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  • Can a practioner please take up my case online



    Weight---------------approx 62kilos

    Height--------------- 5'6"

    What are you doing at present................................Working as a Reservations agent for a travel company (office job)


    Describe your current complain---------------
    (a) My hair has started greying at this young age. The problem started a few years back with the head and not i see my chest hair going white and also my beard and hair in my nostrils. The white hair strands are not too many just a few but it seems it is going on increasing gradually. I generally shave my body hair/use hair removing cream for the chest and use hair colours of repute for my head.

    (b) Is there anyway i can increase my height ? My job is a desk job and have to sit for long hours and do not get much time to physically exert myself.

    (c) About 2-3years back i had suffered from hydrocele/vericocele on one of my testicles. Though with normal antibiotic treatment everything is under control, there are times when i feel a strain in my testicle especially when i wear normal fitting briefs (not skin tight!)

    (d) I have dryness of skin from birth especially on my legs which i was told was an allergy due to dust. I wear shoes regularly and that is controlled however, i feel itchy to a great extent only on the area between my right main toe and second toe. There is a patch that has been created due to excessive scratching which resembles now as if i have leucoderma (pigmentation). My skin generally becomes dry (not excessively but moderately) on the back of my palms as well after a birth. I use soaps/creams of repute like dove/johnsons etc even in summer.

    (e) Every 3-4months i generally get a bout of extreme cold to the point that it continues for atleast 3-5weeks inspite of me taking antibiotics like erythromycin etc. My nasal passage remains blocked during that duration.

    (f) I feel extremely gassey in my stomach most of the times. Recently i developed something like fissures and was on antibiotics. Had a terrible time while passing stools though there was no blood discharge. I am fine now though feel discomfort at times. At times i do feel constipated but it is very rare. My bowel movements every morning take a very long time to clear.

    Diet :
    I generally have some herbal coffee in the morning and do not consume breakfast. I directly have a working lunch at 1.30pm which consists of 4chapatis/1veg/1sweet and followed by tea at 4pm and then may be some cornflakes with milk at 730pm and dinner at 915pm which consists of some kchidi/dal/rice/rotis/veg. I am in bed by 11pm or later depending on if i am working the next day or not. I rarely consume alcohol/nonvegetarian food. I am a regular smoker but not a chain smoker. Generally smoke about 5-7cigarettes a day.

    Describe your Past complain/Any surgery-
    I have bad quite a sickly childhood in the past. Used to fall sick quite often be it chronic cold/food poisoning/coughs/throat infections etc. I am allergic to citrous fruits like amla/pineapple/oranges and cannot consume them directly as i immediately get a throat infection. I am allergic to dust as well and start sneezing continuously.

    Write your pathological report (Blood test Ultrasonography / MIR/ X-ray, if any (optional) if

    High Blood Pressure Continue from and current B.P.---------------na

    If any heart Disease na

    Name of medicine using currently-------none

    If Diabetic Patient/Nme of medicine---------------na

    Detail about Operation/Surgery if any ---------------Have never been operated in the past accept for a minor wisdom tooth extraction which was done about a year back.

    Thyroid Problem if any T3/T4/TSH---------------none

    Gastritis--------------- please refer to 14 (f)

    Joints pain--------------- I feel a pain on my right knee at times after going to the toilet in the morning, squatting for a long time since i use an indian toilet and not a western one.


    Any Other Disease---------------none

    About Your sexual desire increased/absent/normal--------------normal

    Choose your nature from following word ---------------

    What is your current anxiety in your mind (compulsory)- Write in detail--------------
    Apart from the above mentioned health issues, since i live alone in mumbai i always have trouble over thinking about accommodation, career growth and most importantly the welfare of my parents who live in gujarat.

    How you will be deference from other person or What is your peculiarity in nature--------------I am extremely hardworking and try to be a perfectionist atleast where my work-life is concerned though i dont follow the same principle in my personal life. I am quite motivated from time to time to grow in my career inspite of setbacks and i know success is just round the corner for me if i work much more harder than i already am.

    Can you give speech to the public meeting-------------YES...

    Photographs of the current Disease can be sent by email separately on (optional):
    I dont have photographs but do have a webcam on yahoo messenger incase if you want to see any of the above mentioned conditions.

    Would appreciate your urgent response to the above.


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    Its better to consult a Qualified Homeopath in person who can study your case and provide you the proper treatment along with a time to time monitoring.Cause in chronic cases that need a lot of time to study the case in detail and find out the proper remedy.There are many Qualified and classical Homeopaths in Mumbai,you can contact one there,which I think will be helpful in your case.Hope to know about the developments after that.
    Chairman,Indian Council for Holistic Health Care


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      Dear Dr.Patnaik...

      Thank you for your inputs. There are loads of Homeopaths in Mumbai however choosing the right one is most important. Some are visible in the media who charge high and some are not. The approach of everyone is different and hence i am trying to look for an online solution.


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        Hi Jacob,

        Thank you for your response.

        I again highlite the fact that it is difficult for me to narrow down a competenet homeopath in a city like mumbai where u have probably 100's of them. Its just that i do not want to go from one doc to the other trying out diff medications. Its quite frustrating mentally and drains your wallet off as well. I hope you now understand my problem.

        I surely look forward to your inputs and if you need any further details about my personality/nature etc in order to recommend a line of treatment... please feel free to address it in here or send me a private message.

        Thanks again for responding to my thread. I do appreciate it and look forward to further inputs.



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          Greetings Jacob and thanks for patiently responding.

          If you are homeopathic practioner... you surely could take up my case. I could furnish you with any further details that you might require and try and source the medications locally in india.

          I seriously seek someone who can take up my case to rid me of these problems that are affecting my life.

          Thanks for your response.



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            Oh btw... i got recommended for the following prescription for my above mentioned problems :
            • Acid Phos30c, 20 gm pills. Pl take 5 pills thrice in a day before each meal daily.
            • Tablet Biochemic Combination No.27, 20 gm sealed pack of Schwab India. Pl take 4 tablets after BF & Dinner daily.Pl stop coffee during this prescription
            You think the above would help ?


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              Hey Jacob,

              Thanks for responding. I did not understand the second part of your message. Could you please elaborate further. Sent u a PM as well.



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                Originally posted by Jacob
                Regarding the concurrent use of tissue salts, this is not something that I, personally, would recommend, as they ARE potentized (triturated), substances.

                As promised, I will repertorise the above guiding symptom and post a list of remedies that share this symptom.

                Regards, -Jacob.
                could you please elaborate on the above part


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                  Thanks jacob for your prompt responses. So u recon that i should go in for the (1) medication listed by my other homeopath ?

                  Would this help in the ecezema kind of sypmtom i have in my right feet as well ?


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                    Hi Jacob...

                    Well he has recommended the prescription based on an online forum like this and has not seen me personally or asked questions the way you are....

                    Can you try and start from scratch and ask me questions and may be take up my case since you are being responsive enough.


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                      Hi Jacob...

                      Surely i understand your predicament... No worries...

                      Thanks for your help until town... My search continues...

                      Basically i am back to square one....



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                        Can a practioner please take up my case online

                        Hello all,

                        I am quite new to this line of treatment and in my earlier thread have posted my details. Can i request a practioner (anywhere in the world ) to please further take up my case and suggest some remedies online.

                        You may contact me for any further details you might need about my condition b4 suggesting any medication.

                        I am going through a real frustrating time right now in my life... please HELP!

                        Kind regards,


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                          ok, first tell us what is your problem and what type it is.
                          Why you choose internet, where in mumbi there are lots of good homeoapths?


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                            Dear arth75
                            Sorry for my earlier reply, which I submitted before reading your earlier posts.

                            OK, I am agree to help, send your complain in your language, not in any format. Just tell me what are your problems, then I will ask you the additional information that I need to make a prescription.

                            But here within I like to remind you that, treating via web are not ethical enough, but sometime we have to do this for the circumstances.

                            One more thing, I cannot but ask you, how you can be confident about a doctor in internet, (you know very littlie about him) where you cannot find a good doctor at your city.



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                              Dear Dr. Dhiman Roy ( I presume you are a doc based on your profile!)

                              Firsthly, thank you for responding to my post. I appreciate it.

                              I shall answer your queries pointwise as you have requested for some information :

                              YOUR QUOTE :
                              ok, first tell us what is your problem and what type it is.
                              Why you choose internet, where in mumbi there are lots of good homeoapths?
                              ================================================== ==
                              But here within I like to remind you that, treating via web are not ethical enough, but sometime we have to do this for the circumstances.

                              One more thing, I cannot but ask you, how you can be confident about a doctor in internet, (you know very littlie about him) where you cannot find a good doctor at your city.

                              I shall list my problems in the next post.

                              The reason i choose the internet is because it is a medium where you have lots of information available. No doubt too much of information is as bad as no information at all. But lead to misconceptions, misunderstandings and various other negatives. It depends on each individual to sift through that information and apply what is relevant. Surely there are loads of good homeopaths not just in Mumbai but all over India as well. The problem is I dont know who to approach. I can approach someone who is visible in the local media (press, radio, T.V. etc) and eventually pay through my nose for all his marketing strategies or alternately I can approach some non-publicised homeopath somewhere in my area who can probably even understand my language or my problem and is fixed in his approach about treating something or I can try a different path of using the internet via various forums to approach like-minded people out there to assist me. I choose the third option of taking on the internet because if and when someone prescribes me something geniunely, i can look up for the information on that medication.

                              You are probably not familiar with Indian docs (arent you based in UK or something as per your profile?) . You visit them for some medication, they give you drugs which are given in small packets. Now I dont want to pay a doc for simple vitamin tabs that i can get from my daily diet and want to go to the core of the problem. Visit an allopathic doc for flu or fever and u are given 4-5different coloured pills. As a patient i want to know what is going inside my body and hence i ask the doc what are the medicines, can he give me a broad outline/name of each. In response i am given an absolute dirty look more like 'what the heck do u know of medicines, just eat them or feel ill.. take your pick' kind of a look. Would that be ethical ? Being ethical is a very relative term. We all draw certain lines based on our values of helping others and helping ourselves.

                              I come from a working class back ground and do not have the time or the resources to visit my doc every 3days to get the next does of medication because i know i am paying double at the end of it. Unfortunately that is a general state of affairs atleast in India. This is my understanding and everyone is entitled to their own opinion surely. I am not here to dispute that or discuss that.

                              I hope the above is satisfactory enough for you to guide me thru. I personally do no hold this forum or you responsible for any kind of side-effect of any medications that may be prescribed in here. Obviously this is an open forum and i am just looking for some cure for my problems. I surely cannot force people to help me but I can request them to share their knowledge. Some accept the request some dont.