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  • Autism

    Hey everyone,
    I have a question posed to me by a friend. I do not have a complete enough answer to give her, so I figured I'd pose it here, mongst a wealth of wisdom and info...
    "I've been wondering for awhile if

    anyone has tried treating autistic people with a homeopathic

    preparation of mercury?"


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    NO , have always used

    either Baryta carb or Tuberculinum


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      So, the long and short...

      So the long and short is that the idea of using Mercurius to combat mercury poisoning is over simplifying the Law of Similars int hat the Drug Picturte still has to fit the person...yes?

      Have you know anyone to be cured of Autism, thru homeopathy? Whether by reversal of a vaccination effect or whatever it seems is causing Autism?

      I am aware that Homeopathy can cure most anything...I am near certain that I have cured two of my children from having Asthma by cycling the applicable remedies everytime the breathing problems would hit. With my youngest daughter, (from 6 moths to about 2 years old) everytime it got the slightest bit humid, she would be congested...and that congestion would turn into labored breathing and coughing and such...that was when we lived in Texas and now we live in the Northwest...the rain doesn't even phase her anymore : )

      I could be totally worng...this si just one of my theories...until I get more thouroughly educated!



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        yes i think so

        I have 3 cured cases of Autism - 2 with Tuberculin, and one with carcinosin.
        and I beli9eve that merc can cure Autism.


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          reply to sepia

          Dear Sepia
          there is a book out you might want to read called "Impossible Cure",by Amy Lansky phD can order it on

          if you go to google search there are 140,000 links to amy Lanskey and her knowledge of autism and homeopathic use.

          And yes it is possible have many children with autism on homeopathy right now with great success.Verry difficult cases,not done on your own via this forum you must seek a professional homeopath for this .
          Gina Tyler (info on vaccines autism homeopathy)