to the incident......vaccine.....antibiotics......flue shot......newmeds.....any traumas? Something trigger this? Please post more history.
              In any event here on line is only for dicussion,best bet is to make an appt. with a trained homeopath in person. I know a good one in Vero Beach (there are not many homeopaths in florida so you might have to travel ) Let me know if you want his contact info?

              Gina Tyler
              "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein