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How to safely use Carcinosinum?

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  • How to safely use Carcinosinum?

    Last edited by TanStar; 6th January 2006, 01:35 AM.
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    Can I just ask how much you actually know about homeopathy?

    Why would you 'be interested in taking a remedy'? What purpose does this serve?

    Have you been to see a professional homeopathy at all for a full case taking? If not, then I would strongly suggest that you do.

    Carcinosin is what is called a nosode remedy that is prepared from diseased tissue. The original carcinosin was obtained from cancerous breast tissue.

    If a remedy is indicated after a full case taking on the totality of symptoms, then yes, it is safe to take. Also, at the time of case taking, the homeopath will determine the potency of the remedy too. This will be carefully thought through and normally takes into account, whether there is pathology going on and whether the patient is on conventional meds - in some of these cases, then LM's will be indicated. If the patient's energy is good, then centesimal potencies and above can be used.

    So, yes, Carcinosin is a safe remedy to take, BUT IF THIS REMEDY IS INDICATED FOR YOU. If it is not your indicated remedy, if you take it you are likely to PROVE the remedy, or nothing will happen at all, which basically means that you are not sensitive to it. Forunately, we are not all sensitive to all remedies that we take.
    Sarah-I. RN, Homeopath, Craniosacral Therapist, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher.


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      Why do you wish to try this nosode?
      Do you have or suspect cancer?


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        I have read in some texts that Carcinosin should not be given in cases of active cancer. Rather, it should be given on the symptom picture at the time that the patient presents and given in the same way that any other remedy should be, if it is indicated on the totality.

        Also, it can be used if indicated when there is a strong family medical history of cancer (Miasmatic).
        Sarah-I. RN, Homeopath, Craniosacral Therapist, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher.


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          LM potency is different from X & C potency but these potencies are NOT only for acute problems. They are and were for centuries !! the potencies in MAIN usage.


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            I am a resister Homeopath from Bangladesh. I want to help you; can you send me your case? My email address is or

            Best regards,

            Dr. Dhiman Roy
            BHMS (Dhaka University)


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              Do not try to make it on your own, it is not only about remdies but moreover the case management. Carc should not be taken in low potencies and it must match the case. Where are you from? expose yourself if you need help you will get advise from this forum


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                I have never given this nosode to anyone who had active cancer, other remedies were better indicated for them. Nor would I give ( unless very indicated, Silica) could lead to galloping drainage but this is just (mho)
                I did give carc to immidiate blood relatives with good results.
                Look at this dutch homoeopath tinus smits who does give it and gets good results, his site tells why.


                on the front page go to inspiring homoeopathy, then to carcsinosinum.

                As a student I tried many remedies, including nosodes, but was never game to try carcsinosinum on myself. It is a mixture of all the miasms and needs carefull casetaking and dilligent case management.
                Although remedies won't cause a disease, they can liberate what is already there, therefore needing a detached and experienced other party to manage.
                This is not to be self diagnosed and treated.


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                  Our homeopathic ancestors

                  Were always ready to try any remedy out on themselves and they learned how to deal with any ill effects . They also learned what to look for as a case develops. I have tried carsinosin on myself [10m] and found little effect. But did notice that a brown mole with black hairs , that I'd had on my wrist since childhood, vanished.


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                    Carcinosin -safe remedy

                    Carcinosin as safe as any other nosode .Nosodes are deep acting remedies .I have used Carcinosin extensively in practice including in Cancer cases .But most important is repeatition .I USE FROM 30 POTENCY TO 10M .Carcinosin 30 -I wait 20-30 days .If it is 10M ,I wait at least 2-3 months.Higher the potency longer the wait.Early repeation spoils the case.



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                      hIGH pOTENCY

                      Originally posted by passkey
                      I have tried carsinosin on myself [10m] and found little effect. But did notice that a brown mole with black hairs , that I'd had on my wrist since childhood, vanished.
                      Hi Passkey,

                      Why always 10M? ,Burnett started from 30 potency,
                      I am just curious

                      With Good Wishes



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                        In some EU countries 10m is the lowest potency that can be used, also it is available by prescription only, (I could be corrected on this)
                        There are some distributors that will supply nosodes, but it does depend on who makes the remedies and what goes into them to make sure of the desired effect for the patients sake. Apparently the morbific ingredients vary from one supplier to another.
                        Strangely enough, the more people that need this nosode the more the medical authorities have banned the stuff from being used by homoeopaths, unless they are under the supervision of an MD. especially in the U.S.
                        I say strangely, because they have maintained the position that hpathic remedies are only placebo and shaken water, so why bother to barr it?
                        Easily answered, so I won't go into it.
                        I most certainly agree that repeat timing of the Rx is critical, but this applies to all remedies in the classical method of prescribing.
                        With Carcsinosinum, there will be intercurrant remedies required as all the miasms are vying for expression, a homoeopath should have a very good knowlege of case manageing to take on such a disease.


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                          Mansoor , I agree and I have the greatest respect for Burnett. But I have found that the higher you go the more you need to be exact . If the 10m works its in the right area . If not I examine the reasons I chose it in the first place . A lower potency may work but another remedy may be better.