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When Militarism 'Invades' Medicine...Doctatorship Happens

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  • When Militarism 'Invades' Medicine...Doctatorship Happens

    The Huffingtonpost gave me a big headline with my newest article...a
    revision from the previous version of this article...
    I hope that people will consider commenting at the website. At the
    comments section, there are the typical attacks against homeopathy, even
    though THIS article is not a homeopathic article (yeah...crazies are out

    When Militarism 'Invades' Medicine...Doctatorship Happens

    This article describes how much military thinking and language dominates
    our thinking (and practice) in medicine and healing. While many people may
    be familiar with some of the metaphors that I've used, I have extended this
    metaphor further than I have seen it...and I too was surprised and amazed at
    how much it all fit (sad, but true)...

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    I've been very surprised that nobody has responded, for this is one of our strongest and most important arguments against the insanities of allopathic medicine. Why do they think like military Minds? Because the sciences developed out of a patriarchal attitude and Apollonian worldview, and they haven't advanced to sciento-philosophic balance since the Italian Renaissance. I therefore quote a favorite book on this most important of all subjects:


    The patriarchal attitude leads a society to pursue high spiritual and intellectual goals; however, patriarchal societies, like the ancient Greek, Roman, and Jewish, perceived a separation between God and the world and between spirit and flesh. Western Civilization derives its philosophy of life primarily from those three cultures; and so Western man conceives of himself as divided within himself – separated from God and in contention with Nature which [that] threatens to overwhelm him. He places high value on his Mind and spirit as being sacred, whereas his bodily needs are regarded as base and dangerous. He molds his environment and exploits it for his own purposes. He’s “realistic,” intellectual, finds dignity in work, bases his self-worth on wealth and the power it gives him, and hedges his life about with laws and boundaries to keep order. He glorifies a strong, disciplined character by which he can subdue his emotions and hold to his ambitious drives. His culture is practical, rational, war-like, aggressive [i.e., competitive rather than cooperative] [UCD] and authoritarian. He has a hard time just being and enjoying.

    On the other hand, matriarchal societies, which are earth centered, regard the human Mind and body as a unity and see God in every aspect of Creation. A man living in such a culture regards the universe as a continuum of intelligent orderliness, and he feels himself to be a drop in the cosmic ocean of life. He believes he should enjoy the caprices of life; and for him, dignity resides in mysticism, fantasy, play, and love. He allows his emotions and instincts to guide him, and he avoids “egocentric,” purposeful behavior toward others. He believes that to allow his head to dictate to his body is insane. The virtues of trust, nurturance, and surrender are highly valued by him. There is a natural democratic sharing of decision-making in his society [i.e., he and his society are egalitarian], and everyone tends to flow with the stream of events of Mother Nature and human nature. He can enjoy pleasure without having feelings of anxiety. Unfortunately, matriarchal societies are not inclined to strive toward civilization-building and Egoic aspirations. . . .

    Several centuries ago, Europeans were agrarian people who worked close to the land and sere in tune with he pulses of Nature. The people turned from that maternal, life-giving emphasis of Nature-consciousness to materialism and ownership. This was brought about by the rise of the merchant middle class and Protestantism which [that] gave impetus to the industrial revolution. The new emphasis on status promoted acquisition and, hence, separateness and covetousness. Then masculine militarism and he patriarchal traditions of the ruling class came to he fore to organize the energy of the general populace into nationalism. The patriarchal and matriarchal view of the world have come to be extremes of what should be a balanced whole that incorporates the best aspects of these two world views [worldviews]. . . . The advantages of technology and practicality must be blended with care for Nature and the elimination of antisocial aggressiveness [emphasis mine].

    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and


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      Interesting. Who and where is that quote from?


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        BacZilla, Medicine's Terrorist

        BacZilla, Medicine’s Terrorist
        They hold to the unreliable proposition that microscopic entities called bacilli, bacteria, vira and microbes have sufficient power to make us sick. They even go so far as to declare these creatures can kill you, regardless their infinitesimal size and that therefore they are exceedingly dangerous and must be killed themselves.
        Iatrogenesis or environmental impact, except in occupational hazards with the latter, are generally ignored and they never listen to the patient. Side effects are also iatrogenic or caused by the medicine. If the patient complains about side effects, his complaint is ignored unless the effects are visible to the doctor.
        The patient is told that such reactions occur seldom and he must not worry; it is simply ‘the body adjusting to the treatment.’ When the side effects are severe, they hook the patient up to machinery in ‘intensive care’, leave him further to his own devices, go about their business and hope for the best. If he succumbs, it is simply written off as ‘collateral damage’ or they blame the disease, whichever is more convenient to the situation.

        They rather stare themselves blind on numbers from machine readings and numbers of creatures in slick microscopic slides, in which they have caught the vira and microbes, bacteria and bacilli or other germs, associated with disease. These numbers may satisfy the bookkeeper’s mentality, but they do not numb the discerning intellect into blind acceptance or uncritical, slavish following.

        Resembling the situation in the last couple of wars the US has been engaged in, we could call this medical war on the germs the Vietnam or the Iraq War of Medicine. Since the Iraq War is factual, real and since the situations resemble each other so well, we have chosen this War as our metaphor.
        They consider BacZilla one of the main terrorists of medicine and have a host of these creatures ready to scare us with. They credit them with unbelievable powers over life and death and declare that all must be eliminated from every surface – hence the cleaning agents that sell best are those that advertise ‘it kills 99% of all germs and bacteria!’

        So great is their fear that laboratories where these things are bred for commercial purposes such as vaccine making have more stringent security measures than a high-security prison and as much as or more than the headquarters of the CIA in Langley or the Pentagon and the White House. In fact, their fear is entirely unhealthy and unwarranted, but that has not yet penetrated their understanding.
        They credit BacZilla and his ilk with incredible adaptive powers – which they do have, to our luck – and to elude every attempt to conquer and kill them. The germs learn as much from the ‘medical occupation’ as they possibly can and every new weapon thrown at them will shortly be rendered obsolete and useless. We shall later learn how they adapt to the tactics employed and how they learn to evade, occupy or otherwise render enemy troops bogged down and occupied with tasks other than holding the country – defending themselves against a heavy counter-insurgency.
        BacZilla, al-Bacterium, bin-Microbe and al-Virus form the vanguard of the different resistance groups, while Hiv is the elusive Osama bin-Laden of medicine. Like these elusive characters, they are very hard to spot, let alone to catch and conquer, for it seems that for everyone killed ten others come to the funeral and continue the insurgency. When you then bomb the funerals the insurgency goes everywhere; without any funerals, metaphorically speaking.
        Inserting troops in the area may get a civil war going – often the al-bin-Fungus-Candida tribe wants to take over and you have to bring in new troops to take care of that problem. Only in case al-Virus is involved do you get other problems than the al-bin-Fungus-Candida crowd, but these problems are equally often insurmountable. They involve the more dangerous tribes from the Mountains of the Pancreas and Liver regions and the Mesopotamia of the rivers of Blood, which quickly wreck the entire economy first and ruin the country as the cherry on the cake. This medley of creatures is the supposedly extremely dangerous crowd, which medicine imagines they have to face in most cases of disease.

        Let me quote to you James Tyler Kent, a nineteenth century homoeopath, who pointed out what was wrong in his time and which is still the same today. Trained as an orthodox doctor, he entered the Ecclesiastical School of Medicine as a teacher and later became a homoeopath when his wife was miraculously cured of a long-standing sickness that had resisted all other treatment.

        'Anything that looks away from exactitude is unscientific. The physician must be classical; everything must be methodical. Science ceases to be scientific, when disorderly application of the law is made,’
        (Kent J.T. Lectures on the Philosophy)
        Operation “Enduring Ignorance”
        The medical world has imagined its own al-Qaeda – the invisible army of viruses, bacilli, bacteria and microbes and other germs. With exactly the same attributes: unknown, except for the ‘leaders’; being everywhere and nowhere. And like their terrorist counterpart, seemingly invincible. We have encountered some of their different tribes in the last few pages.
        Above we also already referred to the ‘insurgent’ nature of Aids and the results of its ability to escape seemingly unscathed, whatever we throw at it. Whole armies of antibiotic ‘grunts’ are slaughtered, all ‘three-letter agencies’ like AZT, are unsuccessful in subduing the ‘insurgency’; regardless the heavy and continuous bombardment with drugs or even ‘ethnic cleansing’ via blood transfusions – city after city comes under control of the ‘insurgency’. Persisting it this faulty notion is what we call Operation “Enduring Ignorance”.

        Here is another quote, by the same Dr Kent. He explains clearly what all these germs truly are. Such insights are generally ignored. When ignored, the ignorer is ignorant. Kent was a contemporary of Pasteur and one of the few who saw through the scam. He refused to be counted among the ignorant and his first dictum was that ‘everything must be scientific’. Here is what he had to say about Pasteur’s ideas and its followers:

        'Most doctors have gone crazy over the ‘vicious microbe’ as being the cause of disease and think the little fellows exceedingly dangerous. As a matter of fact, the microbes are scavengers. I wonder if scientists reflect when they make statements about bacteria. Naturally they would say that the more bacteria the more danger, but this is not so. It is well known that shortly after death a prick from the scalpel is a serious matter. This is due to the ptomaines (sewer gasses) of the corpse; but when the cadaver has become green and filled with bacteria, it is comparatively harmless. The microbe is not the cause of disease. We should not be carried away by these idle allopathic dreams and vain imaginations, but should correct the vital force. The bacterium is an innocent fellow and if he carries disease, he carries the simple substance, which causes disease, just as an elephant would.'
        (Kent J.T. The Lesser Writings)

        Should we now all go out and shoot all the elephants?
        The simple substance is of course consciousness, for it is in our consciousness that we carry diseased states.

        Disease is a dynamic, conscious process and has therefore conscious dynamic causes that have their foundation in the self. We cannot expect to remain healthy when our mode of living is exploitative of both resources and people. It makes us moreover unhappy. This explains also why, when a 'viral, microbial, bacterial or bacillus disease’ is around, not everyone will get the disease. Two people working next to each other will not be both sick, when the one is a happy person. His colleague will not be able to infect him. Why else does not everyone get sick during the flue season? Some people have better immunity, which protects them better, they will say.
        Happiness and contentment – being dynamic in their nature – form the best immunity. Each person who gets the flue or another disease has a mental or emotional problem, is discontent or is unhappy or makes himself so. These are also dynamic processes of course.
        If you go from home without sufficient clothes, you do have a mental problem, for then you are a fool. The result is that promptly you will catch a cold. A happy man is smart enough to bring a jacket on a warm day, followed by a cold night. Only those that refuse to use their brains and do not think ahead catch colds. As soon as the temperature drops, they become cold and decidedly unhappy. Unhappy people get sick – there are no bones about it. The dynamics of feeling unpleasantly cold are such that one gets sick.
        The dynamics of the healthy differ from that of the sick and these dynamics are the clues to disease and must therefore be studied. All examples here show dynamic, rather than physical causes. For one person stands up better to poisoning than another, simply because of the dynamics of his mental state and the consequent reactions of his body. They mirror each other perfectly.
        Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.


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          War on Disease

          Medicine’s al-Qaeda is exactly like its counterpart – it learns from the tactics, as we already explained. Being part of the defence system, it cannot act otherwise, although it first has to accept the occupation. The resistance then developing is not only natural, but necessary for survival. As in Iraq, the greater the suppression and oppression, the worse the outcome, even if it seems that the insurgency is subdued by a surge. Like in Iraq, they bide their time to renew the insurgency at the first lull in attention, troop withdrawal or other event, such as the arming of one group while not doing the same for another. In our case, al-bin-Fungus-Candida was armed at the expense of other groups and only those affiliated – of the el-Fungi faction – were equally armed.
          Even when a strong and large ‘foreign coalition army’ in the form of HAART or triple-therapy is sent in, it is helpless and powerless to save even a part, let alone the entire country, from ruin.

          They resemble the Vice-President of the US. For, to enjoy that lifestyle – ‘our way of life is not negotiable’ (Dick Cheney) – they are willing to risk a civil war in the body, with all its devastating results.

          This is the realistic and true picture of the war on the medical terrorists and its supposedly ‘only temporary’ outcome as viewed by the orthodox. As in Iraq, the temporary has become the permanent and the outcome is disastrously reminiscent of the medical failure in conquering disease.
          Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.


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            Antibiotics - The Surge.

            ‘Does this mean that antibiotics are immune-suppressant drugs? This is an explosive question. Drugs generally classified as suppressants-suppressants are very dangerous. They are used only on people with cancer, and also after organ-transplants. They greatly increase the risk of serious bacterial and viral infection, and also of cancer, and are used only when patients are otherwise likely to die.’

            * We see that there is an apparent need to defend the use of antibiotics. Notwithstanding the subsequent demolition, it has been weakened by the above admission. How else are they going to treat sexually transmittable diseases? They have nothing else. Moreover the description of immune-suppressant drugs is too general and told as if only belonging to the anti-cancer drugs. AZT is such a drug, so why the hesitation? Antibiotics are in the same class, so why the hesitation?

            ‘In ordinary circumstances, antibiotics are nothing like as dangerous as these drugs. As already stated, one course of antibiotics destroys the bacteria in the gut but not utterly, and a healthy balance of resident bacteria is usually restored soon after antibiotic therapy.
            ‘The only class of antibiotic that is commonly identified as suppressive is tetracycline, because of its profound destruction of so many species of resident gut flora. And in a sense allergic reactions are reassuring because as mentioned, they show that the body's inner immune defences are being irritated and therefore obviously in working order. Basically healthy people are very unlikely to disrupt their inner immune defences by taking just one course of antibiotics.’

            * Healthy people also die of anaphylactic shock, if they are sensitive. Truly healthy people also have no need of antibiotics, so how does that correlate with their immune response? This inaccurate sort of description must be avoided, when confronted with Aids.

            ‘Nevertheless, antibiotics do have a suppressive effect on our defences against infection. Given that our outer defences, including resident bacteria and the mucosal lining of the body's inner passages, are an integral part of our immune system, it follows inescapably that all antibiotics are by their nature immunosuppressant – mildly so, no doubt, compared with the drugs used on cancer and organ transplant patients, but immunosuppressive nonetheless.
            ‘How much this matters depends on the general state of the health of the individual, the type of antibiotic and the strength and length of the course. As ever, babies and little children, old people, hospital patients and anybody else who is generally weak or ill are at greatest risk and this includes many, if not most people on the antibiotic treadmill, taking more and more courses for recurrent infections.
            ‘Most vulnerable of all are people who are already immune-suppressed. But which came first; immune-suppression or antibiotics?
            ‘Here is the view of Professor Sandy Raeburn, head of the department of clinical genetics at Nottingham University, a specialist in disease of young children. In 1972 he wrote a paper for the Lancet, on "Antibiotics and Immunodeficiency":

            "Immunological-deficiency syndromes were not observed before 1952. A possible explanation is that some of these conditions are produced by administration of antibiotics to certain individuals at a critical point in the development of immune responses."

            ‘Dr Raeburn gave examples of immunodeficiency diseases suffered mostly by babies and young children. Combined immunodeficiency (DIC) lays infants open to diarrhoea, thrush, pneumonia and other infections, and may increase the chance of cancer. Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) also makes babies more vulnerable to bacterial infections.’

            From the table above – which is far from complete with a total of over 400 known bacteria and other germs living in the gut – we see that even the so-called dangerous bacteria, like streptococcus and enterococcus live already at a population density from 10,000 to a billion in our throat, stomach and gut respectively. Enterococcus tops a massive 100billion, just like other bacteria such as staphylococcus, which are supposed to be dangerous. If this were so, then why do they belong to the largest population groups in the digestive system? Moreover, why are we not constantly sick at such densities?
            It is simply because they already are very important for digestion and when we eat something spoilt, they merely increase their number to correct our foolish dietary indiscretions. Promptly, the doctors blame the bacilli and bacteria for the indiscretion, so absolving man from his responsibilities and making him a willing victim.
            A Decent Burial
            Let us look at the virus or germ theory a little closer. It is but an assumption that germs cause disease. They say their evidence is presented in the fact that when they kill the bacteria or vira, the disease is soon gone as well. The vira become active from some outside trigger – generally an invasion by and of those same germs. They attack the living cells and destroy them, in the process using the cell-DNA to multiply. A virus is really nothing more than a string of mRNA cells, which need another cell’s DNA to complete them and divide. If this is allowed to continue unabated, the body will succumb under the onslaught and the victim will die.

            That sounds like the correct view, is it not? After all, Pasteur already proved this more than 150 years ago, is the argument.
            Pasteur put medicine on the wrong foot and it has not made a single step forward since.
            His Quasimodo of a theory is now about to meet its maker, since we will sufficiently show that it better join Pasteur in his grave. They then can both start turning, as we expose both their flaws – Pasteur in his faulty reasoning and his theory in its consequent Quasimodo Gestalt.

            Pasteur made a few assumptions, which we shall scrutinise further, to discover whether they stroke with the facts or not. The first is the assumption that germs cause disease.
            When a disease is full-blown, what is the picture of the blood and/or the tissues?
            A so-called ‘viral or bacterial disease’ is characterised by a high level of vira or other germs in the blood and tissues of victims of full-blown cases, known as the viral or bacterial load. This is – and we should note this well – invariably the case with all viral or other diseases supposedly caused by a bacterium, a bacillus or a microbe. Invariably this is noted in full-blown cases. Before the case is full-blown we see but an amount corresponding to the severity of the progression. As we noted before about some wisdom we would not defile, if more germs can be seen, more germs will be seen.
            If we examine the blood of any healthy person, we may find the virus or germ in some cases, but never in disproportionate amounts. In the sick, everyone has a very high count. When normally it may be one per million, in disease it is one or two per three cells. This is the picture and this is the reality of the facts with all diseases that have an associated germ, of whichever class.
            Therefore, we discover that the disease is nothing more nor less than an ultimate result. We go to visit the doctor when we feel sick and not at any other time. We do not go there for a social chat, but to complain about something that bothers us, gives us pain or is otherwise uncomfortable. There is no other reason why would go there. In fact, we try to avoid going there at all costs and postpone the visit till it is inevitable – the result has become too apparent and causes too much distress.
            Doctors are not on our wish lists of frequent visits or visitors. We do not like them very much, for the things they have to say to us are those things we do not even want at all, let alone hear about them. Therefore, we stay away from them as much as possible. Vira and germs are not on our wish lists either and we want to avoid them also as much as we can. We do not seem to realise their importance, other than as the supposed destroyers of our health.
            Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.


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              Disease as a Process

              Disease as a Process

              The disease is but a process of elimination, which in itself is a healthy occurrence. It occurs because we have a wrong attitude and mentality, suffer from grief, anger, worry or fear and this reflects on the body, which becomes sick as a consequence. Hence it is a dynamic process, dependent on the development from subtle to gross. It is dependent on the reflection of the mental state in the physical appearance and its functions and structure. Both mentally and physically, these things must be eliminated to become healthy. Unless the physical elimination process goes faster than the replenishment, there is little to worry about. Only when the elimination has gone beyond the critical balance that maintains life can we consider the disease to carry real danger and the degree and speed with which the process diminishes the life force determines the severity of the disease.
              The germ is the agent of elimination and in disease there is a need of great quantities of them. Hence the appearance of ever more germs of the appropriate kind as the disease progresses and more disease-products have to be eliminated, is nothing to be afraid of – on the contrary; it has to be lauded. This explains perfectly why there are more germs as the disease progresses towards the ultimate state, which is when it begins to bother us too much and we finally go see a doctor. When we see the doctor, we arrive with a disease ultimate – the final product, from which we seek relief.
              The disease-product of elimination is slime, pus, serum, growths or other waste products as generated for instance in diarrhoea or catarrh and cancer. A by-product of elimination may carry toxins, which are the substances that can make us feel sicker and may be dangerous to life, such as in cholera and Ebola or the parasites in malaria and yellow fever.
              All these components of the disease-process take place simultaneously and are interdependent. None of them are in any way to be considered causes or even maintainers of disease, but simply results of the disease process of elimination. In an epidemic, only those people with a similar mental state will develop the disease. Therefore, an epidemic will never hit more than 8 to 15% of the population, because at any one time, this is a percentage that has a similar mental state.
              They form the totality of symptoms as experienced by the patient, but not necessarily in the exact above terms. His experience is different only in terminology and expression and that only to a limited degree too. He also experiences the mental and emotional state, the pus, slime, serum or diarrhoea, but gives the doctor further details about these that are not covered by the above general descriptions. These personal descriptions represent the individual aspect of the experience as opposed to the general ones. Each of the above processes are experienced somehow by the patient but in a unique manner, exclusive to that patient only. The pattern is similar but never identical, because it is ruled by individuality. Pattern recognition is therefore the grand secret and skill of the physician, for it enables him to quickly diagnose and prescribe. He learns it by repetition and study of his own patient records, looking for similarities in behaviour, habits, tastes and manners.
              Soon he will discover that those similar patterns belong to people with similar problems and thus similar remedies. He will discover that the law of similars can teach him a great deal about how people form groups – birds of a feather flock together. He will discover that politicians in Parliament for instance are comparable to a ‘Lycopodium convention’. Lycopodium here being a remedy with characteristics of bullying, bluffing and evading blame and responsibility; full of intestinal gas, on the heat of which they try to elevate themselves above the common people – the perfect picture of politicians.
              He discovers that diseases form fixed patterns along fixed lines of development and symptoms. He finds that they are not conjectural general syndromes with fancy names, but personal, often painful experiences of suffering people.
              Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.


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                Originally posted by Zepellin View Post
                Interesting. Who and where is that quote from?

                In the Q & A forum of an old issue (probably from the late 1960s or early ‘70s) of either THE LEMURIA BUILDER or the STELLE LETTER, the author of that book [Footnote: He was probably the only person to have studied under all seven Scribes of the seven mystery schools – mystery meaning “profound truth” – of the seven lesser Brotherhoods. Beginning with the oldest of those 21,000 years ago on Atlantean soil (now Antarctica), all of those were formed by Christ, our solar system’s Regent ArchAngel whose real name is Melki-Zadek or Melchizedek when with the guttural Hebraic inflections. In the third time He walked the Earth as a man, He took the relinquished brain and body of the High Adept come Master named Jesus at the Baptism and gave them up on the Cross.] cryptically said, “The ULTIMATE FRONTIER was written to appeal to the few and turn away all others. What does that mean?

                Many years later, when I asked him in person, he in turn asked me, “Who are the few?” I answered, “I’ve always thought it meant class-A thinkers [Footnote: Those are people with clear and independent thought either wholly or mostly devoid of conditioned-reflex brain reactions to half-truths and lies. They have comprised less than 1% of incarnant humanity since Mu went down 26,000 years ago and took with it Mukulian/Lemurian Civilization, which lasted 52,000 years and was the source of most of the over 100 million Masters (i.e., perfected human beings ready to advance to Angelic existence, who’ve advanced through all 12 degrees of Sainthood) and over one billion Saints (i.e., First through Eleventh Degree) in our 13-billion-member Human Life Wave.] but especially proto-Initiates [proto-Saints].” He nodded with a smile and replied, “Well said, Albert.”

                He then asked me, “Who are the others?” I again answered unsure, “I’d guess class-B and class-C thinkers [respectively, the masses, constituting 90% of incarnant humanity for the last 26 Dark Millennia, and their equally misguided leaders, constituting 9%] but certainly the insincere and merely curious.” He again nodded but with a bigger smile.

                He finally asked me, “So, what do you [emphasis] think it means?” I immediately said, “Sir, if you’ll permit me [to say] what will be insulting if I’m wrong, the book contains five or six wholly ridiculous remarks [that are] totally out of character with the rest of it, and my experience is that most people ignore the rest of it and somehow discard the book.” I uncontrollably dropped my head in disbelief and barely fought off tears. When I soon looked up, he had an even bigger smile, again nodding, and he then firmly grasped my right shoulder with his left hand and firmly shook my hand. We were friends for the rest of his life, and I still grieve the loss of a surely obvious Saint.

                The book does exactly what I said it does, and it’s still my favorite read out of hundreds of thousands of books and articles worth reading after 38 years as a scholar. Once cure is assuredly underway, all of my patients get that book. End of story.

                God bless!
                Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
       and and and


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                  That is hilarious and excellent! I'm still chuckling. I'd pick away at it a bit to correct some things I find in error, but they're so few and the rest is so excellent that it can wait quite a long time. My hero! Well done, pal. It's hilarious!

                  Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
         and and and


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                    I find I have a few more thoughts along this line. Bear with me. It gets good even if what I initially say bothers you or sounds like a broken record. I emphasize, though, that I repeat things because most readers of online forums never bother to read previous postings as well as because Amos Comenius, the Father of Education, emphasized the axiom "Repeat, repeat, repeat!" I never understand that when endlessly asked questions I’ve already answered or explained or those easily answered by simply reading Samuel Hahnemann’s brilliant and highly futuristic writings, but I somehow seem to manage wiggling through them without making significant mistakes and hope this one also qualifies. Ready, set, go.

                    Allopathic thinking is and has been adopted by almost all people on the planet for as far back as ignorant academics can trace civilization. Typical of such sophistic morons, that's only 6.2% of the true history of civilization on Earth, but it’s not surprisingly the worst part of it. Unfortunately, allopathic thinking is so incredibly moronic and insane (i.e., "delusional") that it's unfathomable to homeopaths and horrendously scary to us that everyone adopts such nonsense as though it's some God-damned religion. Easy evidence commeth: "I have to do what my doctor says." God help us!

                    None of it makes any sense when really examined, and certainly nothing allopaths and advocates of allopathic medicine say about chronic diseases and psychiatric maladies is at all correct. In fact, they don't have a single one of their manifold basic assumptions or definitions correct, period! What happens when you foul up your basic premises and definitions? Presto chango, absolutely all of your conclusions will be wrong, and that includes what you do with them.

                    No surprise commeth: Allopaths can't cure anything but bacterial infections, and even those little beasties adapt and become antibiotic-resistant bacterium. (Incidentally, I take special pride in saying that homeopaths don't suffer the consequences of such idiocy and never have.) That leaves 99.99% of all the deadly diseases in industrialized societies allopaths can't cure. If you connect the dots, you again come full circle to the above conclusion: All of their assumptions are wrong. What is so difficult about that equation and logic? Every child can understand it! Conclusion commeth: Everyone is hopelessly brainwashed.

                    Uh oh, you don't want to say that to dangerously ignorant morons, especially when they number 6.8 billion people who breed like flies. They'll take it offensively even though it's said to help them free themselves (something only they can do) from such deadly dangerous enslavement to seemingly endless half-truths and lies. They'll go, "No, I'm not!" Their fists are clinched when they say that, too, and the more dangerous ones have a club or other weapon in their hands and usually with their oh-holy book or national charter in the other. What a surprise (he said facetiously) that left-brain dominant people defend their insanities by killing messengers of Truth. I then typically go: "Wanna bet? I can prove it in a second." I endlessly prove it, and yet they all still maintain their totally indefensible and tremendously dangerous views on medicine and whatnot that were adopted by perfected brainwashing from birth to the grave. Homeopathy can mightily assist in freeing people from indoctrination to falsehoods by providing them mental freedom, but people today can't even conceive of that. What's wrong with this picture?

                    Allopathic medicine is unquestionably the major culprit in absolutely all of the horrors of our world because its falsehoods underlie absolutely all of the conclusions and decisions people make out of abject ignorance of homeopathy, the actual Science of Medicine due to the 10 natural Laws of Medicine. We have sick people in charge of all power structures and sick people everywhere else there's air, so who else is to blame for this but those who admit they can't cure? Why do we vote for morons and tyrants, anyway? In general, why is their crime, corruption, tyranny and social injustice everywhere we look? Why do most people either fail to notice them or complacently accept them? These kinds of questions are endless because the sources of them endlessly manufacture half-truths and lies designed to mislead the mindless followers constituting the masses (90% of incarnant humanity) and their leaders. None of it makes sense, though.

                    Why have doctors without cures? What is so damn difficult about that question? They admit they can't cure 99.99% of deadly illnesses in industrialized societies and the three other travesties of justice I named above, so why accept such self-admitted quacks who're the creators of most of the diseases they can't cure and who further admit they kill almost all of their patients? People have blank stares when we ask them that question and generally refute those indisputable facts constantly admitted to by allopathic authorities. How does that work? Lifelong brainwashing, Jethro, and it doesn't help that most people are also ridiculously ignorant, servile, complacent, selfish and brain damaged (due to premature cutting of their umbilical cords by God-damned allopaths).

                    How do you fix that? God apparently always answers: "By a Great Plague, you fools! How else can it be fixed?" That was the seeming reason for the God-damned Asiatic cholera of 1828-33, for it naturally brought homeopathy to the consciousness of Hippocrates' "ordinary folk" and thus created the meteoric rise of homeopathy in 19th-century America and Europe because we alone cured it and every other disease patients thereafter came to us with. Ignorant skeptics of these facts need to see William Harvey King’s HISTORY OF HOMŒOPATHY AND ITS INSTITUTIONS IN AMERICA (long subtitle -- link: HISTORY OF HOMOEOPATHY AND ITS INSTITUTIONS IN AMERICA By William Harvey King, M. D., LL. D. Presented by Sylvain Cazalet) and Vol. III of Harris Coulter’s DIVIDED LEGACY: A HISTORY OF THE SCHISM IN MEDICAL THOUGHT (another long subtitle).

                    It’s still the same ridiculously tragic situation with tremendously virulent infectious diseases, too: They can’t cure them, but we can. A Great Plague is therefore coming. Of course, they’re inevitable in perennial terms every few hundred years, but this philosophical issue perhaps explains when they come and why. Allopaths only concern themselves with how they arise, and it’s always attributed to little beasties rather than what allopaths have done to the otherwise perfect human immune systems of everyone on the planet by their pernicious therapies through generations of servile victims of that God-damned blood cult of inadvertent mass murder by physicians.

                    It’s never any coincidence that wonderful things happen after Great Plagues when homeopaths have been around and with the means to disseminate instructions to the populations about how to cure them. We did it through full-page statements in newspapers at our own expenses throughout the 19th century in each and every epidemic, all of which raged except in our hands, but Hahnemannians weren’t around during the so-called “Spanish” flu pandemic of 1918; i.e., it wasn’t from Spain and wasn’t a Great Plague, for allopaths created it with their God-damned vaccines. Therefore, nobody remembered the lessons of the past and therefore suffered in allopathic hands throughout 1918 around the world.

                    They’re now again destined to repeat those mistakes of listening to doctors without cures when the next Great Plague comes and again threatens to wipe out half of the populations of all cities and one third of those in rural areas. The Internet will, however, probably prevent such devastation as has been the norm, and history will again repeat itself by bringing us once again to the top of medical circles because we belong there when the facts are known. Isn't that sad but interesting and strangely heartwarming that a Great Plague will usher in the Final Philosophy of mankind?

                    When will that happen? The most recent date in the Great Pyramid’s hyper-accurate prophecies was 2001¾. That clearly referred to the so-called “Events of 9/11.” The next date in those prophecies, which have been accurate for 6700 years, is 2045¾. What do you want to bet that’s what it marks? Of course, “the Final Philosophy” (Galileo) will not be the one to usher in the Kingdom of God on Earth, for that will require further mass adjustment to the Perfect Philosophy, but it will resolve all of our current dilemmas in the sciences, humanities and religions and thus throughout our societies. What do you want to bet? I’ll bet a dollar because that structure is on the back of it, and I never bet that unless I’m sure.

                    There are lots of strange questions when you examine allopathic medicine with knowledge of homeopathy, and the issue of a military mindset naturally opens up a great many of them to critical examination. I like this one because it’s so Socratic: Why do the proponents of allopathic medicine bother to defend it when it has no defenses? Wealth, prestige and abuses of power are always involved in such evil machinations. After all (ready, set, go):

                    1. They're self-admitted quacks because the word literally means "therapeutic incompetent," and that's what they constantly tell us they are when you read their textbooks and medical journals and see “incurable” after absolutely every disease except bacterial infections;

                    2. They're the creators of most of the diseases they can't cure and now also readily admit that (boy, were we surprised by that one);

                    3. They're responsible for iatromega-genocide amounting to fully 71% of hospital deaths by euthanasia but actually numbering 97-98% of such deaths because fully 26% of allopathic deaths end up in civil court in wrongful death suits; and

                    4. They also unwittingly accept blame for all of the horrors of industrial chemistry because the absolutely insane allopathic notion of so-called "safe levels of poisons" underlies all of industrial chemistry, which of course is now threatening all life on Earth in an imminent future unless we stop these hundreds of millions of monsters from Hell.

                    They defend it because they think they're right. This is called misguided sincerity, and it's the source of most of the wrongheaded errors that have ever befallen the human race. How can they possibly think they're right, though, given those four constantly admitted facts from the highest allopathic authorities? Hell of a good question, isn't it? Volumes have written about this since the rediscovery of the sciences and humanities during the Italian Renaissance, and I've certainly contributed my two bits in previous postings, but I'll again take a stab at being succinct about it given the foregoing postings in this thread.

                    Scientists today rely upon and have for centuries past relied upon what they know via empirical facts and almost invariably ignore the obvious and thus refute logical arguments no matter how sound. Here's my favorite example. This is the first question of the physician: A man dies and something's gone; where was it? If you can't answer that question, you're in big trouble and headed for a ghastly agonal, horrendously horrible and premature iatrogenic death in allopathic hands while all of the way toward that destiny creating negative karma (Sanskrit for "carryover" effects), or sins.

                    Why does that happen? Because people today obviously know nothing about right and wrong, Truth and falsehood or good and bad, and each generation descends in a downward spiral of compromising Truth underlain by frightening servility simply because they can’t think clearly and for themselves. Why is that so difficult, though? There’s nothing special about me or any other Hahnemannian other than our unquenchable love of Truth. My parents were certainly wonderful, but they didn’t make me a Saint, because they didn’t know any of the truths of existence or how to develop the brains of children and certainly didn’t know much about academic subjects even though they both wonderfully knew how to love. I don’t know the answer to that profound question even though I’ve thought about it a lot, but the fact remains that there’s nothing special about me or any Hahnemannians I know, so why is it so difficult for other people to think clearly and for themselves? Hahnemann’s father meticulously instilled that way of thinking into young Samuel as a boy by giving him really tough questions to answer by the evening meal, and he thoroughly inculcated into him the ancient axiom to hold to what proves good and true. My parents certainly did that but only in a roundabout way by example. It was apparently sufficient and verifies my choice of them as parents, but I’ve seen their like rather often and even more so in recent years. Despite constantly depressing visible evidence to the contrary among the masses, that latter observation would seem to portend well as we move further into the 21st century, just as we might expect of the future humanity well deserves.

                    In every instance of scientific advancement of any significance, somebody simply noticed something wrong in some basic assumption. School scientists are apparently incapable of that and always have been because they're all just class-B thinkers (9% of incarnant humanity for the last 26,000 years). They readily acquiesced to all of the half-truths and lies they were taught and subsequently do so with everything later shown to them simply because they lack the clear and independent thought of class-A thinkers. Incidentally, class-C thinkers are not part of this equation because they're just follower fools who'll clearly believe anything, and the endless mumbo jumbo of religions and pseudo science are sufficient evidence for that.

                    Most scientists thus never reexamine what they believe (emphasis). They call them facts but can't defend them. They say that this and that endless hokum is science and scientific, but they fail to realize that they skew scientific method with false assumptions they plug into it. They further fail to recognize that there are 10 natural laws specific to medicine even though they're readily proved by anyone, which irrefutably shows everyone that homeopathy is the actual Science of Medicine.

                    For emphasis, they readily confuse subjects ending in –ology (meaning “study of”) with pure sciences, so they naturally fail to recognize that homeopathy is one of the very few latter. It’s pretty much endless yada yada from these types of personalities, and class-A thinkers are incensed by the dumb-ass mistakes by those academic morons.

                    They stubbornly hold to their views in the same way every fanatical religionist does against all evidence to the contrary. In fact, they call their belief structure the "consensus of opinion." Okie dokie, it's a belief, right, Jethro? They'll go, "No, it's fact." It is? "Yeah!" What if I shatter it back into oblivion and expose you as a dangerous fool who's unwittingly resonant with Hell? They'll chuckle right on cue. So, I shatter it, and they're shaken. Does it change their views? I mean, I just shattered them. Do they reform their views? Dream on, Jethro. They're not capable of it.

                    It takes an uncommon intellect to adjust to the Truth when exposed to depths of it that totally shatter everything one believes with all of their heart, Mind and Soul. School scientists simply aren't capable of doing that. They rest upon authoritarianism as their make-shift religion and authority figures as their make-shift priesthoods of fools. Despite the easily demonstrated fact that the emperor has no clothes on except among actual scholars (who’re fewer than you probably think there are), these allopathic morons and their equally mindless advocates will endlessly go, "Professor Big Wig of Dumbass University says [so and so], and that's good enough for me and the rest of us." I have a general response to such foolishness: If it permanently removes you and yours from the planet as dangerously ignorant fools, sure thing, Bubba; you can believe anything you want, but hurry along, please, and get that new brain while there’s still time left in the universe.

                    Yeah, that’s funny, but those morons line up for centuries to replace previous fools in positions of academic and professional authority, so that's no solution. We have to cure them. How do you do that, though? They'll go, "I'm not sick!" You hold insane views and do insanely destructive things, but you're not sick? How does that work? "No, I don't!" Yes, you do, and watch me prove it. I endlessly prove it, but they still don't listen. It's all "teaha tole me" stuff with those morons. That's as good as I can do this time. Fun, huh?

                    Finally, who is surprised at the condition of the world, of civilization and of humanity when we understand even those few things? Not us.

                    God bless!
                    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B
           and and and


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                      Circular Reasoning by Bungling Bishops

                      We are in a hole in time, which is the cavern of modern medicine. Walls that are dogmas, from which drips ancient wisdom in a patter of slimy opinions, while outside a storm of data has gathered.
                      They start with the logic of Euclid. The shortest connection between two points is a straight line. What is a straight line? The shortest connection between two points. Regardless the straightness of the lines it is circular reasoning.
                      Then they continue with the wisdom of Newton. If there is no change in the direction of a moving body, the direction of a moving body is not changed. But if something is changed, it is changed as much as it is changed.
                      They are like geologists, determining the age of the rocks by the fossils. How is the age of fossils determined? By the age of the rocks.

                      Now from medicine’s point of view:
                      What is the shortest possible connection between health and disease? The shortest possible time between giving a medicine and killing the germs is a straight poison. What is the shortest possible connection between disease and health? A straight poison is the best possible means to kill germs in the shortest time. Notwithstanding the straightness of the poison, it will also kill the patient by circumvention.
                      If a medicine does not change the numbers of the machine, the numbers on the machine are not changed. If a medicine does change the numbers on the machine, it changes them as much as they are changed. In other words, their statement is that the medicine is either useless and the patient does not get better. Or the medicine is supposed to work and the patient gets better. Such wisdom we must defile. If you ask the patients, they tell you they are not getting better.
                      Similarly, how is the virus determinable of disease? By the amount of vira in a disease. How is the disease determinable by the vira? By the severity of the disease compared to the amount of vira. Their statement is that when more vira can be seen more vira will be seen. Such wisdom we shall not defile.

                      Hence, circular reasoning is employed in medical science today. They find themselves in an august assembly, as we noted from our examples, yet the popularity of a faulty piece of reasoning does not make it right. This is however what one expects from faulty religious belief – it must use circular reasoning to remain standing. The Church of Medical Science also presents its catechism in circular terms, invoking mythological beings to sustain it. Here are the mythological entities that the Church has designated as worshipful
                      The quasi-devil Virus and his consort Bacterium are the deities worshiped by the atheistic-materialistic Church of Medical Science. Bacterium and Virus are always invoked, especially because nobody seems to have the faintest idea how to explain them. Generally, they explain them away as the Cause of all causes; a position, which religion reserves for the supreme deity. When these devils don’t suffice, the other devils, Bacillus and Microbe, can be invoked whenever Virus and Bacterium don’t answer their prayers.

                      A Money-Theistic Religion

                      There is a new star in the firmament of medical devils, invoked because neither the major nor the minor devils answered the prayers. They call this devil Hiv and he is the Evil One, who tries to dethrone the major deities. Gallo and Montagnier are the Moses and Aaron of this deity and they have given us their Ten Commandments on what it is and how to deal with it. After all, Gallo/Moses went up the Mountain Hiv and ‘saw the glory’. He appears to be gradually succeeding, but it seems like the Golden Calf in appearance. This is no wonder, for this real and veritable devil is iatrogenesis in disguise.

                      Whether they jump or arrive at a more leisurely pace at the conclusion, they stubbornly believe Aids to be caused by Hiv. We expect the pantheon of devils to expand much further once there are enough iatrogenic diseases demanding their appearance. It is a polytheistic belief, as we discover, while they like to present themselves differently. Instead, they profile themselves as a purely money-theistic religion.

                      The Isopanisad says:

                      ‘The wise have explained that one result is obtained from the culture of knowledge and a different result is obtained from the culture of nescience.’
                      (Veda-Vyasa K.D. Iso. 10)

                      In regards to Hiv, the Aids-councils and their minions, the doctors and the internists, seem to be talking science but in fact they talk nescience or plain ignorance. They only express their beliefs, similar to any other church or religion. Yet, it is claimed that this belief is based on reason and to follow the facts of science. However, it has little or nothing to do with science, as it does not follow the scientific method. An unproven hypothesis like the one about Hiv does not follow scientifically validated facts.

                      While a hypothesis is a good working platform to start from, it is no substitute for scientific work and verification. As long as hypotheses rule the roost, there is no certainty in anything brought forward. So how can we accept the mythological basis of Hiv when no laboratory test ever isolated the virus? All they talk about are viral loads, but these come from previous diseases and have no relation, nor correlation with Hiv, because they are also found in those not Hiv-positive. Every disease associated with Aids – an ‘Aids-defining illness’, as it is called – is also found in those not associated with Aids. In fact, all these diseases are old acquaintances from hundreds of years ago. So how does the disease define Aids? Only if one of those lousy tests declares you Hiv positive, you are suddenly suffering from Aids-defining illnesses.
                      This they will defend religiously, calling in the media when you do not comply to their Emperor’s wish, which includes accepting the dogma. That this dogma is itself an aberration based on a delusion, seems to escape their attention. Then again, so much escapes their attention that such sloppy observation is almost to be expected.

                      While the above typification is apt to describe the attitudes in modern orthodox medicine, their approach to the germs and diseases is the call to war, as we noted in the introduction. Since war is an appropriate description for their actions, we shall use modern so-called ‘asymmetrical warfare’ as our example. Asymmetric warfare consist of an insurgency opposing a regular army which is far superior in firepower, technology and electronics, but which is ill-equipped to fight the insurgency.
                      Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.


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                        The Misleading Immune-System

                        Moreover, if viral or other microbial entities could cause disease we would be sick all the time, since they are in the air we breathe and our bodies are infested with millions of them in a large variety. We have already visited ‘Slime City’, where these critters all are inhabitants. The ‘immune system’ would never get a break from the constant assault of a great variety of disease 'causes.'
                        Factually, the term ‘immune system’ is highly misleading, since the system is not immune at all, but merely defensive. This defence system is also already not discriminatory – letting in everything before it reacts – and thus it would be incessantly assaulted with countless diseases. In other words, you would never leave your bed healthy from the day you were born.
                        This is an unrealistic scenario and an obvious indication that these so-called pathogens do not deserve that name. As a theory it is certainly not borne out by the facts and therefore unscientific. Moreover, I do not engage in flattery here, although it is one of the most promising of businesses; always brisk.

                        As soon as the ease of life is gone; that is dis-ease. Where does that show itself, other than as dynamic changes in your mind, your emotions and in your body? Not anywhere else is it found. Therefore, how can they say that disease comes from germs? Or alternatively, as they now like to fancy that disease is coming from the genes? That is the fabrication of a couple of modern myths.
                        A false sense of security is transferred from the essence to the superficial; the external covering. The periphery – the dangerous environment with all its ‘scary bugs’ – is considered the be-all and end-all of our existence, while the centre, the soul, is neglected. It is for this reason alone modern medicine can never fulfil man’s needs.

                        In the same breath, the Church of Medical Science claims the throne of learning without the capacity to understand the facts before their eyes or the incentive to impart values, ethics or morals. Medical scientism, being entirely materialist in outlook, falls far short of the merits for the throne upon which it has itself so squarely planted. This is precisely because it cannot ever deliver the goods, such as health and happiness or peace and prosperity, which it so boastfully promises. Since it fails to account for and denounces the individual, it cannot ever comprehend the needs of that same individual.

                        Intelligence is generally supposed to be creditable. It may be, in the sense that it is mental activity trying to find out, but it is really a confession of ignorance. The rest of us are plebeians, not yet graduated to their Nirvana. This they call instinctive and suave, as opposed to the intelligent and crude.

                        These same types of patterns occur with the germs and they require equal attention of the careful investigator. They do not deserve the same importance though, but are solely meant to scrutinise the orthodox notions on scientific correctness. They may leave out evidence and the patient’s experience, but we cannot leave out their notions.
                        For he who studies but half of the subject must be considered ignorant. We shall not allow to be classed among those, if we have anything to say in the matter. Therefore we will now return to the subject of Pasteur’s ignorant aberration to expose the ignorance further, by showing which details were left out of the equation.

                        Cause & Result the Same?

                        What is important is that we must consider carefully what we observe. In a full-blown case of disease, we are looking at the disease ultimate. It is an end-result. From the moment we entered primary school, we have been taught that results are always different from causes and this is scientific.

                        As Hahnemann noted:

                        “Therefore disease, considered as a thing separate from the living whole, from the organism and its animating vital force and hidden in the interior, be it of ever so subtle a character, is an absurdity that could only be imagined by minds of the materialistic stamp.”
                        (Hahnemann S. Organon §13)

                        Indeed, how could one think that a disease is an external influence? We typified it as aberrational, whereas Hahnemann characterises it in the starker term ‘absurdity’.
                        We know everything develops from the subtle to the gross, so that it follows that all material manifestations are emanations from a mental state that first had to think them out.
                        This is the case with every creative process – this book could not have been written if there were not some subtle idea at first, from which the entire concept could develop. That such a concept existed already in the facts is not to be construed as an external influence, inasmuch as its very existence was also the product of a subtle idea – albeit Pasteur’s idea, which he then tried to materialise in the germ theory.

                        In the same vein, disease is the development of a mental state, manifesting on the physical plane. Differently said, the physical state is a reflection of the mental state and as such subject to a dynamic process, rather than a mechanical one. The mechanistic expression – lesions, inflammations, etc. – are but external signs of an internal dynamic process, which will change the moment the mentality changes. In other words, we create our own diseases. External influence may appear as a proximate cause, but that cause was created by our own behaviour.
                        In the Veda the causes of suffering are said to be of three kinds – those caused by the gods (nature), those caused by other living entities (people, insects, parasites and animals) and those caused by ourselves. However, right behaviour will remove suffering and the suffering that comes is a reaction to our own actions even if apparently done by others. Karma is the general term, but this is often considered a conversation-killer. Generally, we all know the laws of thermodynamics, which we quoted above. That the direction we take in life moves forward till we undertake such action as to change direction, after which it changes as much as our efforts to change it. Vice versa, if our life takes a direction we do not desire, we only have to undertake enough action to change the direction. While this is equally vague as the law quoted above, with our lives we have the direction in our hand and can determine ourselves which direction it shall take. For it simply means the reactions to our own actions – a push-pull mechanism.

                        “The natural disease is never to be considered as a noxious material situated somewhere in the exterior or interior.”
                        (Hahnemann S. Organon §148)

                        Even a parasite is the result of a mental state – stupidity in this case. Everyone can avoid parasites by simply being careful. Even parasites cannot enter the body when measures are taken for sufficient hygiene, proper preparation of food and boiling water. Each time we get sick, we have to thank ourselves – it is not any punishment that comes from the outside. The germ may have replaced the devil or even God, but neither of the three have ever been implicated in the punishment for man’s stupidity, since stupidity is both its own and carries its own punishment.
                        Hahnemann then comes with the only correct definition of what is disease:

                        ‘The unprejudiced observer takes note of nothing in every individual case of disease except the changes in health of the mind and the body. He notices only the deviations, which are felt by the patient himself, noted by those around him and observed and remarked by the physician. All these perceptible signs represent the disease in its whole extent.’
                        (Hahnemann S. Organon §6)

                        Hence disease is nothing but a change in health of the mind and body, notable by signs and symptoms to the external senses. This is the long and short of every disease, whether caused by drugs or natural dynamic means. Anything else is superfluous and irrelevant to the situation, because it distracts form the signs and symptoms notable to the senses. It stresses numbers and machines, rather than people and experiences and is thus impersonal. How is it ever going to realise its ideal of individually tailored treatment, if the individual is ignored?
                        Even the genes are too general to allow individual treatment, so that will also remain a chimera. Only the individual who suffers the diseased state is capable of providing all information hidden to the eye. No diagnostic machine will ever capture the individual experience of agony, anxiety, worry, pain or simply discomfort that is experienced by the patient and hence no machine is ever going to provide an individual picture. Only the individual is capable of doing so.

                        ‘The irregular processes which we call disease are as a power invisible in itself and only knowable and cognisable by its visible effects on and sensations in the organism, exposed to the patient and the physician. It manifests as morbid symptoms and in no other way can it make itself known.’
                        (Hahnemann S. Organon §11)

                        We see Hahnemann did not believe in the microbe as the cause of disease. Neither do we. He also did not consider blood and liver value levels or biopsies, because they did not exist in his time. If he could do without, it fails to materialise why we now should put such reliance on something we cannot even experience.
                        He firmly established that the entire disease can be known by the changed sensations of the patient and by observable changes in the physical frame. He did not see a need for invasive techniques to trace the disease in the interior and considered them futile. Hence also in this respect we do not put much stock in such procedures, but consider them detrimental, because many of them cause further internal damage and weaken the patient and are thus counterproductive.
                        He knew that disease is a change in health that can be related to the doctor and cured by a remedial agent capable of producing such a disease in the healthy. A virus in his day was nothing but a poison – the virus of the cobra for instance.
                        Jenner did his first experiments with the pox vaccine in Hahnemann’s time – around the time of his discovery of homoeopathy – and the bacilli, bacteria and other germs were becoming increasingly known, without the attached direct causal relationship, which had to wait till Pasteur before this was established on the shakiest of grounds. Hahnemann made his discovery in 1790, while Jenner did his experiments in 1796.
                        Yet Hahnemann considered this nothing more than an idle allopathic dream, which did not tally with his contention that disease and cure are both dynamic processes.
                        (As an aside, it is since Jenner’s experiments with pox vaccine on sheep, that the disease scrapie made its appearance. Before that time, scrapie was unknown).

                        Modern medicine does not consider the dynamics of either disease or medicinal action. It seeks to find the supposed material cause, which it hammers in, screws down, wedges in-between, shoves under or otherwise foists upon the germs. It sees the virus or other germs as exceedingly dangerous. They think that if they do not kill them, the patient is in danger.
                        The germs and vira always keep on multiplying as long as the disease lasts, till death follows, says the theory and shows the practice.
                        In addition, since death is the final end-result as they say, we must therefore conclude that abundance of vira or other germs is also an end-result.
                        Then how can they be the cause?

                        Squatters & Riot Squads

                        We referred above to cause and result as two different things and this is scientific. In viral diseases, they throw this scientific principle out the window and declare cause and result to be one and the same thing. This is unscientific, to say the least. Even children know this to be the case, so a scientist is at least expected to keep these two concepts neatly separated. It has no place in any scientific discussion, least of all medicine, where lives are dependent on thorough scientific principles and procedures. Why then does that not count for germs?
                        Germs are the exception to the rule, they say. That makes for many exceptions to the rule, for there are many different germs associated with disease. There are several gut bacteria, such as salmonella and escheria coli, to name but a few they consider deadly, totalling more than 30 different ones. Some are used by the orthodox to make vaccines. Homoeopathy uses most of them as the bowel nosodes.
                        There are more than a just a handful of viruses, like the flue or pneumonia, quite a few bacilli, such as tuberculosis and microbes or even fungi associated with disease and then we do not even count the ones they have not yet discovered.
                        Together, this veritable cornucopia of creatures makes for well over 100 exceptions to the rule. That is exceptional by itself. Subsequently, it is therefore thoroughly unscientific. From this sort of attestation of failure we can see that the scientists follow Peter’s principle, where all the members in the hierarchy rise to their own level of incompetence.

                        Then how come that when they are killed, the disease apparently also is finished?
                        Because these drugs are suppressing the disease, which will reappear soon enough; after a few such reappearances, the medicines no longer work and you remain sick – if you are lucky. If you are not that strong, the disease may, if necessary, manifest as a different and more severe complaint, at a different spot and moreover complicated with side effects, subsequently associated with a different germ. It is still the same disease, which has been forced to seek a new outlet. As an example we point out that a suppressed rash nearly always turns up as asthma and that nobody in orthodoxy has ever made the connection.

                        The function of the germs is different from what Pasteur presented and that is why they cannot be exceptions to the rule and therefore do not cause disease.
                        If the medical scientists paid attention to what they see, they would have noticed that viruses attack only cells with receptors, to which they can react. Healthy cells do not have those markers, so the virus cannot attack them. Why else are we not constantly sick?
                        You all know the squatter’s movement here in Europe and especially in Amsterdam. They occupy houses and buildings that have been kept empty for more than a year, to allow real-estate speculators to drive up the prices for living or to push through a project where a useless harbour is costing a lot of money. It is a sick society that allows this to happen, as it is generated by the sick mentality of greed. This greed is btw one of the seven deadly sins and causes disease too – witness all the stomach ulcers, heart problems, liver problems etc. in such people.
                        Disease is like squatters, who occupy cells on which they hang signs – ‘squatted’ – known as ‘receptors’. In society, a squatted building is immediately recognisable too – painted outside walls, loud music, slogans on banners from the window etc. It is a sick mind and body that allows this to happen, just like the speculators and the housing prices in our society. The squatting continues till there comes a reaction from the body’s defence system, which is considered to be regulated by mainly the changes in the blood. While vira are also part of that system, they are classified as an ‘enemy combatant’, simply because their function is to destroy sick cells. As in society, the doctors think the body repairs the cells if the damage is not apparent from the structure, but only damage to function. From the evidence under the microscope – vira destroying such cells – it is evident that the notion is wrong, both in regard to the function of vira and in the assumption of repair in case of functional disturbance. For in the living blood and tissues, the cells are fed oxygen and the right nutrients, which the Petri-dish does not provide, being constructed entirely of artificial nutrients that have different effects on the vira.

                        The situation with the squatters is that the Riot Squad – part of the police force – comes by and kicks them out, often destroying the building immediately after, so it cannot be re-squatted.
                        The vira are the Riot Squad, which comes to kick out the disease and destroy the cells so they can no longer be used by the disease. They only destroy cells with receptors; that is, the sick cells. The fantastic story that they attack healthy cells is therefore complete hogwash.
                        Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.


                        • #13
                          Slime City & its Illegal Occupation

                          That microbe community is a veritable Slime City, with all kinds of inhabitants, such as merchants, workers, farmers, thieves and so on, with several types of police, as well as an army, high-risers, highways and diverse other transport systems.
                          A recent survey of over 400 different entero-bacteria collected and subsequently stored between 1917 and 1954 suggests that resistance was very uncommon in the pre-antibiotic era.
                          That is an impressive variety of inhabitants of some very different ‘nationalities’ and therefore a multicultural society that performs admirably harmonious, if left to its own devices. We carry about a kilo of the creatures in the intestinal tract alone.
                          Some digest food, others are scavengers. Here may be one that destroys sick and old cells – a cop, throwing out disease – while there, another is engaged in cell construction – a builder. Some are engaged in business with each other, exchanging information and necessary protein codes, to create enzymes and assist each other in their mutual task. Others are kept busy stealing food from their neighbours. Many are busy digesting the food in your system and others transport nutrients to oxidation-reduction plants inside the stomach, the liver, the pancreas, the gut, and so on.
                          Slime City is a super-efficient 24/7 economy, with no roster switches, no insurance, no holidays and no severance pay – not even the possibility of retirement – you work till you die. Nonetheless, it is not a slave society, but the ideal consumer society, where the wares are not pushed by advertising, but simply shoved down the consumer’s throat. With sufficient garbage that even they cannot process, the cycle of production and consumption is doing what every such cycle does and does admirably well without our interference.

                          Another one – a scavenger – has the capacity to digest what is indigestible to others, received from a partial RNA strand scavenged somewhere from a plasmid that picks up on the targeted substance. Some members in that community learn to digest the antibiotics and so ‘resistance’ comes about. It is not that the germ becomes resistant, but that the antibiotic never reaches them again – other germs or entities such as enzymes digest it first. Or the microbe learns to neutralise the antibiotic by other means. There are several options open for microbes and bacteria or bacilli to deal with the occupying forces.

                          Even the pharmacopoeia says as much.

                          ‘The three most important mechanisms of bacterial resistance are:
                          – production of an enzyme that inactivates the antibiotic or hinders it in its action, such as the β-lactamases with the β-lactam antibiotics and acetyl-transferase with the aminoglycosides and chloramphenicol. [Any term with ‘ase’ at the end denotes an enzyme that processes some substance in the gut, like food, alcohol, drugs, etc. Some enzymes are made in the gut, others in the liver, the blood or the stomach, etc.]

                          – reduction of the uptake of the antibiotic by diminishing the membrane permeability, through changes in the protein cover of the external cell membrane, due to selective pressure of the antibiotic. Herewith the β-lactam antibiotics, the chinolons, tetracyclines, trimethoprim and chloramphenicol are rendered ineffective. It may also use an active efflux, resulting from a difference in the membrane transport system, as it does with erythromycin and tetracycline. [The cell membrane is the outer covering which first is penetrated by the antibiotic, but the cell will make the necessary changes so that it can no longer penetrate.]

                          – changes in the bacterial proteins that were points of attack from or for the antibiotic. A changed ribosomal protein is discovered with aminoglycosides. A further changed penicillin-binding protein is found with mainly β-lactam antibiotics, while a changed DNA-gyrase is associated with the chinolons. Gyrase is an enzyme, which can trigger the winding of long DNA chains around an RNA nucleus. Chinolons antagonise this enzymatic activity. On this basis, chinolons are also designated gyrase inhibitors.’ [A penicillin binding protein is a protein that occupies the antibiotic with trying to neutralise it and so expends the drug’s energy. Chinolons are a class of antibiotics that use this capacity to inhibit to disable their target by attacking the DNA enzymatic activity. They are neutralised by the gyrase enzyme that triggers the winding prematurely, before they have reached the target.]

                          There are also plasmids, which are extra-chromosomal particles that carry pieces of RNA information from antibiotics that are spent, which germs absorb. They integrate this in their own DNA and so are able to neutralise, digest or otherwise render the drug useless. We shall come across them in further quotes from the pharmacopoeia. This also shows another example that the DNA is driven by the environment and not the other way around. Without antibiotics, the plasmids would never pass it on and these drugs are brought in from the outside – they don’t grow in your gut, unless you take too many.

                          We have not invented anything, as is plainly evident from the quote. The orthodox have set the rules and we merely report them. Whether these rules follow scientifically validated processes and facts remains to be seen. Up to this point, the evidence stacks against it, although the above suggests otherwise. Therefore it is also evident that using antibiotics carries the risk of resistance.

                          The resistance is conferred by mechanisms that although understood partly, do not explain everything there is to know. What they do explain, is that massive doses cause such resistance and that the reduction in the dose could very well do away with much of the resistance problems. If the dose is so small that the body detects it as but a small trigger, it will take care of the rest by itself.

                          The self-healing capacity of the body is always denied, except when used as an excuse to explain away cures with homoeopathy. Then it is either placebo, spontaneous self-healing or the recuperative power of the body or the self-healing capacity. At all other times, it is denied the body has any capacity to heal itself. When it is pointed out that developing antibodies against disease is such a self-healing capacity, they deny it any such power and declare it to be the result of physical reaction to an outside influence – again proof against their own deterministic genetic theory.

                          Never is there any mention of the mental state, required to contract disease, nor is there any consideration for its dynamic, rather than mechanistic nature. Reductionist-mechanistic theories of disease are granted professorships, as if the theorising about disease has any value for the finding of a cure. The results coming from such ‘studies’ generate theoretical models by the score, but fail to confer any insight into the nature of the dynamics of disease.

                          Antibiotics – Medicine’s ‘Grunts’

                          The Slime City inhabitants produce those enzymes – they do not arise spontaneously. Microbes and other germs, assisted by plasmids, trigger membrane permeability. These same plasmids also generate changes in bacterial proteins.
                          Thus, such ‘immunity’ or ‘resistance’ violates the orthodox parameters for treatment, which say that

                          ‘the antibioticum must be able to reach the seat of infection’.

                          This is the way they paint the picture; I am quoting their pharmacopoeia.

                          ‘There are other mechanisms by which resistance is obtained. It can occur chromosomal as well as extra-chromosomal, the latter though plasmids, which are extra-chromosomal carriers of inherited properties. These plasmids are interchangeable between organisms through conjugation, transduction or transformation.’

                          Since such material is freely interchangeable, it is unlikely to cause mutations, since mutations then happen all the time and therefore do not happen. Differently said, if they happen all the time, it is no longer exceptional but commonplace and therefore not mutation. This is because mutation is the appearance of the not so commonplace and the hardly viable. We shall see in a further chapter that working and healthy mutations are impossible to appear for several other reasons, making the mutation scenario not only highly unlikely, but also entirely impossible. We shall also show that every example used to explain mutation always involves a loss of a quality, a mismatch or an abnormality, none of which are ever passed on to the next generation. Thus the germs are simply adapting to the occupation and offering resistance, as everyone attacked would do.

                          However, some microbes are considered terrorists, mainly from the factions of BacZilla and al-BacTerium and of the smaller but supposedly more lethal Ali al-Vira-Faction. These are the very ones that are present in large amounts when we are sick and they are considered terrorists and insurgents, especially when they become resistant. Anyone who harbours these terrorists, is considered dangerous and must be isolated. Then the medical ‘war on terror’ kicks into gear – plenty medicine, preferably in mixtures, ‘just to make sure’. The doses of medicine enter in an unrelentingly regular, goose-step cadance. A surge is started and when it does not finish soon enough they simply add more of the same troops in a bigger surge.

                          Then they exploit the case in the Media for dramatic fear-mongering: ‘Seven new cases of al-Salmonella, norovirus or E.coli discovered today!’ ‘Health Authorities call for mass-vaccination!’ Just as we already reported at the beginning of this Blog.
                          The reason they give for ‘just making sure’ is that it is assumed to ‘better be safe than sorry’. This remark is only of value when these are the only alternatives. One of the commonest defences against learning is to believe it is already known. If we say: “I know that,” when someone who understands our interests and how to teach says something, we are blocking our learning capacity.

                          Merely to reproduce our limited knowledge and circulate it to all interested parties may appear to be keeping in touch with them. But unless the occasion is suitable, it is only of social value, not of informative usefulness, let alone of knowledge value. Why do they seek more knowledge when they pay no heed to what they know already?

                          As the Garuda Purana says:

                          “Reading to a man devoid of wisdom, is like a mirror to the blind.”
                          (Veda-Vyasa K.D. GP 5/3/48)

                          The victims are subjected to heavy bombardments of medicines, all sort of extra troops are summoned and added and if possible, ‘three letter agencies’ such as AZT and ddl, etc, are also sent to the front, to fight a losing battle against a resistant enemy or an invisible one. The sulpha-antibiotic daisy-cutters of medicine, like their real-life counterparts, kill indiscriminately and leave behind the unexploded bombs, just like other antibiotics, which kill off your defences and finally give you Aids.

                          And as in the real life counterpart, the Army and all the high-tech equipment and tools are impotent against the insurgency, which rages on three different fronts. War against the occupation; as a civil war against the excessive population influence of some inhabitants and about the general imbalance in Slime City, such as the division of the natural resources and their benefits – food and drink.

                          Adaptation is closer to the reality of the circumstances in Slime City, where harmony and balance make for a stable system. In those circumstances mutations can only increase the imbalance, which is contrary to every observation one makes in nature or the human body, where balance is always maintained by all means. Since it is a cyclic process, harmonious functioning is to its advantage.

                          The proof they adapt and maintain order is found in that they seek the means to counteract our ridiculous doses of dangerous medicine to minimise the damage as much as possible. The medical approach is always linear, as opposed to the cyclic nature of the human system. The bacteria and other germs will maintain the cycle, while medicine will try to linearly interfere with that cycle.
                          We must first note that there is a great deal of difference between an adaptation to pressure and a mutation. A white person who never sees the sun and then goes out for the first time will also ‘produce alterations on the surface structure due to selective pressure’ – of the sunshine. He will turn either red or brown. This is no mutation, but an adaptation.

                          When such confusion of terms is used in one sentence, it is wise to take the weakest of the statements to hold the greatest merit. Multiple drug resistance is a fact. Alterations on the surface structure are also noted and thus factual.

                          However, someone who does not like cabbage does not mutate into someone else, once his taste changes. Similarly, the antibiotics may have tasted bad, but once the germs learned to digest them, no mutation occurred. They simply adapted to changed circumstances, just like the white person going in the sunshine to get brown or someone changing his taste for an article of diet.

                          Otherwise, we have to consider each adaptation a mutation, which goes way too far. Genetic material may communicate with the environment – as we shall see – but this does not mean the genes change in basic function – they simply add another possibility through adaptation.

                          The antibiotics, like grunts in the Army, ensure an ever-more inventive resistance comes about. For the body to stay alive, it must develop resistance, otherwise the medicine will kill it immediately. As with cabbage, the germs learn to engage it and render it useless or otherwise occupied. No such thing as a cartoonish mutant-ninja-turtle army here.

                          Vira, Bacilli & Bacteria – The “Axis of Evil”

                          To continue our apt comparison to the situation in Iraq, we shall highlight some of the conundrums that face the doctors as much as they face the Generals. Both are based on the false assumption that force is a way out of a situation that was wrong for starters, but has accumulated compound mistakes in its handling.
                          Even if the vira and other germs look or work different, they are also not mutations, but merely differently adapted members of the incredibly large community of microbes. They may have looked like normal citizens first, but now they wear shawls to avoid recognition. They have adapted to circumstances the medical profession has created with their excessive antibiotic use.
                          It resembles someone who was a builder – a fungus – and begins a building supply shop – a DIY for the al-Fungi crowd, for instance. Soon that DIY will become a Franchise chain store, as is evident from the facts in the field. It will resemble the no-bid contract of the ‘Halliburton’ of the Slime City Occupation “Enduring Ignorance”.

                          Or someone which was a scavenger and finally finds a niche where he finds all he needs and proliferates; while building his IED’s he becomes an insurgent, as much as his Franchise counterpart, for they will now feed on and off each other.
                          Some of the drugs and the bugs are simply other al-Qaeda agents, unwittingly or wittingly employed as countermeasures to disturb the insurgency. The orthodox have no idea which bug could become at least a nuisance and at worst even a threat to life, by their war on medical terrorists.
                          Prophylaxis as the WW II poster promised is also an illusion – ask any of the people with Aids if it ever worked. Prophylaxis is the concept of pre-emptive war, which the politicians in the US have finally discovered too, but which medicine also has followed since Jenner.

                          It is in this context also significant that Scientific American carried a report in 2005 about 200 soldiers who all got gonorrhoea. On inquiry by the staff it was revealed that they had been provided with blow-up dolls, since visiting prostitutes in Iraq was considered too dangerous. Hence for a joke the soldiers had a gang-bang of one of these dolls and one of the first was a carrier of gonorrhoea, who so infected all his mates. The story did not reveal what happened to the unfortunate and hapless soldier, once his comrades in arms found out who exactly had given them the clap.

                          That Slime City community has been studied – in the form of single microbes in isolation. It has never been studied as a whole, an entirety. They have some idea how many different members it has or what the function of some member are, within the context of the whole. They would pretend they know them all intimately, from the few they studied in isolation, when present in large numbers during a disease process.
                          We also do not know every member, but have studied it as a whole. Immunity is extended to the whole body in the context of a cooperative cyclically operating society, as we argue. The conclusion is obvious and denial does not make it go away. Only the totality gives you an idea of the goings-on in Slime City. It shows that microbes help a virus, enzyme or bacterium or vice versa and that the one-celled have a particular function, dependent on and in feedback with their environment and each other.
                          Gram-negative bacteria for instance have become ‘resistant’ and ‘more virulent’. Here we have a nice example of the goings-on in Slime City, where it is obvious that the gram-negative bacteria have learnt to evade or digest the antibiotics. Either another enzyme or bacterium, bacillus or microbe has learnt to digest it or the balance has been disturbed to the extent that the gram-negative bacteria are no longer checked by other members.
                          Balance in a healthy Slime City means nothing less than each genus or species living there, having besides his normal role also a function comparable to ‘social control’. This enables harmonious functioning of the whole. Just like in some parts of society social control has been lost, so it has similarly occurred in Slime City, where and when the antibiotic ‘GI occupation’ is allowed to take over and seemingly rules the roost.

                          They will initially eradicate or diminish one or more of the species and so another species gets the chance to multiply beyond its balanced proportion and set up unwanted and unsuspected reactions. It has been said above that some antibiotics are encapsulated, meaning they still wreak their havoc, because they occupy space meant for other inhabitants. “A further changed penicillin-binding protein” means nothing less that it is encapsulated. Hence the ‘medical military’ has become bogged down and faces an insurgency.
                          A fungus encapsulated in ‘Slime City’ may well be the cause of the proliferation of the Candida albicans fungus. It may also be the cause of the mycoplasma – another fungus – found in the blood of Aids victims. It also points to the frequency with which PCP pneumoocystis carinii pneumonia – another fungal disease – is implicated in Aids. These fungi are the ‘cooperating civilians’ in the ‘military occupation’.
                          They moreover enter the bone marrow and cause permanent depression of the marrow’s capacity to produce the necessary defence components of the blood. In other words, the Army of Slime City is infiltrated by hostile forces and destroyed from within, just like in Iraq. Wearing the proper uniforms, they are led into places where they can wreak havoc, kill innocent victims and completely stuff up the harmonious functioning of Slime City.

                          Like its Iraqi counterpart, the insurgents attack where they are least expected and under the guise of the occupation. Some will act like al-Qaeda and attack just any citizen of Slime City anywhere they possibly can. Others simply take over whole provinces and even manage to move out of such areas in counties they never even visited before. The al-bin-Fungus-Candida tribe is the main culprit of this type of insurgent behaviour. Candida extension goes from its normal place in a niche in the gut to the anus and beyond, the buccal cavity and beyond and the genital area and beyond.
                          Together with his accomplices of the el-Fungi crowd, they occupy cities and provinces where they were never seen before and wreak havoc among the local population. Mycoplasma and pneumocystis carinii are other designated insurgents in this case. It is said that a few PCP fungi live in everybody’s lungs, but the body can easily deal with them. Mycoplasma is another story – in very small amounts it is harmless, but it always turns up in excess after antibiotic treatment. PCP is then also more abundant.

                          That these reactions are bad for your health is abundantly clear. That they can also turn out to be fatal is equally clear from the amount of victims. This is nonetheless and therefore, completely unacceptable.
                          Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.


                          • #14
                            ‘Resistance’ & ‘Super-bugs’

                            We discover that medical science believes in so-called super-bugs, which are resistant to everything they throw at it.
                            Resistance means that for instance the gram-negative bacteria have learnt to digest the antibiotics – have become ‘resistant’ – and are now taken for ‘super-bugs’. Whether this is so, remains to be seen, because these same ‘super-bugs’ respond by disappearing under homoeopathic treatment. It also remains to be seen if these bugs respond to antibiotics in infinitesimal doses, since that never has been tried by the orthodox.
                            Whether antibiotics are capable of altering the chromosomes of bacteria also remains to be seen. It is thought to be a ‘mechanism of mutation’, whereas the behaviour of the bacteria points to adaptation to the changed circumstances, instead of a mutation. It may be triggered by the antibiotics, but it may also be generated from its own DNA, of which many sequences are ‘doing nothing at all’. They are there to be activated by environmental circumstances and to adapt to these. Genetic changes that use these inoperable and inactive sequences for recombinant DNA are therefore playing with something they do not understand enough about to boast with such certainty that they shall cure disease with it

                            That such adaptation is immediately communicated to its chromosomes is evidently due to its minuscule size, where genetics adapt easier to changed circumstances, without causing a mutation. When it is so common, it cannot be mutation. How much do we really know about genetic interaction with the environment other than that genes work through feedback loops? And that these feedback loops are at work at greater speed, the shorter the life-span of the creature under study? Experiences in agriculture with poisons, point to the same mechanism at work in equally short-lived creatures. Simple adaptation to changed circumstances and little else, as expressed almost immediately in the genes, is what we are observing here. This also shows the genes are less important than we think – they do not determine much, but adapt as well to changing circumstances.

                            The germs are collectively engaged in their usual behaviour and show no unusual features in their adaptation. Their usual and normal behaviour is to adapt to circumstances that change. The unusual is never seen, simply because changes in nature are usual and nothing out of the ordinary. The only unusual thing is the consumption of so many antibiotics, which change the bowel flora considerably, both in content and context. Therefore, the invasion by an Army of antibiotics to the point of constituting an occupation will change the demographics of the population, specifically because that is the goal of the use of antibiotics. That these demographics change differently from what they really wanted does not diminish the value of the observation. Let us see how such adaptation works.

                            Each time you eat a foodstuff you never ate before, the Slime City inhabitants have to go through the same rigmarole – how to adapt and deal with it, which is their normal behaviour. This adaptation began as a baby with mother’s milk and exploded once you developed teeth and the buccal and digestive enzymes changed to the different circumstances in your saliva. This consequently changed other things in Slime City. But these were nothing like mutations. You then began to eat ‘solid food’, requiring with every new grain, vegetable and protein a different adaptation of Slime City to the new circumstances.
                            At some time you may have added alcohol in different forms, coffee and tea and so on, each time triggering a similar commonplace response. On holidays in foreign countries your body has to adapt again to different circumstances. With the intake of antibiotics, there happened exactly the same.
                            We must remember: orthodox notions concerning mutations are the appearance of the unusual and abnormal in behaviour and function, structure and capacities of the individual that constitute an extension in its understanding and its appearance; hence the not so commonplace. So we must conclude that when anything is happening as they describe, it is adaptation and likely or it is supposedly a mutation and thus very unlikely and seldom to happen.
                            We can anticipate the protests of those who will declare the fungal intake to be the unusual. While it is to a certain degree, it does not generally happen as almost a matter of diet. It is anecdotal – once in a while in the general population. In those whose intake exceeds the normal dosage and duration, we see an adaptation to a situation that has become the norm and therefore is considered ‘normal’. It is but an adaptation to an unusual situation. Till the next time he gets sick and the picture becomes more extreme.
                            One could argue that such massive doses force mutation on the gut bacteria. But one forgets the adaptability of the hundreds of microbes, among which some will learn to digest it or turn it possibly also into something more deadly for the host. We have seen some of the mechanisms by which they adapt to almost any situation. Even the by-products of disease processes can be extremely toxic, just as the by-products of drug effects can be life-threatening.
                            Candida albicans is more than just a nuisance to those who suffer from it. PCP pneumonia is not dangerous in normal circumstances, but in those with Aids it is deadly. A drug that is digested produces toxic excrement – also in microbes and germs. These products can kill us too, just as some drugs can as they are. But these considerations are, although evidently relevant, beside the point made here. For now, we continue with our mutations-cum-adaptations.

                            The ‘enzymatic inactivation of the antibiotics’ holds therefore the greatest merit, since enzymes are part of and produced by the population of Slime City, which we know to be able to deal with nearly all and everything we throw at them – from fast food to alcohol and drugs. Hence some of the inhabitants will be able to erect a ‘drug-permeability barrier’, so hindering the ‘drug to reach the seat of infection or hamper and destroy the germ’. Just like some recreational drugs also develop a ‘tolerance’. We all know the habitual drinker can take a lot more than the occasional drinker. Most smokers remember the first time, with its dizziness, nausea and sometimes diarrhoea, while after a few most got used to it and only smoked ever more. The same with cocaine, speed and xtc or other drugs. Nonetheless, antibiotics are different in their effects, because they are living fungi and spread their mycosis or roots throughout the body, making it extremely mouldy.

                            Adaptation to circumstances this is called and the Slime City inhabitants will adapt to almost any circumstances.

                            Translated to the ‘military occupation’ of Slime City, such behaviour is called insurgency – the population organises to drive out the occupiers and starts resistance to it. At first, it may be small, but as new troops are sent to the front, the resistance increases, till the troops are bogged down. Further ‘troop surges’ will only result in more resistance, till almost all the defences of Slime City are compromised and the population is finished – its defences are exhausted. Slime City crumbles under the onslaught and succumbs completely.

                            Enzymatic IED Destruction

                            There is another instance where it has been proven that Staphylococci strains have learned to digest the antibiotics and that they do this through the enzyme Β-lactam ase. It is not a substance that renders the bacterium resistant, but simply an enzyme that destroys or neutralises the antibiotic fungus. This happened in a hospital and since the staphylococcus has become ‘resistant’ worldwide through the mediation of those plasmids, it is now becoming ‘a real problem.’ Hence the proposition that bacteria learn to digest them through the use of enzymes is not at all far-fetched, while the mutation scenario remains doubtful. The adaptations described in the other examples are also not mutations, notwithstanding the genetic adaptation. We already explained that genetic adaptation goes faster in short-lived creatures.

                            But the plasmid or even the enzyme is not the only answer to this paradox. For how did all the Staphylococci worldwide suddenly become resistant? How did they know what enzyme to generate? What was the mechanism by which Staphylococcus in New York could suddenly generate the same enzyme without the mediation of a plasmid? First, a London hospital noted the phenomenon. Next day, the same occurred in Glasgow and the day after on continental Europe and the USA.

                            It is reminiscent of the story in which a monkey-tribe, living on several islands, simultaneously ‘discovered’ to wash their fruit before eating it. On one of the many islands, scientists discovered one monkey who found out that beach sand could be washed off its fruit in the sea and in the estuary. Soon all the monkeys on that island washed their fruit. However, in the shortest possible time all the monkeys on all the other islands washed their fruits too, without there having been any visible communication to the others about it. Hence for staphylococcus to become worldwide resistant is no mystery to us. Nature has other means than the usually recognised, to make it so.
                            Factually we should be glad they become resistant, at least in the sense that we still have bacteria to clean out dead cells. After the ‘antibiotic armies’ take over, it is another matter altogether, for then the excess of a germ or fungus can be harmful to our health, since there is no immediate need in the form of disease. It is an out-of-balance situation. The insurgency and the civil war have started; the first enzymatic ‘IED’s’ and ‘car-bombs’ are taking their toll.

                            Slime City is apparently much more important to our health as the doctors seem to think. We have already seen that disturbance of the harmonious balance in Slime City through the use of drugs – mainly Pharmaceutical drugs of the antibiotics and sulphonamide class – severely compromise our health, to the point of ruining it completely. However, we do not adhere to this ‘pressure for selection’. It is a contradiction in terms. Pressure is not selected and what one selects cannot occur under pressure, since there is no choice for selection.

                            The germs in Slime City do not select anything. There is nothing to select when they are bombarded with antibiotics – the GI’s and Marines of the Medical Army. They have no choice but to try and deal with them. They simply react to changed circumstances and adapt themselves. If such is not possible, they will simply die – the general goal of medicine. The orthodox efforts effectively have started the insurgency and created their own al-Qaeda – just like the real-life counterpart is an American-created International Company.

                            Their death constitutes one of the ways in which the balance in Slime City is compromised. Naturally, the excessive use of antibiotics is indeed ‘environmental pollution’, but it is not a ‘pressure for selection’, leading to mutation. People have lived for hundreds of years near and under influence of all sorts of heavy pollution. So where are all the mutations? The Ruhr Valley, the English Midlands, Rotterdam, Detroit, Kiev – all these places have had heavy industry for over two centuries. Two centuries of this enormous ‘pressure for selection’ have not produced one single viable mutation. So then where is this pressure for selection?
                            The antibiotics are powerful enough to kill many of one or several species of the inhabitants and thus, like gangsters or a foreign army, take over the rule in Slime City.

                            We are confronted by scare-mongering tactics rather than truth when the doctors claim the bugs have become resistant super-bugs. We are always confronted with the idea that the bugs simply have become stronger, but in such a scenario, the weakening of the body’s resistance is not sufficiently stressed. Constant or regular attacks on the defence system with antibiotics do not make the bugs any stronger, but exhaust the patient’s defence system, since these drugs are strong suppressants-suppressants.
                            Moreover, as we have explained, it is easily shown that other inhabitants of Slime City have learned to digest the antibiotics and hence the ‘vicious microbes that are out to kill us’ have not become any more vicious. They are still the same germs, now confronted by a weakened defence system in an unbalanced community and thus disturbing the ‘social balance’. All that antibiotics do is suppress the disease and cause their own side effects in Slime City in the form of immuno-suppression.

                            These are the actions of a foreign army, compromising the autonomous sovereignty of Slime City in its peaceful exchange to obtain the necessities for its life and its ‘hinterland’, the body. Like its real-life counterpart in Iraq, it is an illegal occupation, for it does not follow commonly respected natural laws. And like its real-life counterpart, it is bogged down in a war without an exit strategy. It can only maintain its momentum of complete destruction.

                            The insurgents have to invent all kinds of tactics to evade, contain or otherwise occupy the GI’s, lest they become victims themselves. In the process, certain other groups in Slime City see their chance and try to take over, just like in any civil war. While in Iraq they are called insurgents, the Iraqis themselves refer to them as freedom fighters, against a foreign occupation. Similarly, the germs are called resistant when they develop means to fight back against an unnatural and illegal occupation. And like in Iraq, they are as inventive and as elusive as their counterparts. To date, none has been conquered and none has been rendered inactive, regardless countless years to attempt to win this battle.

                            It is actually good for your health when the germs become resistant to treatment that seeks to destroy them, for their real function is different from what medical science wants you to believe. As we have described, Slime City is an harmonious society, in which may nationalities live peacefully together. When the need arises, one or several of the inhabitants go on a grand clean-up and remove everything that is dead, rotting or otherwise compromised from the body and this process we call disease. It is triggered by a mental state or some form of pollution, either with drugs, chemicals or radiation, wrong eating habits, other errors of diet or famine, or emotional shocks of any kind. We have extensively explained the dynamics of disease causes elsewhere in these pages.
                            Any interference with the inhabitants of Slime City will upset the balance in an unnatural way and cause its own problems. It may cause the excess development of other inhabitants that are unwanted because dangerous for the patient. It may also set up unwanted toxic reactions, with their own concomitant complications. It will certainly drive the disease further inside, causing metastasis and aggravation. The deeper it is driven inside, the greater the damage it leaves behind, till finally death will take its toll.

                            Suppression & Insurgency

                            Saddam Hussein suppressed the opposition and its symptoms – free press, party forming, demonstrations, you know, the lot. Yet the opposition did not disappear. Saddam's society was sick and remained so. Mind you, putting him aside has not exactly improved the situation. It also does not invalidate the comparison, but only reinforces it.
                            Similarly, allopathic medicines suppress the symptoms; pain, rashes, inflammations, you know, the lot. Yet the diseases do not disappear. Like the opposition in Iraq, they go underground and spread.
                            The body is a sick one and remains so. The spread must occur, for metastasis is the inevitable outcome of suppression. It is a law of nature and these laws cannot be violated without paying the price. Regardless which drug you use to kill the virus or bacterium or other germ, it will spread.
                            Again the Iraqi situation is the perfect example. For similarly, the American and British armies also fail to kill the opposition – notwithstanding superior fire power and massive technological support – and as we see in the news, the opposition – now called an ‘al-Qaeda-inspired insurgency’ – only becomes stronger, for civil war is the wrong front. The medical equivalent is similar. Those powerful drugs and massive doses are bound to cause aggravation. It will closely resemble a civil war and an insurgency.

                            The medical al-Qaeda consists of some of the supposedly most notorious inhabitants of Slime City. Like their real-life counterparts, they also have some culprits that are always invoked. Al-Zarqawi is an equally popular scapegoat as are Ali E.coli, Hassan Salmonella and al-Giardia, the ‘Deadly Trio’ from the GUT Brigades for the Liberation From Toxins. Take for instance BacZilla tuberculosis Koch, the alleged assassin who hails from the Kingdom of Respiratoria.
                            Now, as the latest ‘Osama bin-Laden of medicine’, the inexplicable and as yet positively unidentified ‘Hiv’ has appeared on the scene. This terrorist is worse than any they met before – he creates devastation in supposedly healthy Slime Cities everywhere. He has never been properly identified – no ‘wanted poster’ has ever appeared of him. He is an elusive, almost mythological creature – a bogey-man as anti-hero, for he always wins and seems to be beyond capture, is the claim. He seems to resemble the Jackal, famous from the ‘70s, featured in many assassinations.

                            Some say they have survived his attacks, but this is immediately denied as false claims by the medical establishment. He is ‘the bin Laden’ of modern medicine. He so devilishly clever, he makes others the scapegoats of his attacks – like BacZilla tuberculosis and the boys from the GUT Brigades. He seems to have some accomplices, but we consider them but ‘fall-guys, patsies and useful idiots’. Candida and PCP pneumonia are some other of his supposed proxies too – another set of possible fall-guys and patsies. They merely come and fill the gaps. This is a ‘mole’s’ type of disinformation – tell a part of the truth and the truth-seekers will fall over each other to follow the lead to that dead-end. It will stop them from asking the right questions. It will stop the ‘mole’ from worrying about exposure.
                            Hiv tests and viral load are some of the red herrings in this detective story. We consider that Hiv is really the ‘Government mole’, spreading disinformation. Meanwhile, the real ‘bin-Laden’ has now unwittingly gotten some unexpected real accomplices in the form of ARVs. These are supported by his sworn enemies too and together they will continue this devastation.
                            Hiv Bin-Laden can both feel safe and be satisfied – or so he thinks.
                            However, his accomplices have been unmasked already and soon his own identity will be fully known. For him no hiding in the Tora Bora Afghan cave. He hides in every medical history of the ones whose bodies have been devastated by his insidious undermining of our health. That these histories are the Tora Bora caves of medicine – equally unknown and cavernous – escapes their attention.

                            From Iraq we have learnt another lesson – if you suppress an insurgency, it spreads. In disease we also see invariably the same. Like in Iraq this lesson has not been learned. Until this lesson is thoroughly imbibed and understood, all efforts at conquering disease will fail. Once it is understood the conclusion must be drawn, which is found in the fact of the massive doses. Therefore the conclusion is to reduce the doses to the point that only repeated doses will set up a reaction and only in the healthy. In the sick these effects must of course match those of the disease.
                            Disease is like being locked up or like a closed lock. The tumblers in the lock resemble the totality of symptoms. The only way to open the lock is by finding the corresponding key, whose beard matches the tumblers in the lock like a mirror image. One key only can be fit in the lock and only one or possibly two turns of the key opens the lock. The medicine is of course the key in this analogy.
                            Metastasis is always the result of suppression – the medical annals are full of the reports. Even after 200 years of this result, it has not been discovered by the orthodox why this always happens. They have simply accepted it as one of the vagaries of medicine, about which nothing can be done. Such fatalist attitudes will also blame the disease instead of the massive doses of medicine in the case of the demise of the patient.
                            The demise of the patient after such massive dosing is recorded in his files.
                            Study of these files will reveal that in 90% of cases the cause of death is found in the medicine.

                            Of course the doctor blames the disease, which was too fierce even for his expertise. At the time the patient came, that same doctor acted as if he knew the disease as an old acquaintance and he was the right person to turn to for a cure. That his failure is caused not so much by his ignorance as by the massive doses is only to his credit. After all, he does not decide the dose, but the manufacturer. Which is by itself a strange situation – imagine the tobacco manufacturer telling you how much to smoke or the car factory deciding how many miles to drive. While in the latter cases we can decide ourselves how much we indulge, with medicines the packet prescribes how much to indulge. Of course you can always ignore it and take less, but generally people tend to take more, when it helps. They go by the same adage as the Medical-Pharmaceutical Industrial Empire – that when little is good, more must be better.
                            Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.


                            • #15
                              Hahnamannian 444,

                              those 4 points you mention are the symbolic representation of the 4 riders of the apocalypse, as far as i can tell.

                              I agree with your assessment and i must add, that if they admit they cannot even cure the common cold - iow declare disease incurable, they have thereby declared their own incompetence. They have admitted they cannot cure these dieseases. Their certificates are therefore certificates of incompetence and are worth little more than simply wallpaper.

                              If you work in a garage and cannot even fix a tyre puncture, you will soon be fired. So what is the reason we should extend them the courtesy to continue in their jobs? It is beyond me they are not fired immediately. It is simply due to complete and utter ignorance and incompetence and well as a complete lack of scruples and conscience that this situation is allowed to continue. The cynical admittance recently by captains of the industry that 90% of their hellish drugs do nothing for the diseases they have been created for is more than telling and yet nobody blinks an eye and says - "Hey, but that means they are simply swindlers! Let us get rid of them!"

                              Everyone in the population swallows their tyranny hook line and sinker and they hold everyone in any position of power to do something about it over the barrel and have the audacity to try and outlaw every type of treatment that does not use their kind of poison. That does not follow their line of thinking and brainwashing - if there is a brain to wash - is their trademark. For their vaccines leave everyone with nothing right in the left brain and nothing left in the right brain. They want this ignorance to continue and if possible will do everything they can to increase it and prevent its removal.
                              Do not accept or reject anything before you have investigated it and that on its own merits.