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herpes vs scabies

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  • herpes vs scabies

    Hello all,
    My mother recently went to her physician with a rash under her arm pit with a few spots in a line in her upper back. A nurse had told her it looked like scabies. The doctor said it was likely herpes like a cluster of cold sores on her skin. Now I never heard of cold sores being on the skin and I wanted to know what your thoughts were on this. She does get cold sores on her lips. It just burns from irritation to her skin because it rubs under her arm. No nerve burning or no itching. Could this be shingles. I find that strange since all of her five kids had chicken pox and so she should have immunity to it. Could this be scabies. We don't see any rail road track lines like scabies usually presents itsself and no itching as of yet. She originally thought it was irritation from her new bras so she never looked into it. What are your thoughts

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    Herpes zoster or shingles affects those who have had chicken pox, as a matter of fact - the virus lies dormant.

    Usually, herpes starts with a rash following the path of nerves, later followed by blisters. Initially there will be just itching - the burning and pain follows soon, though. You can cut short the duration and make it easier to bear by using homeopathy.


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      can be nasty ,and Anita is probably right .

      It could pay to look at
      Nat mur
      Rhus tox


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        herpes vs scabies

        Almost certainly isn't scabies if it doesn't itch. I had scabies once 30 odd years ago, started as little blisters between the fingers and spread like wild fire as I scratched madly. Whatever you do don't put any ointment on it - I was recommended mercury salve!!(didn't know about homeopathy then). That of course "cured" it and 20 years later it all came out after a constitutional remedy and went away by itself after 2 days.


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          Your mother may have herpes. Her doctor should order a lab test to check if she is infected.
          There is a treatment that removes the herpes virus. If your mother has herpes, she can use it.


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