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14 month old boy has too many ear infections Help

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  • 14 month old boy has too many ear infections Help

    My 14 month old baby has been having ear infection every month from the time he was 7 months old and started daycare.Everytime we take him to the pediatrician they always prescribe antiobitocs.Slowly his ear infections are getting more frequent and at this rate I predict he shall soon he practically living on antibiotics till they won't work for him anymore.I have decided to try homeopathic treatment.I have got some homeopathic medicines and I gave him Chlmy-Ab6 yesterday for his ear pain.

    From where can how to find a homeopathic pratitioner here in Los Angeles and from where can I get those medicines.

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    I am a Registered homeopath who has been practising for 6 years and I have never heard of the remedy you have given your child. Even homeopaths would not think of treating their own family for a chronic disease. Please find a professional Classical homeopath who will take a full case history and prescribe a remedy for him as an individual rather than just his ear problems. Constitutitional treatment is the only way to clear up a chronic disease tendency. No more vaccinations either as they might compromise an already weak immune system. Hopefully someone from your areas wil advise you of where to find a suitable practitioner.
    RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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      Hi Sahasush, check this link:

      All the best!
      dr. leela


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        Agree with Ricky on this one - how many vaccinations before age 6 months?.