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  • asthma

    I am writing to all you helpful homeopaths on this forum for some help with my asthma. I recently went to see a naturoapath her in PEI canada for my candida, asthma, acne, warts on my hands and feet and nutritional health. She took a long time finding out everything about me and prescribed a constitutional remedy that she felt best suited me. She said to take natrum Muriaticum 30C for 3 days. Dissolve one pellet under my tongue. It has been 3 weeks and my warts have dissapeared but I haven't felt much improvement with my asthma. It's flared up right now to the point where I am only able to sleep on my right side at night. If I don't I start coughing and wheezing non-stop. AM and PM are worst for me. I'm not taking any puffers at the moment but I did start today to take solid Licorice root extract. 1\4 tsp in warm water twice a day. She suggested this because it's natural steroid and help with expectoring phlegm ect... Is it possible that the const remedy was not the right one for me or was the dosage maybe not appropriate. what are your suggestions. I really don't have enough finances to go see her again for a second consult since I don't have any insurance and I"m not working.
    Thanks for your help. I'd be more than happy to give more details if needed, if anyone would like to attempt to help me.

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    Hi Dianne,
    I think you need to give this some time.
    ITs difficult to evaluate your response on the basis of an incomplete history, but obviously something is happenning with the disappearance of the warts on your hands ... while there are still warts on your feet.

    Otherwise depending on the chronology of onset of complaints, I'd be concerend that your watrs are better if the asthmathic symptoms dont' resolve in a few weeks. the best person to evaluate is your homeopath herself.

    Its only the first consult that costs so much because of the time for casetaking and evaluation for a remedy. The second and following consults are not expensive and regular monitoring of your case is necessary.
    All the best!
    dr. leela


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      Constitutional remedy ??

      Dear Diana, dear members

      If there were this single constitutional remedy and nat-m is believed to be yours, how comes, that it does not cure the asthma?

      Lets face it; There is no such thing as a constitutional remedy in homeopathy. There is not ''THE SINGLE REMEDY'' which cures once and for ever all your problems.

      Asthma is often a chronic condition, which grows on Psoric chronic soil.
      It takes several different remedies in succession to cure this condition.

      A visit to an experienced homeopath who knows these things and who is capable to follow-up the case properly would be advisable.

      As much good as homeopathic remedies can do in the hands of the true homeopath, as much suffering and pain can they create, when used by inexperienced people.

      Anyway best of recovery
      Hans Weitbrecht


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        i know what you are going through
        well try to find out why the asthma is persisting
        is it heredity or due to allergy?
        take it easy and relax
        try to take help of natural medicines like Biovent
        which is very effective
        but do take any medication only after consulting your doctor


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          A bit heavy Hans

          Nat mur at 30c (x) hardly exhausts the potential of one of the major anti psoric remedies.
          I would certainly go up the potencies before abandoning it.

          Constitutional Remedies certainly exist - take a look at Dr Clarcke´s book on Constitutional Remedies of Von Grauvogl.

          At the same time both Hahnemann (zig-zag) and Compton Burnett (ladder of remedies ) confirm that often the road to cure is a trifle tortuous .


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            Nat Sulph 6c Split Dose cured Asthma

            I would like to repeat my experience with the treatment of Asthma that Dr Luc de Schepper used in the treatment of a few cases of Asthma which were referred to him by me when he was in Sri Lanka about 3 months ago.

            He used Nat Sulph 6c in the Split Dose method which I shall repeat below:

            Get a 500 ml bottle of Spring Water.
            Pour out 100 ml
            Put in just 1 drop of the remedy into the water and screw the cap on.
            Bang the bottle on your palm or a cushion and watch for the bubbles that rise up with each bang. This is called succussion and renders the water to be slightly higher in potency and makes the remedy more effective.
            Pour out 1 teaspoonful into half a cup of water and stir it gently.
            Sip just 1 teaspoonful of the potentized water from the cup. This constitutes a dose which should be taken every other day.
            Store the bottle in the refrigerator to prevent formation of fungus which occurs in the tropics.

            I have used this same technique with many patients some of whom were chronic asthmatics and they have all responded favourably to this therapy.

            I would recommend this treatment to you and would appreciate if you will please record your response on this forum in a week after you start on this therapy.
            Joe De Livera
            Sri Lanka


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              Grauvogl, Clarke, Burnett, Hahnemann

              Hi Passkey dear Members

              Grauvogl was not a homeopath, even though he started out to become a homeopath. He just found it too difficult and then got the idea about the tissue salts.

              J.H. Clarke was closer to allopathic procedure than to Homeopathy in what he wrote and the way he treated.
              So, -- if these two gentlemen talk of constitutional remedies, they do that outside the homeopathic context.

              If the remedy selection is accurate, much depends on the potency and aplication.

              Joe described in his last post a method similar to the one advised by Hahnemann in the 6th Organon. He used the Q-potency scale, which is much more refined than the C-scale.

              Nat-m is not any more or less a remedy for ''asthma'', than any other well proven remedy. It's down to the individual disease-symptom-picture, which determines the course of action.

              Therefore the advice to take/continue Nat-m in this situation is based on guesswork, assuming, that Nat-m is similar enough to bring about cure.
              This I doubt, as the action has shown.

              As homeopaths, we are not guesso-paths, and we would not determine the remedy unless we have the full case at hand. We abstain from --try this and that-- sort of treatment, and I am quite happy to leave this way of handling treatment to the allopaths.

              It is like throwing stones into the dark and at the same time hoping, that they don't come back.

              Hahnemann often needed to resort to more than one remedy to bring about cure, as we can see in the reprints of his journals. Yet again, there are also cases where one remedy alone cured.

              Compton Burnett experimented a lot, not only on healthy individuals, but also with gravely sick, -- another thing I gladly leave to the allopaths.
              Hans Weitbrecht
              HOMEOPATH / IRELAND


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                thanks, question for Dr. Leela

                Hello to all who have replied to my message,
                Thank you very much for taking the time to help me. I just would like to clarify with Dr. Leela, why is it that I should be worried if my warts have dissapeared and my asthma doesn't get better as you mentioned in your message. How could this be a bad thing? I thank you Joe De Livera for the remedy to try for asthma that you've had success with. If my asthma doesn't get better with time on the remedy I took and if the licorice root extract doesn't help, I will give that a try.


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                  Hi Diane,
                  There are clear priniciples for cure with homeopathy.
                  Cure does not happen in a haphazard fashion or with the hapazard use of remedies.
                  Case Managment has to be a process of careful observation, interpretation of responses for true healing.

                  Without details of your case, I'm in no position to tell you whether the disappearance of the warts is a good or a bad indication of the direction of healing, ie true healing or suppression. That assessment has to be done by your homeopath. This direction necessarily involves Hering's observation of "NAtures law of Cure" as well as a Miasmatic process of healing.

                  NOt something that can be explained in a few sentences ... when most homeopaths take a few years to understand...
                  all the best!
                  d.r leela