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  • rubric-throat scraping

    I had been taught that the rubric "Throat, scraping" was
    repertory-speak for what we would now call "clearing the throat".
    However, in Complete 2008, the rubric is written "Throat, scraping
    sensation (Pain, rawness)." That seems completely unambiguous and
    completely not what I'd been taught. Comparing this with the 2000
    version, the remedies and sub-rubrics seem roughly the same, and some
    of the sub-rubrics seem consistent with the "throat clearing"
    definition (e.g. "before being able to talk"), while others seem more
    to go with the "pain, rawness" meaning (e.g. "burning, and"), whereas
    others could conceivably apply to either meaning.

    There is a related rubric "hawking", but this is not the same. So if
    "throat scraping" does not mean "clearing the throat", what rubric
    would one use? It seems every bit as significant a symptom as e.g.
    belching etc., or any other "mucus" symptom, so seems weird to have
    this conflict!

    Help!!! Thansks,