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heart palps and anxiety

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  • heart palps and anxiety

    Okay, here I go, begging for someone to help me figure out what is going on with me.

    I have suffered from heart palps for years. I've been given EKGs, echo cardiograms, heart monitors, stress tests and all came out "nothing wrong" (which is a very good thing) But, they didn't stop and I got no answers from allopathic docs so I went homeopathic because the heart palps started to accompany severe anxiety. I would get these symptoms right as I fell asleep. I would feel a sense of panic and wake up shaking with my heart pounding like it was going to burst. When I looked at the clock, I would discover I slept for only a minute or so and this would go on for approx 30 minutes. She ordered me an Elisa food panel (IgG) and I tested high for milk. No milk, no heart palps!! I hate milk but used cream in my coffee in the morning. The symptoms would become intense upon falling asleep.

    I've suffered for years when I eat yeast. After I consumed it, I would fall asleep for hours (with small children...not good) and wake up with a foul fermented taste/smell from my mouth. Acidophilus helped digest yeast and if I took it I got no symptoms.

    Okay, I started to think I could eat yeast without acidophilus and what I have found is that I got the heart palps again accompanied with the severe anxiety when I ate yeast. No more breads, no more anxiety!

    What does this mean? Is this an indication for a more severe health problem? I have never heard anyone else having these symptoms from food and my doctor things I am some sort of nut and doesn't take this seriously!!
    I know we are what we eat and understand the IgG intolerances. What is up with the severe heart palps/anxiety and what causes them? It's so incredibly frightening.

    Please don't tell me to go back to the homeopath. I can't afford her. I can barely afford my mortgage right now!!

    Boston, MA USA

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    OK somewhere along the line

    you have had antibiotics that destroyed the balance of flora/fauna in the GIT.
    Surprised you didnt get thrush.

    NO you dont have a severe health problem BUT you DO have to take care re bread/yeast.

    If you look up the lterature on food allergies many children have DIED from just eating what is , to us, normal food. You have an allergy but not deadly.

    It would need a detailed analysis to suggest a remedy.
    Just take care - you KNOW what creates problems.


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      re: heart palps and anxiety

      So...destroying the flora and fauna of my GI tract would affect my heart and cause anxiety?Should I take acidophilus to replace the good bacteria in my digestive system?

      So good to know there's nothing really wrong.




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        reply to paula

        Dear paula,
        here are some links you might be interested in regards your condition. avoid.html
        i have more if you like
        Yes sounds like you have been on antibiotics? yes
        The candida/yeast is multiplying within your 'gut' causing some or all of your indicated symptoms. And no it's not that simple to get rid of,and yes it is serious.
        Gina Tyler


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          Sounds like SVT(supra ventricular Tachycardia)
          You can try Aconite 30 during acute attack. Most probably it will reduce anxiety and palpitation with in minutes. This is only temporary measures. You had to treated constituitoanlly during intervals.
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