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Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Thuja/Arnica

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  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction - Thuja/Arnica

    My 17 year old daughter is having all 4 wisdom teeth out in a couple of days. One of them has started to come through and the other 3 are impacted. I've read and heard different recommendations regarding thuja and arnica as best remedies. Should any of these be taken before, during and after? Does this help swelling also? She will be under anastesia.

    Thank you,
    Sue K

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    The most important remedy is Arnica and some others are listed below do not repeat when there is an improvement:

    ARNICA 30c To reduce the pain of bruising and damage, take is one hour before and repeat it afterwards and every 4 hour afterwards if needed

    HYPERICUM 30c To promote regeneration of nerve tissue if needed also repeat every 4 Hour i needed

    RUTA GRAV 12c To assist in repair of periodontal tissue after Orthodontic
    adjustments or following difficult extractions.

    GELSEMIUM 30c 4 hour before to reduce anticipatory anxiety which may even
    result in diarrhoea and a feeling of weakness.

    PHOSPHORUS 30c Take every 4 hourly where there is a bleeding tendency (only if a lot of bleeding)

    NUX VOMICA 30c If there are adverse reactions to anaesthetic


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      Dear Sufferer

      There are certain specifics in homeopathy which apply almost to all individuals, because the symptom complex is essentially same in all of them.

      Take an example of a person wounded in an accident. Have you ever seen a couple of them? They all behave in a strikingly similar manner. Too dazed to talk from the shock, the bruised sensation all over the body, the inability to comprehend the seriousness of the situation.. is it not so?

      What other medicine other than Arnica will be useful in such situations? Don't say that it is not individualisation, just because every body needs it, in such situations.

      If you find the same symptom complex in a person suffering from Typhoid, Arnica is indicated there too.

      The concept of specifics in homeopathy is ridiculed without proper understanding.

      As far as the efficacy of these medicines as prophylactics, it is a matter of debate, and there are valid arguments in their favour too. Just browse in google. You will find lot of information.

      It is a common experience that the symptoms that arise in a patient after a dental operation match those of Arnica, Hypericum, and a few other medicines. You have to choose one of them depending on the patient's condition.

      It is also common for the picture to change from Arnica to Hypericum.

      These are frequently indicated medicines, and are prescribed almost as specifics , because majority of the patients exhibit the symtom complexes similar to that of these medicines.



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        This is also based on experience and clinical verification. Just to give you another example if a patient is in coma you cannot take the case but you can only observe the patient and based on what has happened you might give HELLEBORUS NIGER or OPIUM as examples.