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Chalazion from stye.... please help....

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    Hi Dr Sajjad,
    Up to some extent I agree with you.When we spent time in forum and just post to consult a good homeopath or wasting time on hot discussions why not try to share our experience within us which will help new commers also to know the art.
    Let me give an example here (its true)
    My only son at that time aged 16 suffered with fever.At that time I was busy in thesis writting and on preparation of some talks in an International Conference. I told him to take Ferrum Phos 12X BD and Kali Phos 6X BD alternatively and if there will be more temp exceeding 102 to consult the nearby homeopath as I could not get time to reach home and analyse his suffering.

    The Allopaths Nearby are my good friends and my son consulted one of them for his suffering.On the same day I talked with the Allopaths over phone and requested them to take care of my son.On the third day when I contacted my son he told that he is quite well.So I concentrated in my work.On 10th day I got a call from my home that he is under drips due to his seriousness. At that time I was away from home and immediate return was not possible ,so I contacted with both the Allopaths to know about his condition.They Both told me that," the liver is enlarged and they have already takeen steps to treat that but the temperature remains in 100,so they think this may be due to the liver enlargement or Hepatitis or enteric fever,they have to decide after certain tests".The next day morning I had to present a paper ,so after finishing that I started for my home on the same day with the earliest train available.But at that time to reach my home I had to spend 32 hours to reach,any way i reached home on the 15th day of his suffering,but astonished to see my son in railway station.When I touched him I felt the temperature and asked him,Don't you feel weak?why u came here? He replied,"No I am not feeling weak and till now continuing Biochemic Medicines.Papa! I dont want to be treated with allopathic Doctors.They are taking blood and testing and giving injections and nothing changing. "

    I was under tremendous pressure and when reached home saw piles of Antibiotics,Injections,Tablets,syrups.And really I cursed my self for my negligence.
    Reaching home I instructed him to stop all medicines and monitored him all the night with patience. Measuring temperature and touching his body,found the legs are cold but the body is hot.Temperature remained same 100 degree.In the morning he woke up at 8.30AM and asked for water, I gave him water and found the Temp rising but within 101 he again asked water after 15 minutes and I measured temp it was 101.5 and I gave him him only Ferrum Phos diluting in some luke warm water a spoon every 15 minutes, after drinking water he tried to sleep and I marked sweating started,but the temp remained at 99.5 till 10AM.After that again 100 then 101.5.
    So it indicated me a particular remedy but the picture was not clear so I gave him one dose Nux Vom-30 to get the real picture.Astonishingly the temperature came down to 99 but at about 11 Am again temperature started rising to 101.This indicated another symptom of same remedy.Again I gave him Ferrum Phos and waited to watch.At about 1 PM I gave him some sugar of milk and asked him is it that which he got from the nearby homeopathic store,he tested by putting in tongue and spitted.again I gave him some fine powdered salt and asked is it that which he got?He smiled and told,"Papa! give me more its not sugar of milk its salt." I m confirmed about the remedy.

    I gave him a dose of Natrum mur-200 at about 5PM and stopped Biochemic tissue remedies.Monitored all the night,his temp was normal.Next day there was no fever .temp was normal.So I gave him a dose of Nux vom-30 at night and next day sent him to the allopaths to check up.From that day One of the Allopath become my patient.
    Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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      The holistic connection of the Eyes and the Liver

      Pat wrote:

      < I had a stye which is now converted to chalazion. I have a nodule kind of structure sitting on my upper left eye lid. The nodule is small in size but its clearly noticable. >

      In the Sixth edition of " Organon of Medicine " , Hahnemann changed the term Vital Force to Vital Energy, probably to keep it in line with the Oriental concepts of Qi, and Prana; with which he was totally familiar

      Integrated Medicine

      Towards the end of the last century, Weihe of Germany, in 1929 Ferreyvelles of France and in 1932, De La Fuye, also of France, made first observations to bridge the gap between Oriental and 0ccidental Medicines, specifically between homoeopathy and acupuncture. The homoeopaths, Weihe and Goehrum were the first to observe that each type of disease, cured by a specific homoeopathic remedy was accompanied by a specific point on the body, which was tender to pressure (Ah-Shi or Alarm point). This is known as HOMOEOSINIATRY.
      In the course of his research, Weihe was able to locate some 197 points* coupling each of these specific tender points with a particular homeopathic remedy (the simillimum), which was indicated for that specfic disorder.
      * Of the 197 Weihe Points, 132 correspond exactly with the traditional acupuncture points. Several more (48) coincide with the later discovered extra-ordinary points.There are 189 homeopathic remedies corresponding to the Weihe points: some remedies have more than one corresponding point.*

      For example, whenever Nux vomica was the a point at the tip of the eleventh rib of the right side was usually tender.These points are now known as the Weihe points. Today, some homoeopaths use the Weihe points to confirm the simillimum. They are especially helpful, when it is difficult to select the simillimum from several remedies which have closely similar drug pictures.
      The Chinese established (thousands of years ago) in the healing art of acupuncture, the phenomenon of Alarm Points. In acupuncture practice, each internal organ has specific Alarm Points, which become tender in a disease of the related internal organ and, therefore,are of great value in diagnosis, therapy and prognosis.
      The parallelisms between Homoeopathy and Acupuncture did not end there. The famous French author and acupuncturist Roger de la Fuye, in his book on Homoeopathy (1932) stated that he was able to couple acupuncture points with homoeopathic remedies which have a therapeutic relevance to a specific disorder.
      De la Fuye proposed that the points to be utilized to confirm a diagnosis wherever there might be doubt as to which of two remedies may be appropriate. For example in the case of a patient with chronic deafness which is made worse by humidity, either Aranea or Natrum sulphuricum might be appropriate remedies but the Aranea point, described by De Ia Fuye in 1935, is situated at Stomach I5 on the left side, whereas the Natrum sulphuricum point, located by Weihe, is at point Stomach 16 on the right side.
      Coincidence of Weihe points and acupuncture points is probably because both homoeopathy and acupuncture are based on similar concepts and approaches to healing. Although both modalities of healing stem from different eras and different geography their underlying basis has a common denominator - The Concept of Vital Force or Vital Energy. The integrated medicine of the future must be universal, unified and holistic. Homoeosiniatry is relevant to diagnosis. Homoeopuncture is the other side of the coin, which integrates the therapeutic paradigms of both homoeopathy and acupuncture.
      Homeopuncture is a methodology by which the specific homeopathic remedy is placed directly in the tissues by first dipping an acupuncture needle in the liquid remedy and then puncturing at the specific acupoints. This method has the following advantages:
      1. The remedy is placed directly in the tissue. The saliva and other oral barriers are bypassed.The specific potency does not appear to be of importance.
      2. It is useful as a pre-operative medication as well as in post-operative care.
      3. Aggravation appears to be minimal or non-existent.
      4. There does not appear to be any contra-indicationsto the combined methodology,which is an integration of Occidental Medicine and Oriental medicine.
      Homeopuncture has been used with good results in a variety of disorders at the Colombo South General Hospital , Kalubowila, Sri lanka.

      The Holistic connection of the Liver and the Eyes

      Congested, swollen eyes and lids indicate Liver Heat due to internal and external factors in Chinese Medicine relate to the "Gan" System of symptoms, and functions. "Gan" not only incorporates the liver of western medicine, but the smooth flow of emotions, the smooth flow of blood in the body (a women's menstrual cycle), and then of course all of the functions of the Occidental liver. The "Gan" system is said to open into the eyes
      Reversible pathway refers to a principle of Chinese medicine in which the energy condition of an Organ System may influence the mental and emotional condition of a person, while at the same time, or at any time, the latter may be either stimulating or suppressing the energy function of an organ. Classical Chinese Medicine asserts that a particular emotion and a particular energy Organ system are inextricably linked in this manner. Emotion immediately contacts the Nervous System and several events are set into motion. To begin with, the Liver nourishes the Nervous System and is called upon to increase the amount of blood in the circulation to meet its obligation. The increased tension in the Nervous System may, under normal circumstances, be released through verbal expression or physical activity, thus restoring homeostasis. If speech is used, the Heart Organ System will be
      engaged. If physical activity solves the problem the Liver itself, as controller of the ligaments and tendons, the Lung as receiver of the Qi (life force), and
      the Heart Organ System (circulation) will all make a contribution.At the same time the circulatory system is constricted peripherally by the mechanical tension in the muscles. Internally, the noxious Qi (lactic acid and its metabolites, such as acetaldehyde) stimulates circulatory centers, such as the carotid sinus, and the autonomic Nervous System centers, such as the sino-auricular node. The result is increasing blood pressure, which, in addition to affecting the Heart, causes the blood to be pushed too quickly through the
      Liver. This rapid passage of blood, as well as general overwork, first causes the Liver to develop " Strong Heat " and, over a period of time, " Weak Heat ". Hence, the often heard
      remark : My eyes are burning.
      If the tension or energy that initially creates hyperactivity of the Nervous System is not released, the latter will continue to call upon the Liver for added
      nourishment. The musculo-skeletal system, which is unable to respond to the call for release, will hold the tension and gradually also require more
      nourishment. Tension, anger, frustration, suppression, repression and stress in general interplay with the Liver Organ System.The Liver will slowly find that it has inadequate supplies left for its own recovery and for its many other functions. In such a situation, the energy that the Liver cannot recycle and renew becomes noxious energy; and, because the Liver is associated with free flowing of the Qi, this noxious energy will affect many parts of the body. The implied significance of the drug-pictures of homeopathic remedies and the mentals is obvious. Inhibition of the flow of Qi will create stagnation with concretion and pain in vulnerable areas. The Acupunturist will stimulate points on meridians of the body with needles in order to release energy in an attempt to move the Qi.

      Incidentally, I always give myself a course of Milk Thistle when I am overworked and short-tempered with heaty eyes.

      With regards


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        Chalazion is an eyelid issue causes due to several reasons. Some of the symptoms you may face are the redness in the eyes, pain in the eyes and itching in the eyes. However, all these issues can be solved with different home remedies. Home remedies are very easy to apply and can be cured with eyelid chalazion:
        Everyone knows that eyes and eyelids are the most sensitive part of the face. Environmental factors and infections can also cause several eyelid issues which may sometimes also include chalazion. Chalazion is a problem related to eyelids that happens when the oil glands are blocked and are inflamed due to eye makeup residue. Chalazion causes