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Radionics Health - a new homeopathy?

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  • Radionics Health - a new homeopathy?


    My name's Rick, natural healing pratictioner

    I'm living in NY...

    The radionics Healing is an new homeopathy?

    I have found on the net this very very interesting web site !!!

    here for free download the lecture notes of basic and avanced course of radionics and dowsing

    I think you love it


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    you might want to add my article on this subject; found at
    searchbox type gina tyler articles
    Homeopathy and radiaesthesia by gina tyler
    the mystery of morphogenesis


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      I'm a user only...I think for conctacting the Admin of site


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        Radionics is not homeopathy by itself. It is only an aid.
        M Akram Khan


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          Dear Mebers
          Radionics is Radionics.
          Homeopathy is Homeopathy.
          Hans Weitbrecht


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            A car is a car
            A bike is a bike



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              My observation is different,

              I have a car
              I have a bike

              The results of both are not the same.

              Hoppit, do you have a car and a bike for comparison?

              there used to be that joke:

              A Lada meats a donkey:
              What are you -- asks the donkey
              A car, of course -- answers the Lada
              HI HI Hi I am a horse -- sais the donkey.
              Hans Weitbrecht
              HOMEOPATH / IRELAND


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                Hi Hans

                My car and my bike get me to where I want to be so they have the same purpose-they just use a different form of energy!

                A lada is a skip with a sunroof !


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                  The Radionic-practitioner ( The Future’s Therapeutist)

                  Dear Members,
                  Here an interessant article of

                  Some of natural vibratory remedies, that we usually buy or that our patients buy for prices which are often little affordable to the big mass, often discourage the holistic approach to the alternative therapies; on the other hand and as far as we’re concerned, it is possible (like we’ll see in these lecture notes) to reproduce in a radionic way any kind of remedies, for example allopathic and natural remedies, psychic phenomenon and/or mental intents which have been expressed according to the operator…etc….we can’t forget that radionically creating also an object or a physic remedy like the aspirin, an essence or a thought, it’s always a mental issue like the study about waveforms and radiesthesia (look at the initial chapter of the basic course THE RADIONICS); so we can say that, having now the big advantage to radionically and radiesthesically reproduce the vibration of any our intent, the methods after described, will offer us the great advantage to make any kind of therapy through any kind of approach ON NO ACCOUNT!!!....

                  Trough this new, wide and fascinating science of the future, which is the radionic and radiesthesia, anyone approaching the issue, can realize an own treatment according to the training, philosophy and approach of every operator (always in the therapeutic field and for general and holistic and non holistic wellbeing) ; for example a doctor could create a good catalyst of antibiotic or other things, a psychiatrist could create Valium, a dentist could make an ant inflammatory, an homoeopathist some ipericum, a psychotherapist or a hypnotherapist some positive messages for the subconscious (in addition to utilize the mental synthesis “radionic graphic n.16 of the basic course”), an herbalist some thyme, a flower-therapist some Bach Flowers, a crystal-therapist could create a rose quartz, a cromo-therapist some colours, an astrologer will be able to direct some planetary and of galaxies influences and in order to treat diseases, a Reiki operator or a spiritual healer will be able to channel respective healing symbols without directly treating the patient etc…., in conclusion every therapist led by his own professional knowledge will be able, thanks to some radionic graphics after mentioned with the present lecture notes, to further take advantage for the healing of his own patients and also thanks to his evolution and experience he will be able to continuously personalize more targeted various and good methods on no account.
                  AT THE END EACH ONE OF THESE HOLISTIC NATURAL AND NON NATURAL THERAPEUTIC APPROACHES, WILL BE COMPLEMENTARY EACH OTHER…On the bases of such considerations, a new figure of operator born:


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                    Yesterday's Snow

                    Dear members

                    This is all sounds promising.
                    The basis of radionics is waves, Radiowaves, and other waves. The human body has means of sensing waves, be it with a pendulum, or an deviner of any kind. ( There are still these allergy testing machines on the market using the same principle and the same results -- everyone is allergic to cows milk) The response depends on the resonace princple used by different lengths of the medium.
                    With the help of this technical aparatus a sender can be traced, each on its own wavelength, but the music which is played on the sender needs to be deciphered by an oscilating circuit. Anyone who knows about the basics of radio transmission can fill us in with more details.

                    So -- to determine which remedy is the curative One in the given case remains guesswork using means of radionics.( if the selection is not performed according homeoapthic principles.)
                    The history of radionics is as old as Heinrich Herz and Madamme Currie. Both published all of that already in the early 20th century.

                    I had an granduncle who was a homeopath, already experimenting with pendulum and other radionic devices to select the remedies in the 1920' but the sucess rate was lower than using the repertory and the MMP for the proper selection.
                    Hans Weitbrecht
                    HOMEOPATH / IRELAND


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                      What evidence do you have that the success rate is worse in remedies chosen by dowsing ?

                      Have there ever been any studies done ?

                      I had a very short relationship with a radionics machine and some of the remedies it came up with were staggeringly appropriate on reading them up in my materia medica!

                      Even now that the machine is just a memory when I can't decide between 2 remedies for a patient I will ask my pendulum.
                      I don't always accept its result but there is definitely something going on here.
                      Is it my higher self interacting with the pendulum ?

                      I find the whole radionics/ dowsing amazing and I wish there could be some studies done.
                      Problem is conventional scientists have enough problems with Homeopathy- what on earth would they make of it?


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                        it is not possible to verify these methods scientifically, by personal experience only

                        for means of the radiesthesia, as it explains ruggero moretto, is possible to reproduce the vibration of any our intent (or substance) radiesthesically IN every substance as: grass, metals, colors, flowers, waves, geometrical drow, number, words (mantras) every fusion of whichever material that emanates one wavelength, notes, etc.


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                          Originally posted by Hoppitt415
                          Hi Hans

                          My car and my bike get me to where I want to be so they have the same purpose-they just use a different form of energy!

                          A lada is a skip with a sunroof !
                          Yes! This is it. The purpose of car and bike are the same whereas homeopathy and radionics are different to each other. In homeopathy, you give medicine to the patient but in radionics you give nothing. Homeopathy is a proper treatment system but radionics is not. It is only an aid to choose correct medicine.
                          M Akram Khan


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                            It is just the personal experience, no scientific evidence. The success rate is not 100% because the pendulum does not always give correct answer, even with lot of practice. Chances of wrong answer are always there, which could have many reasons.
                            M Akram Khan


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                              Sorry Akram
                              I disagree .
                              In radionics energy/vibration is given to the patient.
                              In Homeopathy we give a potentised / energised remedy.

                              So are they both healing energies.