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    The Healthy Skeptic: Homeopathic cold remedies

    Looking for relief without risks, many cold sufferers have
    turned to homeopathic pills and liquids, which are often heavily
    diluted sometimes to the point where few to no molecules of the
    active ingredient remain.

    Treatment Based on Symptoms and Personality

    Judy Fulop, N.D., F.A.B.N.O., Naturopathic Physician with
    Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. IL, says homeopathy
    is not a cut and dry method of therapy. It takes many years of
    study to learn about the various remedies. In addition, each
    treatment is personalized. Thats because, according to
    homeopathy theory, people respond to illness in different ways.
    So the remedy must be based on individual factors, like
    personality, taste, habits, and even the preferred temperature
    of food and drinks.

    Atheist ad no big deal: Vancouverites

    The ad, by the Centre For Inquiry, states: Extraordinary Claims
    Require Extraordinary Evidence. It references Allah, homeopathy,
    psychics, Christ and other beliefs.