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  • Help with homeopathy

    I am a new member here and have tried just enough homeopathy to get me hooked.
    My daughter in law is from France and they actually prescribe homeopathy over there instead of just jumping on the "drug wagon". My son is a new person from this. He no longer has allergy or severe headaches.
    My problems are fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, obesity, chronic fatigue, menopause, food allergies, allergies to plants, trees, pollen, you name it. My worst problem right now is severe tinnitus, My doctor just ignores my complaints about it because there seems to be nothing they can offer. I don't even know where to start with what to take. I live on Belladonna for the sore throats from allergies but I know I need to get to the root of the problem instead of just treating that one symptom. Oh, and that's the only treatment I know anything about. My son turned me on to that.

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    You start by finding a professional classical homeopath to take your complete case and prescribe a remedy for you as an individual rather than a series of symptoms. Don't even think about trying to prescribe for yourself.
    BTW I believe that herbal Gingko gets rid of tinnitus but it will take months!! Homeopathy may well be faster.
    RSHom - Registered Homeopath


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      New Convert

      All the alergies and the chronic fatigue are due to a depleted immune system. Menopause probably fits in here . Osteoarthritis is probably due to furred up kidneys.

      The terms chronic fatigue syndrome, postviral fatigue syndrome, neurasthenia, and myalgic encephalomyelitis have all been used to describe an idiopathic syndrome characterized by disabling fatigue occurring chronically after minimal exertion. The current international consensus definition is shown in Table 1. It is now clear that there is considerable overlap between chronic fatigue syndrome and other 'functional' syndromes such as irritable bowel syndrome and ..... fibromyalgia.
      But yes you need a whole person [constitutional treatment ] from a GOOD homeopath.


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        sounds like a pile of trouble to me,please go to a recommended classical homeopath in your area. Also should consider perhaps you have a form of candida/yeast in side you contributing to many of your symptoms.

        treatment of 'one symptom' thus taking belladonna over and over is not the way to go,this is not how homeopathy works,you have to look at the symptomology of your entire 'you'.........

        here is a link so you can find a homeopath in tennessee there are one and a half pages of hom. listed in the directory (national center for homeopathy)

        Gina Tyler