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Treating Candida with homeopathy

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  • Treating Candida with homeopathy

    My husband is currently on a diet to help eliminate candida. No sweets,noyeast, no processed foods, etc. Under the care of an N.D he was taking Phytostan and Diflucan to help kill off excess yeast. However, we found out through our chiropractor/homeopath that both medicines were causing problems. Since his knowledge of homeopathy is limited he didn't know of any remedies that would aid in killing off the candida. Is there such a remedy? Or, is candida eliminated through diet only if a person is unable to take medicines that aid in the kill-off. Any ideas would be helpful.

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    Best is to see a professional classical homeopath who will take a full case history and prescribe a remedy for your husband as an individual rather than a disease name. There is the remedy Candida in potency which can also help this condition but your husband really should see a homeopath to get the correct potency as this will vary depending on the vitality of the patient.
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      I've been dealing with candida for over 14 years. Homeopathy has helped to strengthen my immune system but I still have to be careful with my diet. If I go hog wild into sugar and junk I start to feel poorly again. Plus if he has a serious condition of candida, he's definitely going to need more than just a diet to correct this. There are other natural anti-fungals that he can take to aid him in recovery along with anything a homeopath would prescribe.

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        A member on the board once suggested:
        Candida 9C,15C and 30C.
        First week take one dosis Can. 9C
        Second week one dose of 15C
        Third week one dose of the 30C
        Repeat for about three months

        There is an interesting article on Candida by
        Alan Jones (an Austr. homeopath)on
        Does anyone know more about him and his methods?


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          I read the link you suggested and was fascinated by it. You can bet I'll be going over it more closely when I have some free time. I am familiar with Dr. Truss having read his book early on when I was diagnosed.

          In addition as far as the diet goes, I wanted to tell the original poster that I have been experimenting with stevia the past 2 months and have found a couple of good recipes that appeal to a sweet tooth and yet there are not the pitfalls of using sugar. If you are interested, let me know.



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            Use the person's homeopathic simillimum to heal the body, and hence make it inhospitable to such problems. Is there a reason you are not seeking this classical homeopathic approach?? Best to find a local homeopath who is devoted to finding the exact simillimum. You can supplement you local search by beginning an on-line evaluation of the person, but that will take upwards of 4-6 weeks; yet it is well worth your while because it will give you lots of info to print out and carry to your local homeopath(s). Get names from your natiional society of homeopaths and make appointments with 2 or 3, since they often vary dramatically in experience and success rates.


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              It may be encouraging to know that after some years of constitutional treatment my terrible systemic candida is much more under control to where I finally can eat as I wish (although I don't eat a lot of sweets anyway.) I had to diet carefully and drink Pau d' arco tea as well as taking homeopathic Candida for relief for years during treatment, but I will say that now my health is better than it has ever been.



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                Along with homeopathic treatment,follow the regime in "Body Ecology Diet" will be very beneficial. It combines macrobiotics and Western naturopathic nutrition. Easy to understand for the layman.


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                  Since we are on this subject I was wondering if anyone would care to comment on this...I mentioned in an earlier post that I've dealt with candida for 14 years. I became pregnant with my son while the candida was well under control. He is now 7 and had never been on an antibiotic as I always took him to a homeopath since birth. Was nursed til age 3 and ate a really good diet until kindergarten where he first became accustomed to eating sweets but never in large amounts. So a year ago he started having intestinal problems and chronic diahrrea (I have previous posts on the board regarding this). A comprehensive stool analysis was finally done by the Great Smokie Mountain Labs and it was determined that he also had a yeast imbalance and it was severe. How in the world did this happen? Did I pass the tendency or weakness on to him? He also has severe allergies to cashews and pistachioes. Once Geir explained to me that this made sense to him because these nuts were mycotoxins (hope I'm recalling this correctly). So anyways which came first, the nut allergy or the yeast imbalance? So can anyone explain further or Geir if you're out there, can you explain further? Is there a connection to this?

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