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  • Genetic Disorders

    I accidentally placed this post within the coffee shop. I didn't realize how these forums were set up. I think it would best be answered over in this forum. Here it is:


    I was just introduced to the concept of homeopathy as a result of my son's condition. I plan to visit a trained homeopath soon but I would like to pose a general question. (get some advice for free before having to fork out money at the consultation ).

    My son has been diagnosed (by a medical doctor, or allopath as you might call him) with a condition known as Neuro-Fibromatosis. Symptoms include autistic-like characteristics of delayed development (speech, etc.), cafe alait' spots on the skin (like benign tumors), and abnormal bone tissue in the right tibia. His tibia is bowed and it fractured just over a year ago. The fracture is a major complication as it is a non-union case. Major surgery with pin insertion and bone grafting has not helped. The orthopedic surgeon wants to go in again, this time with more bone grafting and an external fixator for an indefinite time.

    The initial diagnosing doctor said this is a genetic disorder (Neuro-Fibromatosis) to which they know little about and have no known cure. Apparently a fibroma is a benign type of tumor. Adding the neuro to it indicates that these benign tumors are forming on the ends of nerves and are causing the complications in his development, speech, and apparently the development and healing of bone.

    My question is this: Can homeopathy treat a genetic disorder? If in fact his condition is genetic? Is it apparent that some allopath doctors take a disease they know little about and just classify it as genetic in a way of avoiding responsibility for its cure?

    I know I would not be able to get advice for homeopathic treatment just based on the little information I provided. Mainly I'm wondering if homeopathy would help such an extreme case and, specifically, with genetic disorder.

    Thanks for any advice you might be able to pass on.

    btw, my introduction to the world of homeopathy came as a result of a friend sending me a copy of Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy L. Lansky. I'm currently about half way through the book. Indeed mindboggling and fascinating stuff!!


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    Apart from ' sports injuries' homeopathy is all about genetics and hereditary conditions. Known mainly as Miasmatics.
    Operations are counterproductive as the body is already doing the best it can and physical interference will lead to chronic incurable conditions .
    Both in the UK and the USA there are many very good Homeopaths . Get to one as soon as possible and do not take any decision on what to do next until you have had a consultation.
    As there are numerous neurofibromas it is impossible to operate on them. Do not accept further operations on the bone - get good homeopathic help.
    See Recklinghausen's disease.


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      von recklinghausen's disease

      Has anyone heard of cases where Neuro Fibromatosis or Von Recklinghausen's Disease have been treated homeopathically? I've made contact with my closest homeopath listed in the NCH directory. He's over 100 miles away. He's treated one case about 15 years ago, but the patient moved out of area and didn't follow up with him. I'm just curious if there were any success stories for people with this condition.

      The homeopath recommended a dose of calcarea phosphorica for my son's immediate bone mending need. But, after his x-rays (this Monday), we're going to get together to see about working up a more comprehensive treatment for his overall condition.

      I'm just curious if anyone else has heard of this condition being treated homeopathically.


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        ANY problem can be treated homeopathically , but this case needs a very good and experienced homeopath. Check around.


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          Genetic Disorders

          As for as homoeopathy,all diseases are Genetic only.Allopathic Genetic disorders are also can verywell be treated in homoeopathy.It is not one day or one months treatment.Treatment should be along with childs growth.Vaccinations and other allopathic medication are obstcle to treatment.Child has to be on homoeopathic treatment for all veriety of diseases.I have treated few genetic disorders like haemophilia,muscular dystrophy etc.Treatment is more based on family history of Diabetes,etc.Nosodes depending on family history are more indicated .
          Any surgery is more of suppressive in nature .As sugested above you better consult experienced classicAL HOMOEOPATH of your area .

          Hyderabad ,INDIA


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            Sounds interesting.

            Are there any books or articles patients can refer to for more details on the successful treatment of genetic diseases? Or anything on miasmatics for the layperson?

            'Fraid I'm still struggling here with PKD (now just over 3 years into my homeopathic treatment), but it would be a real inspiration to hear details of cases with other genetic diseases which have shown some improvement (or stabilisation). Any improved haemophilia, tuberous sclerosis, cystic fibrosis cases in the UK, for example?

            Somewhat disappointingly, my first homeopath did once tell me that she'd consulted a former tutor regarding my case & that he'd said that, since my disease was largely genetic in origin, it would probably be very difficult to cure. He hadn't heard of ANY cured or improved cases. This does sound strange in the light of what's been said below.

            But then I guess this may just prove the point regarding the importance of seeking the help of a very good, experienced, classical homeopath. Perhaps my homeopath wasn't sufficiently experienced in more complex cases. Any tips for seeking out the best homeopath - I started off by looking for qualifications and membership of a professional body but perhaps this isn't enough for cases of this nature?

            One thing I can say though. Homeopathy has definitely helped me to cope with the physical effects of my disease and I would recommend it, if only for the psychological improvement.

            Any cured patients out there? Please, please would you post in the cured cases section? I think there are a lot of us out here who could do with some encouragement & I'll definitely be shouting about it as soon as there's any improvement in my own genetic disease!


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              One of the best books for starters is "Poisons That Heal " By Dr Eileen Nauman.


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                Just returned to this but the recommended book seems to cover only acute cases, first aid, epidemics and the menopause. Is there anything at all which focuses on genetic conditions?


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                  Originally posted by LynnLeiby View Post
                  . . . My question is this: Can homeopathy treat a genetic disorder?
                  Yes. In fact, homeopathy will forever be the only means of curing all chronic diseases and psychiatric disorders because we alone apply the pharmacological means to reach those seats of disorder in the invisible levels of being, which Hahnemann and most Hahnemannians in the past called the vital force and vital principle of life but which is more scientifically called the etheric energy pattern.

                  That pharmacological means is called homeopathic potentization or, more properly, homeopathic dynamization. Allopaths universally claim this makes our drugs placebos, but they do so on an [i]a priori]/i] basis, meaning conclusions drawn "from general principles to particular facts. First understand that they don't have any guiding principles of medicine (not one!) and therefore don't have a leg to stand on in using that form of logic. They insist they do by applying chemical principles to living organisms, all allopathic drugs being deadly poisons because of it, and they cannot even define life and are the epitomal king without any clothes on because they make statements as presumed authorities while simultaneously constantly telling the whole world that they are absolute quacks (an ancient Greek word literally meaning "therapeutic incompetent"). God, help us! They consequently insist that all drugs must be chemical agents, whether organic or inorganic. Here, they have the definition of medicines totally wrong, and that skews all of their resultant conclusions to an unending body of half-truths and lies because they're too stupid, servile and brainwashed to realize they have to have correct definitions for anything involving medicine for any of their conclusions to be valid. No, they never realize that, either. The correct definition of medicines goes something like this: Medicines are medicinal precisely because they are capable to produce symptoms in living organisms, everything being either a food or medicine/poison. Necessarily, they also wholly fail to get the definition of remedy correct and, in fact, cannot even conceive of them. Remedies only arise -- and rather magically, too -- when a normally poisonous substance (ultramolecular compounds also being poisons by definition) produces similar symptoms to those of a patient because Nature will not allow the two to exist in the same organism. This is an indisputable fact but is only understood when you properly define diseases, which allopaths never have and never will be able to do since disease diagnoses (as opposed to remedy diagnoses) are nothing more than statistical abstractions of reality (falsehoods) that take into account only the common symptoms of patients and wholly ignore the therapeutically all-important uncommon ones. They therefore go, "Two different kinds of cancer can't exist in the same patient?" We didn't say that; they simply need new brains.

                  It also never seems to occur to any of them -- 10 million of the monsters worldwide -- that their inability to cure 99.99% of the deadly diseases and debilitating maladies of industrialized societies (no viral infections, chronic diseases or psychiatric disorders, the largely self-limited bacterial infections being their only semi-valid claims to cures) means they're totally unqualified to make any pronouncements about medicine. Today, medical expertise has nothing to do with therapeutic competence, and that insanity has produced the universal acceptance of doctors without cures. God, help us!

                  No matter what pathogen or long-term poisoning presents itself in the causal chain of events that eventuates in diseases, it is also indisputable that all chronic diseases and psychiatric maladies are actually the result of the organism doing it to itself after failures of the immune system to deal with such invaders. Allopaths actually admit this, too. They simply fail to connect the dots with those implications are. Consequently, they claim that abnormal DNA is the cause. These so-called "genetic disorders" are, like all things allopathic, extrapolations from statistics rather than being actual scientific proofs of causation. In fact, most of them are what are called "exclusion diagnoses" arrived at after they exclude every other possible disease. What morons!

                  Again, the identification of so-called "genetic markers" for the 5000(+) diseases allopaths cannot cure but endlessly name fail to consider another conclusion from the same evidence. Namely, their inability to properly understand the nature of existence causes them to believe abnormal pieces of DNA are the causes of these disorders rather than being the effects of the invisible energy field giving structure to the entire organism. Physicists make the very same mistakes with the fundamental forces of nature, for they wrongly believe that the still hypothetical particles called gravitons, gluons and mesons are, respectively, responsible for the gravitational force and the strong and weak nuclear forces. No, it's the cart before the horse in both cases.

                  Every subatomic particle is nothing more than a gigantic energy field produced by an unimaginably tiny particle. All of that forms matter. Similar realities abide in the quantum realm, with the only difference being that quantum particles instead travel in straight lines across space. For over 112 years now (the marker date being Max Planck's two papers in 1900, which formally began what he coined as "quantum mechanics" in deference to what Galileo did in partially validating Kepler's slightly flawed laws of celestial mechanics, which Newton would finally get mostly right shortly after Galileo was forced by the God-damned Pauline Church to recant after the God-damned Jesuits tortured him), theoretical physicists have repeatedly resurrected the presumably defunct Ether to make sense of quantum realities. They've all hidden this fact by using various constructs of their own creation and thus various terms for the Ether. The first was Einstein's cosmological constant, which we now know was just another name for dark energy. Next came DeBroglie, another Nobel Prize laurette, with his subquantic medium. Incidentally, that would properly be called the ultra-quantic medium because what he conceived of is not "below" but "beyond" quanta. Years passed until the next such theoretical construct came into being in the late 1960s and early '70s through tachyone physics. They asked a very good question about the speed of light: Why do photon particles collapse back into particles after understandably disintegrating into wave forms by bucking the speed barrier inherent in the physical universe? Their only conclusion was that photons on the Physical Plane are also tachyons on the Etheric Plane, and that the force they impart upon their physical elements (photons, also called light particles) cause this disintegration back into particles. If you want to hear superb sophistries, ask school scientists about this. They'll generally go, "I think you misunderstand the physics involved here." Being tired to dealing with those morons in seats of academic power, I now respond something like this, "Sure thing, Bubba, but your model of the universe doesn't work, so methinks you need a mirror or new brain." There are now over 12 of these constructs from theoretical physicists, just one of which is what Sting Theorists called quintessence ("fifth essence") to explain what's on the other side of the even horizon of black holes. Even Newton acknowledged the Ether, calling it the AEtherial Medium. School scientists just ignore that along with the embarrassing fact that Newton was recently discovered to have also been an alchemist. Oops! They have egg on their faces but actually need to be pelted with rotten tomatoes to shut the hell up. We can at least hope.

                  None of these theoretical physicists seem to realize that by using their various terms for the Ether, they have necessarily invoked the Etheric Plane of existence and also etheric particles and the etheric energy pattern of cogent bodies from rocks and dust to living organisms. It's as obvious as can be, but school scientists and humanists are experts at sophistry and obscuration because that's the principal thing academic demands of graduates. In effect, they say, "You will acquiesce to everything we currently believe even though we constantly change what we believe with each new discovery." Sure thing, Bubba, but you still need new brains and apparently lack mirrors.

                  Okay, what does this mean? Believe it or not, scientists have inadvertently proven the existence of higher planes coinciding in the very same space throughout the universe and, in effect, have also proven the existence of God. God is not a little ole purple guy up in the sky, though, and it's enough that they've accidently proven that higher planes exist. Their triune philosphical paradigm of philosophical materialism, mechanism and reductionism causes them to continue to refute this, but this cannot go on forever. We have now been in the transition stage to the Fifth Philosophy of Mankind for fully 112 years. Historically, it takes several generations to make these virtual quantum leaps in perceptions of reality. Personally, I'm sick and tired to being stuck in the tail end of the Dark Ages, but I can't get other people to think clearly and for themselves and embrace defensible personal philosophies, so I just put up with it and throw rotten tomatoes at everyone who has a big mouth and is in any position of power. They won't let us do that to the President of the United States, but he'll get his comeupance when he dies and goes to Hell along with all of the other morons in positions of power today, and all of us will be required to send them to Hell or Christ wouldn't have said, "You will be the witnesses," that being the hyper-practical meaning of it along with an hyper-idealistic meaning in common with every single utterance by the guy.

                  So, how long will we have to wait for these morons to get new brains or be replaced by others with brains that work? Probably until the next Great Plague, which will probably occur beginning in September 2045, assuming that that's what the next marker date in the hyper-accurate pyramid prophecies of the Great Pyramid of Giza demarks. I think that's rather likely since it's impossible to believe humanity can survive much longer accepting the existence of murderous doctors without cures and all of the other evils of our power structures, all of which Christ condemned to Hell. Historically, Great Plagues have always raised homeopathy to the very height of medicine because we alone have cured any of them. Although it's more complicated than this, allopaths and the rich destroyed American Homeopathy for profit in 1910 with the God-damned FLEXNOR REPORT (Coulter's DIVIDED LEGACY, Vol. III, 1973), so we were not at work in the so-called "Spanish flu" but were in the last actual Great Plague from 1828-33, called Asiatic cholera. That's why homeopathy experienced a meteoric rise in America after it. Mark Twain, the century's most-trusted man, was a stalwart champion of homeopathy, but everyone hides that for various reasons created by their ignorance and evilly misguided sincerity. "It would be all the better for humanity and all the worse for the little fishes if all allopathic drugs were dumped into the sea" (Twain). I think that's verbatim or very close to it.

                  The major implications of this future event are that masses of people suddendly given mental freedom by homeotherapeutics will cease to accept all of the other evils of our societies. Therefore, lots of changes can be expected in our societies after the next Great Plague, probably to begin in late 2045. The back of the U.S. dollar bill seems to escape the attention of everyone alive but to their great regreat since it means they'll all die premature and agonal iatrogenic deaths in allopathic hands, so there's nothing we can do about this and doesn't appear to be part of destiny, anyway, or people would have asked themselves these questions long ago.

                  Our ultramolecular ("beyond-molecules") drugs are not placebos! Astonishingly, every single person alive can learn this for themselves by undergoing a single high-potency self-proving of one of our drugs. Article 141 of Hahnemann's ORGANON OF MEDICINE (link: Hahnemann's Organon) well explains the benefits of these personal "tests or trials" of our drugs (prufung being German for that). Nonetheless, allopaths continue to claim that our drugs are placebos. Harvest some rotten eggs and tomatoes, folks, and tell those morons to get off of your planet by saying, "Get a new brain!" Works for me. [/b]

                  Originally posted by LynnLeiby View Post
                  Is it apparent that some allopath doctors take a disease they know little about and just classify it as genetic in a way of avoiding responsibility for its cure?
                  Something like that. It doesn't really matter why they do it, though, does it?

                  God bless!
                  Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
         and and and


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                    Genetic Disorders

                    Homeopathy treatment is succsessful treatment for genetic disorder. like nephritic sysndrom cure by homeopathy some time its heriditery disease
                    Dr Harshad Raval MD Homeopathy
                    Honorary consultant homeopathy physician to his Excellency Govern.of Gujarat India.

                    Homeopathy Treatment


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                      Whilst I don't doubt much of what is said above, I (and many patients) would still like to see some examples of cured, or improved cases. Cases apparently involving a typical Mendelian inheritance pattern (i.e. the so-called "single gene disorders") would be particularly useful. I'm assuming that there will be families out there who have been diagnosed as affected by an autosomal recessive (e.g. cystic fibrosis) or dominant (e.g. Huntington's) disease but who, following homeopathic treatment, could be declaring to one and all that this suffering is unnecessary. If only a few families with individuals diagnosed as affected by dominant genetic diseases but not showing any ill effects were to go public, this would help enormously (and put paid to the assmption that "genes are destiny").


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                        Originally posted by Jennilee View Post
                        . . . I (and many patients) would still like to see some examples of cured or improved cases. . . . I'm assuming that there will be families out there who . . . following homeopathic treatment, could [declare] to one and all that this suffering is unnecessary. . .
                        As I said in the following posting within paragraph #13 of posting #8 (link:, the GVs have "deep pockets." Therefore, ask them to do it, but good luck with that. And, as I also said there but in paragraph #7, "Certainly, nobody in positions of power who dole out big bucks to institutions knows anything correct about medicine, so it never comes to us." In that same paragraph, I also said, “I suppose I could [manage that] if I grew 50 million new heads and 86 gazillion new arms, but that’s rather unrealistic.” I manage to do as much as I can, and I choose my assistance carefully. The same goes for every other Hahnemannian, but we’re very few in number and always have been as the smallest minority in the history of man. I am not interested in convincing people who’re incapable of understanding homeopathy due to their hopeless state of brainwashing to allopathic constructs. They want allopathically governed evidence, especially that from double-blind drug trials; however, everything about those drug trials is insolubly flawed, which I‘ve often explained here. As for the evidence asked for, our journal literature is full of it in the form of published case reports and always has been. Why don’t you look for it? Better, why don’t you ask yourself why allopaths never publish case reports. That’s a real eye-opener.

                        We don't ask our patients to do any such thing. Why would we? People become targets when they make such declarations because it threatens billionaires, multi-millionaires, millionaires, allopaths, university professors, insurance companies and, in general, everyone in charge of commercial interests with the loss of their share of well over $3 trillion annually wasted in just the United States on medical treatment by allopathic physicians. It also certainly threatens everyone in government with being exposed as paid puppets of those people who bought them, Soul and all, with campaign contributions and want that blood-money to keep rolling into their pockets.

                        The Gvs (members of the George Vithoulkas school of thought) are not targets of those people because there's nothing threatening about them. They play around as quasi (“partial”) homeopaths but are really kind of harmless to the vast infrastructure of allopathic medicine and governmental and commercial interests in it. That, however, is not true of us and never has been.

                        You'd have to be totally ignorant of homeopathic history (link: HISTORY OF HOMOEOPATHY AND ITS INSTITUTIONS IN AMERICA By William Harvey King, M. D., LL. D. Presented by Sylvain Cazalet plus Harris Coulter’s DIVIDED LEGACY, especially Vol. III, and several other histories of homeopathy) and of history in general to fail to have noticed that the power structures of these god-damned societies (and, BTW, those power structures are the actual meaning of the anti-Christ, satan -- never properly capitalized -- Beelzebub, the Devil, etc.) have destroyed or attempted to destroy everyone who is or ever has been a purveyor of Truth. There are no exceptions, period, and Hahnemann and subsequent Hahnemannians have certainly been horribly targeted by the mongrels in power throughout our history.

                        In general, Saints and proto-Saints (stipulating that almost nobody incarnant knows the requirements for even First-Degree Sainthood in HEBREWS' "Priesthood[s] of Melchizedek/Melki-Zadek" and certainly know nothing about the requirements for the other 11 Degrees toward human perfection, nor do they know human destiny or anything else of importance about being human) have always been targeted by the powers that be. Of course, they don't generally teach these historical facts in any of the schools, so people whose brains are organized according to what popularly recognized authorities say, which amounts to nothing more than the childish "teacha tole me" servile acquiescence to such educators of half-truths and lies, don't have the slightest idea what I'm talking about. This is despite the fact that the Hebrew Prophets were universally treated that way by the god-damned Hebrews of old, as were Christ and his Apostles and Disciples and their descendants, and the BIBLE clearly shows it. Such people with the views expressed above don't read religious texts, though, and certainly never seek out the secret teachings of Christ that He so often spoke of, so they also don't know that stuff, either.

                        What did they do to Hahnemann? "Albert, that stuff doesn't happen anymore." The hell it doesn't! In fact, people who believe it doesn't are directly complicit in such crimes by people in positions of power, and I guarantee that they're also going to go to Hell for it because Christ condemned such sustaining of the power structures because the existence of the present power structures (all of which are identical since dynastic Egypt) precludes formation of His Kingdom of God on Earth. Who doesn't know where He said that? Better, why don't they? Ignorance of these things show deficiencies on the part of their parents, but that's pretty common today about everything important to know.

                        If we had the means and time, I'm sure the world's Hahnemannians would do such things, but we don't. What's the biggest and neediest project many of them are engaged in? Nobody outside our ranks knows even though it was made public in the early 1980s. The homeopathic materia medica ("materials of medicine") and its repertory are in dismal shape after sitting fallow for over 100 years. The G.H.G. Jahr Institut (sic, because it's primarily a German association) is engaged in bringing it up to date and collecting disparate materials plus producing an accompanying repertory and has been for nearly 30 years. It will be encyclopedic with over 100 volumes when finished, and nobody knows how big the repertory will be because it can't be finished until the new materia medica is. This will apparently take generations to do because so few people are engaged in it and because our literature has been systematically destroyed by allopathic zealots for well over 150 years. Once finished, it will forever thereafter never again fall into its current condition because we won't let that happen. Here, we have to pray.

                        Every single substance in the entire universe is a potential homeopathic medicine because we have never found anything, even foods, to lack medicinal effects when homeopathically potentized/dynamized. Imagine that. Only about 300 of our approximately 2400-2600 drugs have reached polychrest status. Polychrest means something with "many useful purposes." That means they’ve cured many diseases as allopaths define them. Each of the polychrests have thousands of symptoms they've produced in the healthy and will thus clearly eventually be shown to have cured them in the sick. Psorinum is the most-well-proved homeopathic medicine to date with over 5000 symptoms, but there's no way we know all of them yet. Moreover, of those 300 drugs, we continue to discover the many diseases as allopathically defined they'll cure.

                        All of that is additional work nobody else is engaged in or has the slightest interest in, and all of the attempts by GVs to prove our drugs are totally useless to us because they're all unqualified to do so and do nothing but endlessly prove it. For instance, look at their repertories. Who did they include in them as authorities? Those people don't have a clue who to trust, and this is readily demonstrated by the fact that low-potency pseudo homeopaths (LPHs) are many of their referenced sources. What's wrong with that? The LPHs engaged in a generational so-called "sifting" of our materia medica and rewording of it to fit their various fancies beginning in the middle of the 19th century. This sifting included exclusion of all symptoms produced by potencies deemed by them to be unable to be medicinally active. That means any above 12c. That’s a lot of data because the deeper effects of homeopathic drugs are solely seen in these higher potencies. Those potencies are deemed by such mongrels as placebos. God, help us! That's pure allopathic logic, folks. So, why would the literature of LPHs be included in our repertories? They shouldn't! Nonetheless, they're in the many repertories of the dangerously ignorant and horribly misguided GVs. People buy those very expensive books, too. Who? Why, of course, their foolishly servile and follower-minded students buy those useless books because their daddies with deep pockets give them endless money to do such stupid things. God, help us!

                        BTW, what does it show about each and every one of those authors of the many repertories produced by the GVs? Why, lo and behold, it shows that they're all selfish bastards who belong in Hell! Why would they fail to cooperate on such an important work? That's a maieutic question because selfishness is the only answer. Better, why would they fail to cooperate in a project designed to actually bring the repertory up to date? Well, they simply don't know that Hahnemannians are doing that, and they don't know because they never read the literature of actual classical/Hahnemannian homeopaths. They wouldn't be invited to help, anyway, because they're wholly unqualified to do such important work.

                        Therefore, do you think we have time to do such things as Jennilee requests? Nope. Tell your governmental officials that you are going to insist that they all be executed as god-damned traitors for sustaining allopathic medicine. Is that going to happen? Nope. Tell everyone in the private sector involved in sustaining allopathic medicine that you are going to insist that they also be executed as traitors for the same reason. Is that going to happen? Nope. People don't even know they should do such things.

                        They furthermore don't know that Christ demanded it of them, because allopathic brainwashing precludes them from perceiving it in the story about the woman who was brought to Him who'd been bleed by god-damned allopaths for 12 years. (Incidentally, it’s quite impossible for an average person to have survived that murderous therapy for 12 years, so it means the woman was clearly a Saint. They don’t teach that in ordinary schools, either.) The mistranslated passage reads that she "had been subject to bleeding for 12 years," but the original Aramaic had that as a past-tense transitive verb, so it's actually correctly rendered that she "had been subjected to bleeding [bloodletting] for 12 years." Every translator of the BIBLE, including Shakespeare (no less than an Hermetic Saint), has been allopathically brainwashed, so they all missed it.

                        I know about it because it's part of arcane archives preserved for longer than can be imagined by servile personalities, and that constitutes part of the secret teachings Christ often spoke of. Nobody bothers to look for such things because they don't even know He spoke of them. It turns out, however, that Scribes of each of those seven still-open Priesthoods of Melki-Zadek delivered the message of their parent teaching over the last 150-200 years, and all it takes to find them is effort and the right discrimination to recognize illegitimate teachings. There are a lot of the latter, but they always give themselves away on virtually every page of their large libraries they want fools to buy, so you just keep looking. The back of the U.S. dollar bill is the actual Yellow-Brick Road to such things, for we need help to find them, and that's a sure way to attract such help from people who've already achieve the human perfection Christ told us is our initial destiny.

                        Total ignorance about medicine is thus quite threatening to everyone's Soul because that ignorance causes them to sustain a medical system that's nothing more than a product of Hell engaged in by obvious tools of Hell: allopathic medicine and its physicians.

                        “Give me testimonials, Albert.” Why should I? Allopaths just scoff at such things and universally dismiss them as what they call “anecdotal evidence.” The next Great Plague will settle this whole issue, for humanity simply cannot survive much longer acquiescing to god-damned doctors without cures whose direct colleagues in industrial chemistry are threatening the imminent collapse of the atmosphere and thus extinction of all life on this planet forever. Historically, homeopathy rises to the top of medicine in Great Plagues because we have alone cured them. God-damned allopaths have insanely genetically engineered bird flu to cross species and be contagious via the air. God, help us! Their facilities where they keep such ultra-deadly pathogens have a truly dismal history of releases, so this is inevitable unless another pathogen proves to be the source of the next Great Plague. This will surely happen within out lifetimes because time is simply running out for this planet with allopaths and their many cohorts being in charge of the world.

                        If you want actual direct evidence, find a Hahnemannian and get cured. I’ve many times supplied links to them.

                        That’s the best I can offer for this understandable request. I wish we had time for such things.

                        God bless!
                        Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
               and and and


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                          "If you want actual direct evidence, find a Hahnemannian and get cured. I’ve many times supplied links to them."

                          As I recall, you did this in an exchange with me some time ago. I did listen, I've done so and when cured will certainly be making myself a target. Frankly, I'd consider it my duty.

                          In the meantime, I do search for relevant information and so far haven't found what I'm looking for. It's rather specific, I suppose and, of course, I'm a patient and not a practitioner so for me it would probably be a long trawl. And, yes, of course, due to my illness I tire easily. I am still rather surprised that nobody with my own genetic "disease label" has contacted me with their own tale of improvement (my details have appeared in the press many times) but perhaps it will be for me to start the ball rolling. As and when...

                          Given everything you've said, the "Cured Cases" section would seem to be a waste of space. Sigh...


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                            What's your case?
                            Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
                   and and and


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                              Whilst I would not wish to get too far into personal details at this stage, I've already posted an outline and my own condition is "polycystic kidney disease," with severe associated liver disease (previous threads include one on PKD and one entitled "Light at the end of the tunnel). As I said, I do hope to be in a position, one day, to make my own case public and I am a member of many general patient groups and other more specific online support groups.

                              Until that day hope and encouragement are important, of course, but it also seems to me that something more solid would be enormously useful. Books, information on the likely course of treatment, advice and guidance on choices and, if possible, case histories (anonymised if necessary) - these are all things I can share and pass on. As it stands, interested and motivated patients still have to sift through an awful lot of conflicting information and are quite likely to waste time with the type of "homeopathic" prescriber you've already described.