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A bit of a conundrum with my remedy

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  • A bit of a conundrum with my remedy

    About 5 months ago I saw a homeopath for some chest pains I was having. He started me on Nux Vomica and about 4 weeks later switched me to Sulfer which he claims is my constitutional remedy. He also had me go off of caffeine as he said that countered the medicine.

    I am now a totally different person than I was then. I am WAY more mellow about everything. I guess this isn't so bad in and of itself though I sort of liked myself better before. I was not uptight before but I was super, duper high energy. I got by just fine on about 3-6 hours of sleep a night. I was always happy and felt energized and enthused about life. Now I feel most of the time tired. I can't stay up until 3:00AM anymore. Most of the time I fight tiredness and go to bed at 12:30 or 1:00AM. I awake at about 6:30AM often without the alarm. But I am still tired all the time.

    So, I just don't feel like I can deal with this, all of a sudden, need to sleep for 8 hours a night. I simply cannot afford this right now. So I am considering going back to my caffeine habit but am not wishing to go through the pain of going off of it again.

    Is there something that I can take to give me back my energy without going back to caffeine?

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    Dear kfisher

    I am married to a sulphur constitution ,oh yes i know what you are like so well. So here is my oppinion,take what you want from it/or nothing at all.
    Your homeopath gave carefull consideration taking your case carefully and came up with your well indicated ho. remedy for you symptom of chest pain.If the chest pain is better then the remedy has done its job. But now you ask why you need more sleep and dislike your new mellow persona.The human body needs a balance,you were pushing it via caffeen,overload,too much for your system,it needed more sleep/rest you were over-riding this fact in your body via caffeen,it's not natural.Sulphur const. gets verry into work to the point of work a holic and are happy this way,but its not good for your health and thus the chest pains,it's your body yelling at you.
    So yes you can go back to the old you, cafeen/coffee,no sleep,100 miles per hour days (like my husband does). Or get used to the more balanced you without the chest pain. Its a easy choice (i think)
    But i know sulphurs "they dont want to listen to anyone unless it's their own idea"............................................. .................................................
    More on sulphur constitution please enjoy my article at;
    go to searchbox;type in my name gina tyler the list of articles will appear including sulphur...............
    Gina Tyler


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      I am a girl and according to sources I have read it isn't possible for a female to be a sulphur. Could he have mis-diagnosed?

      Is there something I can take in leiu of caffeine that isn't caffeine? Something that will increase my energy levels?


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        Of course it is possible for women to be Sulphur constitutionals. It is not as common a remedy for women as it is for men, but yes, female Sulphurs do exist.

        A female friend of mine is a Sulphur and also one of my Mat Med tutors was a Sulphur.

        I also agree with Gina. You need to get used to being more balanced and after a remedy such as Nux and Sulphur, lots of people will find that they need more sleep and will feel slower generally. This is the body rebalancing in response and is in stark contrast to the Nux behaviour, which tends to be quite driven and with this need to be on the go all the time.

        Anyone can be any constitutional remedy. There is a tendency to see more male Sulphur's just as there is the tendency to see more female Pulsatilla's because it is a good hormonal remedy, however, just as female Sulphur's exist, there are a few male Pulsatilla's.
        Sarah-I. RN, Homeopath, Craniosacral Therapist, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher.


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          Von Grauvogl

          was the originator of the Nux and Sul technique.

          Try a few doses of Nux Vom 6x. [just a FEW]


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            You indicate that there is a technique with nux and sul. Is there some good reference that I can research on this matter? I appreciate all the responses and even your well-meaningn advise. This is an extremely hard transition for me. If I had known the outcome of this path I think I would not have stepped on it. I don't feel like me anymore and at 42 years of age I am once again trying to discover who I am like when I was 14. Nobody warned me of this possible outcome which is why I feel as if it is quite possibly not correct.

            I am a bit afraid of the nux. That is the remedy that had the most dramatic affect on me. When I took it, it was just like smoking pot. It even affected my nervous system for some period of time and I have no ability to hold things (I keep dropping things). Besides the clumsiness, I otherwise become nearly incapable of moving for several hours after taking it. Of course I have not taken it since my first time 5 months ago. Once I went to sulpher that has been my path. The sulpher felt really good at first and it made me really happy but I never got back my energy.

            Do you still recommend trying the Nux given this information? Will it somehow have a different affect to me after this time with the sulpher?

            He gave me a 1M dose and a .30 dose in the Nux and a 1M in the sulpher. I had to take the Nux .30 for 2 weeks (2 pellets 1 time a day). The sulpher he gave me once and I only took 1 more time since. I think it is like 1 time every 2.233 months or there about. So if you do recommend trying again the Nux then how much and home many times do you recommend?

            I do appreciate all the help. I have avoided calling my homeopath because I knew the probable outcome of that conversation. I figure he would no sooner give me something to counter this new mellow me then he would inject me with poison. Still I don't understand why, if this is right, that it feels so wrong.


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              Constitution or what??

              Dear Members

              What is a Sulphur? Does Sulphur create a personallity?

              I have not seen this in a proving, and all these practitioners who claim to know what Constitution is have failed to show, how a medical substance has created a certain constitution in their provings.

              Further more, Is constitution a disease?
              I say NO.

              And lastly following the dogma of constitutional prescribing, how do you handle a situaion where in a Sulphur constitution the disease-symptoms are indicating Aconite, then after that Belladonna, then after that Hepar-s?

              do you give sulphur anyway? (as done so to the greatest detriment in many cases)?

              Homeopathic remedies are indicated by SYMPTOM-SIMILITUDE to the existing disease ONLY !!!

              Homeopathy can treat diseases only !! So- if constitution is not disease, why then make it an indication for the selection of a remedy in a situation where much depends on the proper selection.

              If Sulphur has not only cured the existing disease, but also balanced the bodie's need for rest in order to remain healthy, then a return to a livestyle overrrunning the bodies own efforts to remain healthy will inevitably create health problems in the future.
              Hans Weitbrecht
              HOMEOPATH / IRELAND


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                Oh I see

       guys are all going to stick together on this one... I either commit to this lifestyle or not. There is not going to be anything that I can take that will make everything back to normal and healthy. Or even anything that I can take that will give me more energy? sigh.... This is really tough...

                I can't believe that a stupid little sugar pill has caused so much change in my life.


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                  Is there something that I can take to give me back my energy without going back to caffeine?

                  YEs, see a homeopath who will prescribe the right remedy for you. IT can be reversed.
                  All the best!


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                    Dear kfisher
                    Yes that is correct what Dr. Leea said in the previous post. But why on earth would you do that? You have no more chestpain now due to the wonderfull remedy prescribed to you,do you really want this back via your old ways of living? Many come on this forum saying over and over that they have been to many homeopaths,for years and years with no cure for what ails them,it is due to the difficult situation of finding a well indicated CORRECT remedy just for "you". The homeopath that has treated you hit the nail on the head,you are fortunate to have this.
                    We as humans dont understand our own body what it needs to be in perfect harmony,it is so finely tuned the excess of anything can and will throw it into a wildspin. In the study of Ayurveda you see the balance of all we do/eat/drink/sleep/activity/breath (pranayama)/meditation/sunsalutations.......etc. In modern life this reaks havock on our scedule,trying to work lenthy hours in a really stressfull job you end up with all sorts of health problems. Even the times you go to bed and times you awake needs to be in balance.(ayurveda mentiones;sundown for bed/sunup for wakeing,according to the energy of the earth/sun)
                    Gina Tyler


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                      I will elaborate a bit on Dr.Leela's post.

                      Yours is a clear case of suppression by a homeopathic remedy. A proper homeopathic remedy will not only remove the symtoms, but will make you feel more healthy, more energetic, and more willing to do your normal work.

                      On the other hand, a remedy which suppresses will remove the symtoms only, but will make you more lethargic, dull and listless. This is what happened in your case.

                      Unfortunately many homeopaths are satisfied with removing the symptoms, and many of them are not even aware of the classical signs of suppression.

                      As Dr.Leela rightly says, it can be reversed, by a careful, experienced homeopathic doctor.

                      To help you temporarily, till you find a good doctor, you can go back to your coffee, but, in limited quantities.

                      Hope this helps.



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                        Thank You So Much!!

                        It isn't that I am an idiot. I know that my lifestyle previously was not the greatest and it isn't that I want to go back to being unhealthy. I DO, however, want to go back to feeling more energetic. I feel like a slug right now and it feels wrong in my gut. In fact it feels so wrong that I almost want to choose chest pains and early death over this new lifestyle. I also don't want to just go back to caffeine because it is painful to quit the caffeine. I just want to be more happy and enthused about life as I was before I started this path.

                        So now what to do...?? If the remedy only supressed the symptoms is it the case that my constitutional type is mis-diagnosed? Do I go back to the drawing board and try to figure that out?


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                          Sorry about the questions but I am feeling a tiny bit of hope right now...

                          Do I assume that my homeopath isn't a good one becuase he supresed my symptoms? I really haven't seen him or talked to him outside of the two times I mentioned so he could not possibly know that I am having issues with the Sulpher. It seems like a rather unfair assesment but I am willing to listen to the logic behind the judgement and look for a new one if it is warranted.


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                            Dear Members
                            Dr Leela wrote: (and G. Tylor seconded it)
                            >> IT can be reversed. <<

                            Of course they are wrong when posting this, as everyone knows, that the next remedy cannot reverse the action of the previous one.

                            The next remedy can , if chosen well, take away the last few symptoms, this lack of energy being one of.

                            So it would be worth while to go back to the homeopath and present the case as it stands.

                            passkey advices:

                            >>Try a few doses of Nux Vom 6x. <<

                            This advice is showing a seriously lack of responsibility on passkey's side. It is not part of homeopathy to advice taking remedies on a hit and miss basis without having the full case-information.
                            Hans Weitbrecht
                            HOMEOPATH / IRELAND


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                              not a case of supression

                              Dear Memebers, Hi Murty
                              -- Just saw your post and have to disagree with your opinion. --

                              If a remedy under its action restores health by removing the symptoms in a similia similbus curantur fashion, then this is not a supression at all.

                              As the period of homeopathic treatment ie. remedy action is a period of recovery, the body needs possibly more rest to do what needs to be done.
                              If, however, after the completion of action of the previous remedy symptoms persist, ( such as lack of energy or any other one,) then these now present symptoms should be ascertained and taken as the indication for the next remedy to be applied. See for further info.: org.:183, 184
                              Hans Weitbrecht
                              HOMEOPATH / IRELAND