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    Doc kills daughters, ends life

    A homeopathy doctor killed two of his daughters by giving them a
    soft drink laced with poison before committing suicide by
    drinking the poisoned beverage himself in Jayankondam Thursday
    night. His eldest daughter, however, escaped with her life as
    she stubbornly refused to drink the soft drink.

    Billboards Pulled but Ads Continue

    The billboards displaying anti-homeopathic ads, alongside a
    photo of Antigua Barbudas lone classic homeopath, Cornelia
    Wagentrotz, have been pulled down, but the man behind the
    campaign still seems intent on spreading his message.

    A bitter pill to swallow

    The sketchy evidence for the effectiveness of homoeopathic
    medicine has no scientific basis, and poses a grave risk to
    patients, argues Edzard Ernst.

    Outrage at RPS Statement

    In the opinion of the Faculty of Homeopathy the recent statement
    by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society RPS calling for homeopathic
    products to carry a label saying there is "no scientific
    evidence for homeopathy" is ill-conceived, ill-informed and
    clearly unworkable.

    Arrogance puts lives at risk

    Calls for homeopathic medicines to carry a warning that they
    have no clinical evidence behind them are arrogant and
    potentially dangerous, a leading homeopath says. Pharmacist and
    herbalist Gerald Quigley told Pharmacy eNews the Royal
    Pharmaceutical Society RPS could be putting lives at risk by
    dismissing the potential benefits of alternative medicines.

    Volunteers played vital role at Hahnemann Hospital

    The skeleton was the gift of two benefactors. So was just about
    everything else at what is now known as Highland Hospital, as it
    struggled in its first years to not only make ends meet but
    expand despite a limited patient load.

    Solutions to Children's Pain & Fever and Teething after Product Recall

    Kids Relief Teething helps relieve pain associated with teething
    and reduce restlessness, irritability and agitation. The safe,
    effective formula consists of a homeopathic combination of
    Chamomilla, Arnica montana, Borax and Hypericum perforatum St.
    John's wort.

    Homeopathic Vaccines are Unhygienic and Ineffective

    If only I could post this for everyones information on my fun LA
    based online mom support group. But I cant, because a thread
    regarding homeopathic vaccinations was shut down by the
    moderator after it became too heated. So I am reluctant to post
    a link to Mark Crislips article and bring more angry emails upon