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Accidental CURE or just a suppression?

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  • Accidental CURE or just a suppression?


    A friend had a mild eye allergic inflammation when he was in France.

    A homeopathic pharmacist there gave him Histaminum 4c, which helped his eyes.

    The next 2 consequtive mornings he noticed that a chronic condition of many years, diarrea and intestinal inflammation -- was considerably improved. This was the only time in years that he felt that amellioration.

    I checked my french homeo books, and I see that the french homeopaths consider Histaminum as a general rx for several sorts of inflammations, including gastritis etc.

    He wants to continue taking it for his abdominal problem.

    How can one know if the amellioration from this rx (considering its general action) is a *cure* or just a suppression?



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    I donít know, but itís not going to hurt him to continue it if it benefits him, is it? Thatís my humor. French homeopaths are as bad as Indian ones, so I donít want to further comment since even saying that something was given ďforĒ something repulses me as allopathic nonsense and buffoonery, but thatís what those fools constantly do.
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and