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Mapping the carbon capture and storage world

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  • Mapping the carbon capture and storage world

    The UK, US, Canada, Australia, China, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Germany and many other countries are all looking carefully at the prospects of capturing carbon dioxide from coal or gas power plants and storing it deep underground. Barely a day goes by without some new pronouncement - whether itís politicians saying they are advancing the technology; think tanks, scientists and environmental groups saying theyíre not moving fast enough; or industry trumpeting joint agreements for carbon capture projects.
    In case youíre feeling slightly bewildered about where and when any serious commercial-scale plants will be built (we havenít seen one yet, by the way), the Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage has developed a brilliant interactive map of projects (large and small) announced so far. Highly recommended. Since each individual large scale plant (say, 400MW or above) will cost at least $1 billion, the first movers in this field are going to require deep pockets, or substantial state support.