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Advice needed please, is silica going to help?

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  • Advice needed please, is silica going to help?

    Hi, I'm new to all this but after conventional medicines haven't helped and my GP doesn't know what to do.... was wondering whether homeopathy would help.

    Basically, the end of November last year I trod on a wire brush. It was old, and it had been used for all sorts of stuff, from car batteries to the sewage pipe in the new bathroom. It splintered off in my foot, and despite the docs doing a small investigation and getting a few bits out, I have always felt like there were bits still in there. They never showed up on CT, ultrasound or xray.

    A week or 2 after this I started getting ill with flushing skin, going boiling hot, chest pains, cysts my eyes, sinuses, jaw and leg and joints swelling needing draining. I have also had stabbing pains all over my body like splinters that last a split second. Normal blood tests have come back ok except my liver enzymes are raised, but I always feel fluish and keep burning up. It is only recently that the docs have thought I am a reaction to either what was on the brush or remaining splinters in my foot, although they say they would not want to operate as would not know where to start as there were splinters all over the foot. My foot is also going bright red in places and hot frequently again.

    I started taking silica yesterday..... 30c, four times daily in the hope of extracting the splinters. Can anyone give me any advice of how to get these toxins and splinters out of me, as I don't know how much longer I can carry on feeling so bad.

    Thanks everyone, Clare

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    Please contact physically to some registered homeoapth

    I donít know how far you know about homeopathy. Actually homeopathic medicine used on the basis of symptom similarity. Here for your case silicea is indicated as causative factor, a part of the case. You should consider the whole case. It will be better for you if you consult physically with a registered homeopath. It is very difficult for any homeopath to say if silicea is going to work or not. But your case is curable by homeopathy you may trust it.

    Thanks and regards



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      reply to claire

      dear clair
      sorry to hear of your problem
      i have two ideas to consider regards this problem
      First to detox any heavy metals,poison...etc a good detox would be to use 'bentonite clay' internally with lots of water drink this 3x per day
      more on bentonite clay go to searchbox type bentonite clay
      Secondly in Reflexology there is a connection of all major organs to the foot area,you might want to see directly where this went in your foot and map it to its matching organ,this might make some sense

      Regards homeopathy yes silica is indicated but as the previous post mentioned you should prob see a classical homeopath for entire case taking just to make sure you have proper follow up.
      Gina Tyler


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        Pins and needles

        Yes silica has been used in the past to bring out broken needle that went in at one point of the body and finally emerged at a totally different location!.

        But I would suggest that you use a lower potency [say 3x or 6x] and use it only twice a day.