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Drastic Drop in Blood pressure and other issues.

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  • Drastic Drop in Blood pressure and other issues.

    My mom was hospitalised yesterday for the above condition. She was on lipitor, cardaprin and alluprinol some months back. All these medicine caused her to bleed internally and her muscles was wasting away. When I started learning about homoeopathy I decided to put her on homoeopathic remedy and her condition improved quite markedly. These was what I gave :

    Crataegus Q - 15 drops 3x a day
    Kali Phos 6x - twice a day for her mental state.
    Arnica 30 - twice a week for her gouty condition.

    After going through her blood tests and ECG her blood pressure drop was most likely due to dehydration. However there are a number things I'm concerned with and am seeking help in those areas.

    My mom is 77 years old - mostly bed-ridden or chair bound no thanks to modern medicine(I believe it was alluprinol). Her blood test showed that she had :

    a. High uric acid 640 uMol/l
    b. High sugar (this full fast)
    8.3 mmol/L
    c. High cholesterol :
    Total 6.2 mmol/L
    HDL 1.44 (low)
    LDL 4.1 (High)
    Ratio LDL/HDL : 4.3
    d. Rheumatoid factor 23.5 IU/ml (high)

    e. RBC, Haemoglobin , Haematocrit - all low

    When my mom was going through this episode she didn't want anyone to touch her and I remember this as one of the mental symptoms.

    Is there some homoepathic remedies that I could use to address her condition. I know she's old and I'm not hoping for a cure but at least she will be comfortable for the rest of her life.

    When she was on the modern medicine she was very distressed most of the time and when I put her on kali phos and the others her mental state improved drastically.

    Thanks for any help that is offered.

    *** Please do not be afraid to offer any suggestions - I'll be responsible for any decision that I take *****


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    I'm sorry but as I just use homeopathy I can't help, but I just wanted to say that I hope your mother gets better quickly.


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      BethanLlywellyn, thanks for your kind thoughts. It's very sweet of you. Actually what I had wanted was some pointers to my mom's condition but it seems no one wanted to get involve. Not too sure why. But that's life.

      Thanks again.

      Kind regards,


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        Hi Chiong,
        I am sorry to hear about your Mum being so unwell. What is her mood at the moment? You mention about her not wanting to be touched, what else is she feeling. All the symptoms you mention are physical, has she any emotional symptoms, they might be easier to treat?
        In peace
        Mary L English DSh RSHom
        Registered Homeopath


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          Here you mentioned only one mental symptom and the rest are about blood values low bp
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            Dear Dr.Pannakal,

            Thank you for responding. My mom is doing quite well at the moment. My concern is that her uric acid could cause her to have an attack of gout. I had taken her off the gout medicine because it was destroying her muscles. The last time she had an attack the medicine did not help at all but arnica actually did. She was symptom free after a day.

            She also has a lot of phlegm and have those dry hacking cough. I tried 2 remedies. The first did not work out but the cactus remedy work out quite good.

            Other mental symptoms would include refusal to talk, very irritable and angry when touched. Because she doesn't say anything we don't really know what else is troubling her. About a year and a half back she always asked to go home even though she was at home but recently she hardly talk at all.

            Her cholesterol, I'm not too sure is a problem. She had a by-pass surgery about 9 or 10 years ago. I've also stopped her cholesterol medicine.

            What I'm giving her now is craetagus Q 15 drops 3 times a day, Kali Phos 6x twice a day. Cactus 30 - when phlegm symptoms develop. Arnica 30, once a week for gout management - not too sure if it will work but it did relieve her of her pain when she had an attack.

            I know this seems like prescribing according to western medicine but at her age we only hope to make her comfortable.

            Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Again thank you for taking the trouble.


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              Originally posted by chiongguo View Post
              ....but it seems no one wanted to get involve. Not too sure why.....
              Hi chiongguo,

              Prescribing on a forum is a bit dicy in the sense that everyone has his/her own way of prescribing and own understanding/perception of the case. Many members might not agree with the prescription and might criticise or at least show their disagreement. That not only might create some sort of bad taste but also shake the confidence of the help-seeker in prescription. So people like to be careful. Sorry, but this is what I feel.

              For the case of your mom, my experience is that Kali-phos-6X tends to lower the blood pressure but more than that it tends to lower the body temperature, which creates the feeling of general weakness and hence irritable behavior. I would suggest that you raise its potency and use it in infrequent doses, like once a day for example.

              I do not know whether I am allowed to say all this and whether this post would be edited. If it goes, you can contact me through PM for further discussion.
              M Akram Khan


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                Hi Akram,

                Thanks for your reply. Your explanation may be true but I found it interesting that in many other health issues there were usually quite a number of responses. In my mom's case I think because she had to be hospitalised added another level of fear in replying.

                My mom's drastic drop in blood pressure was actually due to dehydration and what I was concerned with was her high uric acid and less so her high cholesterol level. The uric acid had in the past triggered gouty attacks but fortunately anica 6C had actually help.

                My question was really her high uric acid.

                I didn't know that Kali Phos will bring down her blood pressure. I think your suggestion is good. I'll increase the potency to 30 and give it to her once a day - when she's again distressed.

                Again thanks for you help.



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                  Benzoicum Acidum

                  Hi chiongguo,

                  There are lot many remedies for high uric acid. One of those is Benz-acid that has good reputation in curing high uric acid with gouty symptoms. Please study it and see if it suits your mom's condition. Under the circumstances you might need to focus on organ remedies rather than constitutional approach.
                  M Akram Khan