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Arnica Montana for hair loss??

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  • Arnica Montana for hair loss??

    I just read that Arnica Montana can be used for hair loss. How much and how long should it be taken? My handsome husband has lost a tremendous amount of hair and I would love to see him able to get some back. I don't see that as a remedy in my book but I am intrigued.

    BTW: I bought some A.M. and had my daughter take it for an injury that happened on Friday. She seems to be responding well although the injury occured days ago. Is that unusual for it to work so long after an injury?


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    for hair loss try Baryta Carb. and Phosphorous in the 30th potencies. I have treated a few people with it and it has helped.


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      I'm sorry but this is not Homeopathy - it's guesswork !
      To find a remedy for your husbands hairloss you will need to post much more detail !
      What was happening in your husband's life prior to this starting ? Emotions or trauma?
      How old is your husband- is it a familial condition?
      Is the hair falling out in patches or handfulls or is it following a more natural progression ?
      Is the scalp healthy?


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        I would say it's just plain on male pattern baldness. He started to really lose his hair about 5 years ago. Hmmm...after my father's death? But...his grandfathers and his mother have thin hair. I don't think anything caused it. But...what do I know???

        What does this all mean?? Can he get it back? My hair is thin as well. My family has male and female pattern baldness. The women in my family aren't bald, we just have thin hair.



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          Arnica can work YEARS after an injury too!

          Arnica CAN be used for hairloss, but so can a host of other remedies - prescribed on the patient's indivdual personality or symptoms. For instance, we use Nat Mur, Phos., Wiebaden, Lyco., etc. etc., whixchever remedy is best suited to the individual.


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            Dear Paula
            This hairloss cannot be done in this manner,a full case needs to be taken that means two hours of questions with a classical homeopath.
            Regards the arnica question;
            I had a case where a Allopathic doctor came to me for an injury to her shinbone from a skii accident 20 yrs ago. She being a medical doctor tried everything for the pain she felt daily and nightly (for 20 yrs) she had loss of sleep due to this pain and asked me if i could see her for an appointment.
            After a two hour case of listening to her tell a long story,i came up with Arnica 200C,one dose disolved in water. I told her to call me when the pain stopped, by the next morning the pain stoped......100% cure with only one dose from an injury 20 years ago. The follow up was one year later..........................she said the pain came back (a year later) i gave her arnica 1M,one dose (one pill) and she has not complained of pain again..........Yes Arnica is amazing!
            Gina Tyler


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              To: Paula

              I have used Arnica 30c in the succussed dose to help with Hair Loss for some years and have discovered that about 75% of the cases that I have treated were successful in arresting the loss of their hair in a fortnight and in about another 6 weeks were able to observe the growth of new hair on their scalps.

              I have often been criticized by the classical homeopaths that I do not follow their set procedure in a taking a full case as in the case of treatment for Hair Loss I have discovered that all that is necessary is that you follow the simple instructions set out below:

              Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
              Pour out 100ml
              Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Arnica 30c into the 400ml water
              Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
              Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy and sip it twice daily with the last dose taken just before sleep. You will observe that you sleep very deeply after the Arnica.

              You can also use Arnica Q (Mother Tincture) dissolved in Coconut Oil in a 20% solution and this should be shaken up to mix well before a few drops are massaged on the scalp.

              Use Johnson's Baby Shampoo on your hair as this is the mildest shampoo available to help with hair growth.

              No coffee and cola drinks and preserved meats containing saltpeter may be used during treatment as they all antidote the remedy.

              Please post your response to this therapy in 2 months.
              Joe De Livera
              Sri Lanka