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Advice needed - panic attacks

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  • Advice needed - panic attacks


    I am a student homeopath and trying to treat my sister who is suffering extreme panic attacks.

    She has huge issues with being alone - she doesnt want to be by herself and wont do things by herself i.e. train journeys etc.

    She has thoughts of self harm and death although she hasnt actually carried out any acts.

    She is very weepy and emotional and wakes up during the night unable to sleep and wakes up someone else to talk to so she is not alone.

    She has also lost her appetite.

    I have tried her with Pulsatilla 1M and also Arsenicum 1M but no improvement so far.

    Any advice would be really appreciated.

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    Dear Members

    Sucess in these sort of cases depends largely on the proper selection and the psychological guidance. The treatment environment of being a relative and a student of homeopathy make a sucessful outcome highly unlikely.
    Hans Weitbrecht


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      Dear calm,water, I agree with hans,
      IF you are a sudent of homeopathy please have your professor help you with this case,its not something to mess around with,these type of difficult/chronic problems cannot be done by a 'student' with or without this forum,not adviced.

      The onset /cause must be addressed as well as dispensing/potency/agg.amel./ monitoring/timing of the next remedy if and when. All this is a factor besides 'finding the well indicated tremedy'. !00 people can have the same symptoms or as you call it panic attacks and each one needs a different remedy and potency selection. Miasm must be addressed and constitutionals.
      Gina Tyler


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        Dear calmwater,
        I agree with Hans and Gina.Being a student of homoeopathy you could take help of your seniors and a homoeopath of your locality with whom you can discuss the case .In this type of suffering the psychological condition of the patient is the most important thing to be noted.You have to find out the cause why she is waking up in the night.What she fears to be alone etc.All these are the first guiding lines to move on.And I think The Book UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY OF THE SENSATIONS AS IF may help you to find out some remedies to proceed.Hope get the help of your professor and that will be a good experience for you to study the case as the patient is in your home and near you.Hope to know that you gave some relief to your sister.
        Wish you success
        Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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          Dear Calmwater
          It is difficult to help you only from that information. If you can send a full case history then I will try to help. I live in East London, so you can meet with me. or you can call me at my mobile-07951277892. or mail me the full case history in my mail - . if you donot know what is full case history then please let me know then I will guide you.
          Thank you for being a student of homeopathy.


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            Thank you

            Thank you Dhiman - I will mail the full details to you as soon as I can. I really appreciate your help.

            Incidently she does seem to be calmed these days but what scares me is she gets this look of such terror when she is having a panic attack - a real wide open eyes as if she cant comprehend what is going on and just feels terrified.

            I wont go into any more now, but I look forward to hearing your advice.

            Thanks for your encouragment :-)


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              Just one other thing!

              I was discussing this with my clinic supervisor over the weekend and she recommended using the herbs Avina Sativa and Sckullcap.


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                check with your homeopathic advisers first...

                ...but just to control the acute reactions, aconitum (in acute potency 30C, 200C or other as you may be advised), and also if needed, the allopathic drug xanax, can be taken PRN.

                there can be a danger of addiction with xanax, if it is taken on a regular schedule at high doses, so if you end up needing that, start with the smallest pill (.25mg) and only use prn. i know it is not a good idea to use the allopathic drugs, but if symptoms are significantly interfering with functioning, they may be useful. once the homeopathic remedy is found, need for the drug will be reduced.
                "The need to perform adjustments for covariates...weakens the findings." BMJ Clinical Evidence: Mental Health, (No. 11), p. 95.... It's that simple, guys: bad numbers make bad science.


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                  Dear Calmwater
                  Homeopathy is not any thing too easy. and it is more complex in mental or emotional problems where it acts best. And for your kind information, Homeopathy may be dangorous in the hand of lay people when they use homeopathy thinking it totaly harmless.

                  It is better to call me, if you are in UK. my mobile no. is 07951277892
                  And my advice is - It is better to remain untreat rather than wrong treatment.


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                    Originally posted by Calmwater
                    I was discussing this with my clinic supervisor over the weekend and she recommended using the herbs Avina Sativa and Sckullcap.
                    Dear Calmwater,
                    Since you are a student of homepathy, study the medicines being recommended and see what you find.
                    M Akram Khan