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The sad passing of Ananda Zaren

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  • The sad passing of Ananda Zaren

    Dear Friends of Homeopathy,

    I am saddened to report that Ananda Zaren, famed and respected homeopath
    who practiced for several decades in Santa Barbara, California, was killed
    in a car accident on September 20, 2008.

    Ananda Zaren was initially trained as a nurse and as a midwife, but once
    she was introduced to homeopathy in the late 1970s, she was totally smitten
    by this science and art. She was one of the early students of George
    Vithoulkas, and she was a very serious student of Vithoulkas' style of
    classical homeopathy. Early in her career in homeopathy, she integrated
    homeopathy into her midwivery practice, though after a short time, she
    realized that she loved homeopathy more than she loved practicing midwivery.
    She then specialized in homeopathic family medicine, ultimately opening a
    practice in Santa Barbara, California, and calling her clinic "Family
    Medical and Homeopathic Clinic."

    George Vithoulkas is known for having little respect for most
    homeopaths, not only because they didn't practice precisely as he did, but
    also because he doubted the depth and breadth of their materia medica
    knowledge. I remember George once telling me that he respected Ananda and
    her vast knowledge of homeopathic medicines.

    Ananda wrote two books: Materia Medica: Core Elements of the Materia
    Medica of the Mind (volumes I and II). The premise of these books were that
    people have a wound, a wall, and a mask, and she sought to understand what
    was underneth each symptom and each characteristic of a person. Sadly,
    these books were initially published by a German publisher who never paid
    her any sales, and she then re-obtained the legal rights to these books and
    published them herself. Sadly, she had so much more knowledge of homeopathy
    and of homeopathic materia medica than are in these books.

    Ananda was a well-respected teacher of homeopathy who only wanted
    students who had a similar degree of high passion for homeopathy. Ananda
    did not teach a lot in the United States in part because she was so
    well-loved in Europe, especially Germany. I remember that she once gave a
    day-long seminar at a NCH annual conference, and she insisted upon having 8
    (!) televisions in the room so that each attendee could see the interview
    up-close. She wanted and even insisted upon people getting as close to the
    case as possible (and somehow, she felt that having many televisions in the
    room where people in the back rows could also see the case helped them to
    learn more).

    Dana Ullman, MPH
    Homeopathic Educational Services
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    Berkeley, CA. 94704
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