Dear Fellow Appreciators of Homeopathy,

If you have ever read Wikipedia's article on homeopathy, you probably got
very confused and quite angry. You discovered an extremely biased
anti-homeopathy article that was full of misinformation. Such is the
problem at present on wikipedia which is edited by anybody, and in fact, the
vast majority of people who edit there do so under pseudonyms, some of whom
work for drug companies, some of whom are bored teenagers, and some of whom
are closed-minded skeptics.

Luckily, there is a NEW good and viable alternative to wikipedia called ( This site was founded by one of the
two gentlemen who started wikipedia, Larry Sanger. Larry was concerned
about the misinformation on wikipedia written by anonymous people, many of
whom are not experts. Therefore, on, he requires every
author to edit under their real names. He and the Editorial Council grant
authority to those people who are real experts and gives them the position
of "editor." An article remains in "draft" stage (and is not readable by
the public) until three "editors" propose acceptance of the article to an
"Editorial Council."

Larry Sanger personally asked me to participate in Citizendium in order to
help create a high quality article on homeopathy. Needless to say, this was
a real pleasure, as distinct from the "edit wars" typical of wikipedia.
That said, other authors and editors on Citizendium are not necessarily
"pro" homeopathy, but they are not nearly as vehementally antagonistic to
homeopathy as are so many people who participate on wikipedia.

I am pleased to announce that after many months of collaborative efforts
from a variety of advocates and skeptics of homeopathy, the article on
homeopathy has been accepted by the Editorial Council. You can now read it
I encourage people to consider using rather than
wikipedia if you want to obtain more accurate information about a subject.
I also encourage people to consider becoming an author at Citizendium.
Information on how to sign-up is provided at this website.

Authors can now further improve this article by editing the DRAFT version
until this next version received support from three editors and then
acceptance by the Editorial Council. THIS is a rational process. And
finally, the efforts on Citizendium to COLLABORATE rather than attack is

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