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Behcets Syndrome "Urgent"

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  • Behcets Syndrome "Urgent"

    am Sreeni,working as a Software Engg in Hyderabad,India.

    I am suffering with Behcets disesase since 3 years,i have done my all clinical test like RNA for Arthritis,CBP,URINE,CHEST X-RAY,JOINT X-RAYS & HERPES TEST ,i didn't found any thing the result is NEGATIVE.At last Physican diagonise the behcets.

    one year i suffered with swelling Ankle with pain and redissh tenders on pain portion on both sides of legs ,some times Oral ulcers & genitial Ulcers .after taking Ibrufin & paracetmol for some days i felt fine for 2 yrears .

    Now again disease following me,now i am feeling with swelling ankles in my both legs and feeling pains with reddish bumbs on the portion of swelling and pain areas.

    I heard homeopathy have cure for this then i started .

    recently i started to take homeopathy medicine for permeneant cure.

    My Doctor prescribe me the following medicine .
    Meric.sol 2mG 1 Dram.
    6pills,3 times ,for 6 days.

    Apis.mel 1 Dram.
    6pills,3 times ,for 6 days.

    Sulphur 2Mg 1 Dram.
    6pills,2 times ,for 3 days.

    Nat.Mur 12x 1 bottle.
    5 tablets ,2time ,every day.

    6pills,2time. "when every ulers are there.

    After 15 days Doctor told me to take.
    Sulphur 1Mg 1 Dram.
    6pills,2 times ,for 3 days.

    Meric.sol 1mG 1 Dram. " IF i Feel painthen only".
    6pills,3 times ,for 6 days

    Slight i observed genitial ulcers .not yet started acid.nit

    Is this medicines are right for my treatment.?????

    Can u tell ,is really Cure for bechets Syndrome in homeopathy if it is kindly sugget me medicines I will be very very Thankful to you..

    Plz take it as a high priority.......

    With lot's of hope i am mailig you....waiting for ur mail.

    For Addational Information Regarding Behcets plz surf .

    Kindly mail to ASAP.


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    HI Sreeni,
    You'll find that most of us do not practice in this manner as this is not what is taught in the ORganon of Dr. HAhnemann.
    We give one remedy at a time based on clear picture of symptoms that are predominanting at a particular point of time. OFten an antimiasmatic remedy is required in between.

    I suggest that you discontinue this type of homeoapthic prescribing. Find a homeopath who will take a detialed history, will follow your case closely and prescribe just one remedy at a time and review your responses.
    All the best,
    dr. leela