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hemorrhage from lungs

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  • hemorrhage from lungs

    My friend is hospitalized because of hemorrhage from lungs (they can't tell if it an artery or a vein that bleeds). She also has clots in the lungs, and the state is very severe.
    To add to the complication she is also 19 weeks pregnant!!

    I can't really take symptoms because she can't speak, and sedated most of the time. The only things I know is that she felt a strong pain in the chest and the left arm and was brought to the hospital (both are common).

    What I do know is:
    She had a very difficult pregnancy – vomiting all the time and extreme weakness (which I'm not really sure about taking it into consideration).

    In the two weeks before it occurred her mother (which she is much closed to) was diagnosed with a rare disease and she run with her to the hospital almost every other day (from the talks I had with her I think it's the existing cause).

    Her chronic state hasn't changed a bit: She is unusually strong & assertive person and even now when sedated is taking care of everyone (her mother, her husband, her dogs, her horses…), and cursing the nurses and doctors for their attitude (she curses them in writing because she can't speak…).

    She hasn’t been treated in homeopathy before, but I always thought she was a snake remedy (strong tendency to throat symptoms + the unusual strong personality and repeated dreams about snakes - and yes, sep. comes to mind as well).
    But when I took some rubrics now the snakes doesn’t come very strongly (but I must admit that I can't find really good rubrics).

    I took
    CHEST; HEMORRHAGE; clotted, coagulated (39)
    GENERALITIES; PREGNANCY; ailments during (129)
    MIND; ANXIETY; family, about his (17)

    Any other rubrics suggestions? Any experience??

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    Passive haemorhage

    at least I assume that is whats happening.

    Have treated uterine passive haemorhages with Ipecac 10m.

    But a general symptom of the tubercular miasm is that there are thin walls to the blood vessels.

    Which could point to Bacillinum or Tuberculinum.

    An assertive attitude points to Silica , which bridges most of the miasms.


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      hemorrhage from lungs

      Its better to consult a good homoeopath in this case.In this case Cham,Rhus-t,Bell,Chin,Hyos,Nit-ac,Kreo may be considered as per the symptom along with that Ferr-Pho 6 X (Biochemic Tissue salt) which will help the patient.
      Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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        Phosphorus is another remedy that could be considered with its tendency to bleeding. It is also a more tubercular remedy.

        Snake remedies could include Lachesis and Crot H, but you would need to see what come through on repertorisation.
        Sarah-I. RN, Homeopath, Craniosacral Therapist, Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher.


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          haemorrage from lungs

          Dear Talentula,

          Because the symptoms are not clear yet I advice you to give Acalypha Indica Q, 10 drops every 3hrly until the bleeding stops, Acalypha is the wonder drug to stop haemorrage from lungs.


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            Thanks everyone

            The picture has changed a bit, it seems the problem is a congenital aneurysm of one of the blood vessels in the lungs (which is quite rare), the bleeding started because of the pregnancy pressure on the aneurysm, and she will be operated in the next couple of days (unfortunately I don’t think homeopathy can replace the surgery).

            But i have some more question that interests me:

            tandon, do you know something about the mind picture of Acalypha Indica ?

            sarah - the snakes that comes up are vip and elaps. But I have a hard time distinguishing the snakes from ferr. My experience shows that the familiarity between them is remarkable. Does anyone have an insight???


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              Dear Members

              Just to add a few more Lung-bleeding remedies:


              more so during pregnacy:

              BELL, HYOSC, RHUS-T, SABIN, SEC-C,
              Hans Weitbrecht
              HOMEOPATH / IRELAND