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1 kidney/40 week induction

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  • 1 kidney/40 week induction

    Does anyone know anything about inducing because the mother has one

    kidney at 40 weeks? If so, is that pretty normal and what are the risks

    etc....Thanks, friend is going in on Monday and I'm scared for her and know

    nothing about it.

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    reply to sepia

    Dear Sepia
    Are you saying to induce labor? Because the pregnant mother has only one kidney?
    From personal expierence (i have only one kidney and did give birth to my son who is now almost 20 yrs old) I went full term with the pregnancy,even longer believe it or not "pregnant for 10months" !I did end up needing a C-section due to fetal distress . Regards your friend,only the obstr. knows,but is prob.considering the strain on that one kidney. I'm sure it has all been monitored.
    The longer the baby is given a chance to grow the better but in this case there are other things to consider aswell. Is there a homeopath that can see your friend in person? On line is not much help in this case.
    Gina Tyler
    to find a homeopath in your area


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      1 kidney/40wk induction

      Yes, it is a labor induction at 40 weeks because she only has one the reason the question is raised is we (my friend, the friend of this friend in question) is because induction PUTS stress on everything...unless she is willing to go with a homeopathic induction combo...not sure about that, yet. I am working n that. Thank you for your thoughts and reply. Oh and yes she does have homeopaths around, I am just not sure she knows enough about homeopathy to truely consider seeing one. I am just a home [rescriber, but maybe I can get thru to her...Thanx agian