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  • Folliculinum 30c

    Hi, can anybody give me some advice. I have been to see a homeopath and after a lengthly initial consultation was given folliculinum 30c to take (1 tablet).

    I have not had a chance to get back in contact with my Homeopath to ask questions but would appreciate other peoples view's on the treatment.

    My main concern is that, what I have gathered from the web is that folliculinum is made from oestrogen. I currently do not take the Pill (but have done in the past) and am concerned as I am hoping to try for a baby next year. I don't want to take something that could 'mess up' my reproductive system. Am I being overly cautious?

    If anybody has had any experience from taking follculinum or have prescribed this to a patient I would love to hear your views and advice.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Dear Lara
    Don't worry, Follic is more likely to help your chances of conceiving a baby. What you read was misleading. There is not even an atom of oestrogen in Follic 30 although it is made from the follicles of the ovary.Remedies are made from all sorts of noxious substances (snake poison, arsenic etc) but because they are diluted and succussed thousands of times there is no evidence of the original substance in the given remedy. I have given the remedy many times in my practice over 20 years with only positive results.


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      Go along

      with MA57 on that have used it in the past . No poss damage to reproductive organs.


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        Thank you MA57 and Passkey for your quick responses. Sorry to sound completely stupid when it comes to this but I have had nothing but bad experiences with 'conventional' medicines in the past and now have made a point of checking everything I take.

        You say that Folliculinum is made from follicles of the ovary, I don't understand where the makers of the treatment get their source from, do you know?

        Both of you have said you have given this in the past for what reasons?

        Again sorry for all the questions but I would like to learn more.


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          Folliculinum 30

          Last time I gave it was for a case which wasn't progressing. The patient had taken the "morning after" pill several times in the past, and I elicited the information that her mother had been on the early contraceptive pill before the patient's birth. Follic was given as an intercurrent remedy and un-blocked the case. The constitutional remedy was given for the second time, and worked to clear up the case.
          To your second question I'm afraid I don't know how the remedy is "collected"


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            Hi ma57, Were there any other indications for folliculinum besides the H/O OC's to remove the "block" to the constitutional? Thanks, dr. leela


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              Folliculinum 30

              Hi Dr Leela
              H/O's OC's ?? sorry
              Anyway my information about Follic is from Julian's Materia Medica and Melissa Assilem's article (1990) Can send it if you haven't read it. I think there are some links on the BB somewhere. ALso from 10 years experience -using it for situations where DES the man-made oestrogen Diethylstilbestrol has been used (it's in the morning after Pill). I only give it when obvious remedies don't work and have never given it as a "start off" remedy just on those indications.


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                I have Julians Mat MEd. BUt I"m not sure Ive read Melissa Anslems article. I may have ... but if you could send it across I'd be happy to have a dekko!

                H/O is history of
                OC's are Oral Contraceptives.


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                  Folliculinum 30

                  Folliculinum - Mist or Miasm


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                    Can't seem to get through on that link!


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                      Folliculinum 30

                      Try typing in Folliculinum into Search at top of BB


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                        Folliculinum 30

                        Sorry I've been on response got lost in the ether!
                        Try typing Folliculinum into Search - lots there.


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                          RIght, thanks,
                          I'll try both options.