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Dr:Praful Vijayakar's acute case management

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  • Dr:Praful Vijayakar's acute case management

    Any idea about the success rate of Dr.Praful Vijayakar’s way of acute case management. Is there any of this forum members following his method and experience in it?
    Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery

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    Any idea about the success rate of Dr.Praful Vijayakar’s way of acute case management. Is there any of this forum members following his method and experience in it?
    Dr. Vijaykar has an excellent success rate with his acute case as well as chronic case management in simple as well as incurable cases.


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      thank u dr.leela. some where I have read that u were lucky enugh to be his student.

      thank u once again
      Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery


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        I think dr vijayakar's insights are truely revolutionary.

        his work on hering's law is great ! dr V has done the great work in pointing out that the hering's law is central to healing. he goes on to say that if the hering's law is satisfied by any means, homeo / spiritual blessings / vibrations etc healing takes place. I regard dr V and vithoulkas's teachings on the action of remedies / model of health and disease to be a great contribution to the science of healing. I do not have enough words to emphasize the importance of the work of these 2 people, in modern times.

        I have tried to use his ideas on acutes and found them helpful. however, in his acute chart the thermals and thirst changes in acute are easy to spot. I had difficulty putting the "activity" (as dr Vijayakar puts it) in proper perspective.many a patients are physically restless / some mentally restless / some say they are phy. restless because of mental restlessness ! etc etc.
        again, most if not all people are restless phyically or menatlly or both in fever.
        yes, I have seen a dull gelsemium even in high fever. but in general, I found it difficult to put the activity of a feverish patient in dr V's words. I had problems translating what I see in the terms dr V puts it and locate the remedy as per his chart. well, I take it as my problem of relating with dr V's vision of "activity" and not a fault of his system.

        I was interested in the acute approach taken by dr V and from time to time I analyse each acute case in 4 ways ...1) my way, as I did previously. 2) strictly dr V's chart 3) akiva software of the isis people. 4) jacob's software of the radar group.

        I found that I had problems with akiva at times but it seems to be very good software for the layperson. jacob's gives excellent suggestions but the software has flaws and is outdated.

        with dr V's system (acute chart / homeoacute software) I had 2 problems
        a) it is more of a acute chart for fevers. not for all acutes of all kinds.
        b) problems to put the activity of the fever patient in chart terms.

        my approach is based on repertorization / mat. med and also look for suggestions from other sources, if necessary (radar based features)

        as far his approach to chronics is concerned, I do a much more detailed case taking than his 'panchtatva' approach.

        his teachings on hering's law work as the guiding light for case management.
        no doubt about that.

        however, I had problems accepting his repeated unchanged (non plussed) doses of the same potency (usually 200C). he keeps on using a 200C repeatedly at long long intervals (4-6 months) and in a period of 2-3 years he may have given 5-6 doses on 200C and placebo. he does prove that his ideas work in video presentation of his cases / cases as printed in the mag. similitude / his books...but I have my doubts. my experience with the correct similia (cases that I cured) show that a 200C, on an average (to make a general comment) does not last for 6 months in a chronic case. ok, one needs to individualize, but this is a general observation. again, I cannot think of managing a case till the end only with 200C. apart from dr V, I do not know others (who use potency 200c and above, as single doses) who teach like this. vithoulkas also needs to use potencies higher than 200C and so does dr farokh master and also dr roger morrison.

        I did talk to dr vijayakar, once, about his views on potencies. I also heard one of his student's views. I did not quite understand / agree with what I heard.
        " 30C because single miasm" ( I don't understand this)
        "200C because 2 miasms are involved" ( I don't understand this)
        " 1M is psoric potency" (how is this differentiation done ?)
        " 50M / CM only for diseases in the genetic plane" ( dr V says that his similia is the GSM - genetic constitutional similimum. so all diseases are genetic in origin, as per his teachings. right ? so why not give a CM potency to all ?
        if, what he means is that the 50M/CM is for the deeper diseases that have affected the genetic plate, as per dr V's hering's law chart of progression of diseases, then for chronic mental cases, it is justified to give a 50M /CM. but I have read cases ...I remember a viola odor. case where dr V gave only several doses of 200C in several years to this chronic mental patient. this case was printed in the mag. similitude. I don't quite understand dr V's views on potency and dose)

        this is not my criticism of dr V or his teachings. criticism is easy to do. to learn is difficult.dr V is a senior teacher and he does demonstrate video proof of cases, that are real difficult to cure.

        I have no doubts about the hering's law and it's application as demonstrated by dr V. I see his video / case records as proof of that.

        but it is his posology (dose/potency) that bothers me as it does not match my experience or that of other homeo. teachers.

        I would be happy to know and understand more about dr V's acute and chronic case management. if anyone can help me clear my doubts about dr V's system, I will be grateful.

        dr manish agarwala
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          dear colleagues,

          please note that I have edited and added more material to my above post on dr vijayakar's acute /chronic case management teachings.

          kindly read / re-read the post on the otherhealth discussion board.

          thank you for your replies.


          dr manish agarwala


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            Thank u dr;manish

            Recently only I came to know about Dr:Praful’s method . I too have many queries.
            First doubt is why only 30 potency is used in acute.I have seen many times that in fever cases [ and other acute cases too] that 10m potency works well when the lower ones have failed. At least in this matter I feel Borland’s method is more logical.
            Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery


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              I also had problems (sometimes) with the thermals of the acute chart of dr V, for fevers. in some cases the change in thermals was clear while in some cases not so clear.

              again, the remedy differentiation as per his acute chart is difficult at times.

              these problems are there when I confine myself STRICTLY to the chart and think WITHIN the chart.

              I was forced to use other ideas and experience. I found that I could not 100% confine myself to the chart and chart alone.

              for acutes, I prefer using a single dose of 30C or 200C.
              yes, 10M or even CM may be used in acutes and there are good arguements for it. also LM potency may be used or even succused water doses of low centesimals etc.
              I use the single doses of 30C or 200C
              first 30C and then if that wears off, finish with a single dose of 200C.
              in rare cases, I did have to repeat 200C after a few days.
              single dose and full cure works when the prescription is accurate.

              as far as chronic "panchtatva" system is concerned, I have doubts about the overemphasis and the interpretation of the mentals, as done by dr V.
              I am more in favour of the "hard core prescribing" as dr rajesh shah puts it.

              let these posts be taken by serious students of dr V to dr V himself.

              this will help all of us.
              dr manish


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                In some fever cases I also gets stuck while using the acute chart. May be due to my lack of experience or I may not have understood the usage of it well. But one thing I can say where I was able to come to a drug using the chart the result was very exciting with single dose.
                The term diligent should be taken as a constitutional feature or as the state during the acute phase? Can any one clarify ?
                Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery


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                  dr.manish could u please tell me where can I get the following books
                  new synoptic by vemeulen
                  desktop guide by dr roger Morrison
                  Also can you give some details of
                  "hard core prescribing" of dr rajesh

                  I have read review of the book of dr:sanjay modi on accurate homoeopathy.dr.leela can u tell me who is the dealer of that book. I have put an enquiry in accurate homeopathy website but no reply.
                  Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery


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                    dear dr jaisons

                    you may write again to this thread about dr vijayakar's method, if you find clear answers to my (and your) questions. your feedback will me much appreciated.
                    please do keep this in mind.

                    dr vijayakar's, vithoulkas, vermeulen and morrison are the teachers that have influenced my thinking a lot.

                    you may buy the dr morrison's book from
                    Homoeopathic Medical Publishers

                    201, Dinar; 20, Station Road,
                    Santacruz (West)
                    Mumbai 400054. India.

                    Phone: +91 22 26605776
                    Fax: +91 22 26605680

                    this is for india. if you want original imported version (very costly) order from

                    vermeulen's new synoptic and other foreign homeopathic books are very costly. may be ordered from

                    I am interested in knowing about dr modi's accurate homeo system. can you write a post or two on it and give details ? mention website as well.

                    hope that helps

                    dr manish


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                      check or attend his seminar etc.


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                        thank u Dr.manish

                        I came to know about accurate homoeopathy from dr.leela's book review on it.but I don't know anything more about it. see the links below


                        Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery


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                          while using the chart if I get stuck at any level I take all the medicines below that and I ask questions to further difrentiate it. it works.
                          Bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery


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                            Accurate Homeoapthy is published by:
                            Krupa Publications
                            A-402 Brentwood
                            Hiranandani gardens
                            Mumbai 400076

                            I think Dr. Sanjay is quite busy and has not been responding to emails. Seems to be a problem with most people in Mumbai!
                            So you can write to this address and order.
                            Hope this helps,
                            d.r leela


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                              Dr:Praful Vijayakar's acute case management

                              Dear Doctor
                              Yes Definitely Dr. Vijaykar's Chart on Acute Management is very important one as I am using it since 2 years of my practice & also attednded seminar At Calicut organised by IHMA.
                              But That chart of Acute have great limitations and useful only in simple cases like Diarrhoea & simple fever. not in other acutes.
                              Another thing when any Homoeopath after the little bit of sucess try to predict himself equal to Dr. Hahnemann this is wrong thing.
                              This is what DR. Vijaykar is doing as referred to broachaer of Workshop of Predictive Homoeopathy.
                              He is predicting himself equal to Hahnemann.
                              Hahnemann is master in past, present & future so no one can equalise him in any respect.
                              Yes for beginner chart of acte is useful we should study it and in necessaryt situation use it.

                              Thanking you

                              With Regards
                              Dr. Pawan Chandak
                              Parbhani (Maharashtra)