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homeopathic remedy for increasing milk supply

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  • homeopathic remedy for increasing milk supply

    Hi. is there a homepathic remedy available to increase milk suppy? I have a 8 week old baby and would like to increase my milk supply. Thanks

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    It really depends on the reason for the loss of milk. It would be preferable if you could give us more details.If there is no lose and you just want to increase it because you have a hungry baby , let the baby suck more often and express your milk into a bottle every night before bed. The more milk that is removed from the breasts the more will be produced.

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      Yes, I just want to increase my milk supply. When I express, I seem to get just around a couple of ounces while my baby drinks around 3-3.5 ounces per feed. (We have fed him expressed milk, so I know). That's why I am looking to increase my milk supply. When I feed him expressed milk, he is hungry every 2.5 hours but with nursing he gets hungry within 1.5 hours.


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        Do you feed baby on both breasts? At least 5-7 minutes at each? That should keep him going for some time.

        Anyway here in India, it is routine to prescribe Lac Defloratum 200 twice a day for upto a week or more during the early breastfeeding phase in order to increase the milk supply.

        Also it is very important to have a relaxed frame of mind. Anxiety can definitely reduce the amount of milk produced. Everytime you breastfeed, drink a couple of glasses of water or milk. Make it a rule. Keep a large bottle of water at your bedside , and also drink a litre of milk a day. Its important to keep hydrated all the time.

        Methi seeds also help to produce good milk. So if you soak Methi seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink that water. Use those methi seeds roasted/ground coarsely and make a sweet with soji and ghee, jaggery and coconut milk, it will help your milk production. (A secret Mangalorean recepie for lactating mothers).

        All the best,

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          hello afernandes,
          Galega off is one of the efficient remedies for increasing milk.Iam using it in 30th potency.
          calc phos,urtica,ricinus comm.etc are others.
          with regards
          jayakumar pannakkal
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            Thanks Pannakal,

            Did not know about Galega and Ricinus Com.

            Warm regards,

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              Hi Afernandes,

              A good way of judging whether your baby is getting enough milk is to keep track of how many wet diapers a day you get. 8 wet diapers in 24 hrs is average, if I remember right.

              Ricky is right, the frequent breastfeeding in itself is the best way to increase the milk supply by triggering the milk producing hormone. If you feel the letdown when your baby latches on, things should be alright. You may also want to have someone experienced check if your baby is latching on properly so that he gets enough milk.

              I can also second what doctorleela said about relaxing. It is important to look after yourself: relax, eat well, get enough liquids and sleep when your baby sleeps.

              Other than that, nursing every 1.5 hours is not unusual if you feed on demand. Some are hungry as often as every 45 minutes. Sometimes they may simply enjoy the physical closeness and the act of nursing. The frequency also increases around growth spurts.

              Warm wishes


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                Yes the number of wet diapers would indicate the nutrition level. But I have found it is actually the number of stools and its consistency that is a better indicator.

                My daughter would pass urine only 3 times a day and never during the night for the first 4 months!! I could even leave her without a diaper. But her extra/soft stools or hard stools would give me a better insight.

                Warm regards,


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                  Thanks for all the replies. My son seems to have enough wet diapers and has around 3 bm a day. The problem is I work and pump around 3 times a day while at work. He drinks around three 4 oz feeds when I am gone for 8 hours but I am only able to pump around 2 4oz bottles for him. I would like to increase that by one whole 4 oz bottle to meet his needs.



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                    I do take fenugreek capsules around 3 times a day. Does not seem to have taken much effect...
                    About the different remedies suggested, can anyone tell me amounts and dosage? thanks


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                      Pannakal has suggested Galega Off. 30 for you. You could try that twice a day for the moment, unless he says other wise.

                      Why don't you work with fresh Fenu greek (methi) instead of the capsules?

                      Its very difficult to make extra demands on your body, the body responds (hormonally) to what is asked of it by the suckling of the child. I would suggest supplements (Lactogen 1) since you are working, though I always prefer complete BF in the first 3 months.