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    Hello I am Hilal and I have two questions:

    1) What percentage of alcohol - water should be used when diluting remedies?

    2) Which is better for treating depression with St.John's Wort; D6 or C6 ?

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    Dear Hilal
    Welcome to the forum
    Its not as simple as you may think. Yes homeopathy can heal depression.
    But a FULL case taking needs to be done by a trained homeopath. If 50 people suffer depression all 50 will need their verry own 'well indicated' homeopathic remedy.
    For each person depression can be caused by various means,not everyone is the same (cause/onset/trauma)
    What makes you indicate st Johns wort is what you need?
    This plant comes in its physical form (plantbased herbal tea/capsule/tincture).............or in it's homeopathic form succussed in water taken at various potencies from verry low to extremely high.

    Has a homeopath prescribed this for you?
    "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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      Dear Hilal
      for your 2nd question I agree with Gina.
      and for your 1st question:

      Alcohol:Water - 30:70



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        Rreply to 1) of #1

        Distilled Water and Good Alcohol should be taken fifty : fifty, by volume. But for administration, globules (moistened with liquid preparations) should be dissolved in water only.


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          First Question:

          Dear Dhiman and Arun,

          Thank you for your replies. Could the tenctures be dissolved in freshly boiled water? I am also preparing a remedy from scratch: Fresh - green walnut peel (the outer most layer) for hypothyroid. Do I use pure alcohol for the mother tencture and is this a conventional remedy?

          Second Question:
          Dear Gina:

          Thank you for your reply. You are wondering why I am trying to cure myself with St. John's Wort. Well, the first reason is that there are no homeopaths in Ankara (my home city). Secondly, I have read that it has been widely used in Europe for a number of years. Thirdly, I think the reason for my depression is inadequate serotonin, relying on my previous positive results of Effexor, and negative results of Edronax and Modliodol. In the past five years I have also suffered from a late - diagnosed gastritis and hypothyroid, not to mention concentration and short term memory problems. As St. John's Wort is nerve-friendly, and has an anti-viral effect, I deducted that it could be a holistic cure for me. I have started taking the Wort's tea, two or three times a day, but I feel that a remedy would have a stronger effect. I would of course prefer professional help, if I had the choice, but for now this seems to be the best way to take action.



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            Dear Hilal
            I understand your problem with no homeopaths around. To understand the workings of homeopathic principles one must study for years to know what will actually cure the problem. Yes in herbal medicine st. J.W. is used often for depression. But not in homeopathy. The list of possibilities is endless (to choose one out of 3,000 homeopathic remedies is NOT easy) We are speaking of two totally different healing attempts one is pure physical (plantherbalmeds) the other is energy via the clearing or balancing of the 'vital force' that has perhaps gone through some extreme 'trauma'. Herbs cannot touch this type of healing,homeopathy can,but ONLY with the well indicated remedy and correct potency.
            Two suggestions;
            one-post your entire case on line via the questioneer listed...............
            This will not guarantee help,but will provide a open discussion as to possibilities.
            two- find a on line consulting homeopath like dr. Leea that can do your casetaking via the net for a fee.

            Depression is a verry serious problem dont waist time on self prescribing.
            "Great ideas often recieve violent opposition from mediocre minds"...................Einstein


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              Query on #1

              By D6 and C6, do you mean decimal 6 and centicimal 6 respectively?


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                Query on #5

                No Homoeopaths In Ankara?


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                  Reply to #5

                  Never dissolve any homoeopathic preparation in water at high temperatures. Boiling water will evaporate nearly all of the alcohol. Water at room temperature should only be used. Water boiled and cooled will be alright. But ‘freshly’ boiled water should never be used.


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                    Additional Information

                    Juglans Regia , Common Walnut, Black Walnut
                    The cotyledons are used in the treatment of cancer. Walnut has a long history of folk use in the treatment of cancer, some extracts from the plant have shown anticancer activity.
                    The rind is anodyne and astringent. It is used in the treatment of diarrhoea and anaemia.


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                      HOMŒOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA
                      by William BOERICKE, M.D.
                      Presented by Médi-T

                      JUGLANS REGIA
                      Skin eruptions are prominent.
                      Head.--Confused; feels as if head were floating in air. Occipital sharp pain. Styes.
                      Female.--Menses early, black, pitch-like coagula. Abdomen distended.
                      Skin.--Comedones and acne of the face. Crusta lactea, with soreness around ears. Itching and eruptions of small red pustules. Scalp red, and itches violently at night. Chancre-like ulcer. Axillary glands suppurate.
                      Relationship.--Compare: Juglans cinerea.
                      Dose.--Tincture, and lower potencies.


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                        Thank you for your replies.

                        I will consider your suggestions, thank you.

                        By D6 and C6, do you mean decimal 6 and centicimal 6 respectively?
                        Yes I do.


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                          Reply to #12

                          The convention is to write 3C, 30C etc.