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    Homeopathy claims banned for "misleading" readers
    Claims made on the Society of Homeopaths website that
    controversial therapies could treat conditions such as arthritis
    and hayfever have been banned in a landmark ruling by
    advertising watchdogs.
    Health Law Boosts Status Of Alternative Medicine -- At Least On Paper
    Complementary and alternative medicine -- a term that
    encompasses meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic care and
    homeopathic treatment, among other things -- has become
    increasingly popular. About four in 10 adults and one in nine
    children in the U.S. are using some form of alternative
    medicine, according to the National Institutes of Health. And
    with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the field
    could make even more headway in the mainstream health care
    system. That is, unless the fine print -- in state legislation
    and insurance plans -- falls short because of unclear language
    and insufficient oversight.
    US cracks down on ayurvedic, homeopathic diabetes remedies
    The US Food and Drug administration is cracking down on the sale
    of alternative remedies, including ayurvedic and homeopathic
    products and dietary supplements, for the treatment of diabetes.
    The agency has issued letters warning 15 companies including
    some that procure alternative diabetes remedies from India, that
    the sale of their illegally marketed diabetes products violates
    federal law.
    Homeopathy in Brazil
    Homeopathy in Brazil started in 1840 with a French physician
    named Benoit Jules Mure. He was a disciple of the creator of
    homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann, and had traveled through Europe
    spreading the principles of the new medicinal practice after
    using it to recover from tuberculosis. In 1843, he founded the
    first school of homeopathy in Brazil, located in Rio de Janeiro:
    the Instituto Brasileiro de Homeopatia or Brazilian Homeopathy
    Health concerns
    Many other countries embed homeopathy in their healthcare
    systems and find it cost effective. However, in Britain we have
    a highly polarised debate on the topic, where facts often get
    lost or misrepresented by both sides.
    Ayurvedic, Unani, and homoeopathic education faces uncertainty
    The government is waiting for the report of Central Council of
    Indian Medicine and Central Council of Homeopathy for the status
    of colleges which are allegedly not following proper minimum
    standard required MSR regulations as per the guidelines proposed
    by government.
    Empirical reason on alternative medicine
    Prince Charles has only to open his mouth, it seems, to make
    others froth. His latest crime has been to urge Westminster
    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to consider offering homeopathic
    remedies and treatments on the NHS. Since the Prince's
    conversations and letters are protected from freedom of
    information requests, and unavailable for public view, his
    critics are up in arms, without knowing precisely what he has
    A peek into the vistas of homeopathy
    With the aim of sharing knowledge and best practices, around 200
    homeopathy practitioners across the country came together at a
    conclave "Vistas of Homeopathy" here on Sunday.
    Jeremy Hunt, Health Secretary, thinks homeopathy works
    Sorry, spotted this shortly after I published my last Jeremy
    Hunt post, but I think it's important. The man put in charge of
    the nation's health policy is on record as supporting spending
    public money on magic water to cure disease. Here's the text of
    an Early Day Motion he signed in 2007
    Prince Charles accused of lobbying Health Secretary over homeopathy
    Prince Charles was last night urged to stay out of the debate
    over homeopathy on the NHS, amid claims that he had lobbied the
    Health Secretary in favour of the controversial alternative
    treatment. Labour MPs reacted with fury at the revelation that
    the heir to the throne had met Jeremy Hunt last week, with NHS
    support for homeopathy believed to be on the agenda.

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