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    Quackery has gone too far
    But homeopaths in this country have managed to sink into a whole
    new circle of Dante's Hell of burning stupid. And it has taken
    the form of a product called "nosodes."
    Tim Ferguson: why homeopathy is plain loopy
    As a person living with MS, Tim Ferguson is always getting
    recommendations for homeopathy, but he's got science and reason
    on his side.
    Vaccine alternatives offered by homeopaths 'irresponsible'
    A CBC Marketplace investigation has found that some alternative
    health practitioners are offering unproven vaccine
    "alternatives" to parents, which is adding to many parents'
    confusion about vaccines. These treatments are not approved by
    Health Canada as alternatives to immunization.
    Homeopaths flush remedies down toilet to heal oceans
    According to the Quackometer, British homeopath, Grace
    DaSilva-Hill spearheaded a call to other homeopaths to drop some
    of their remedies into the sea last Friday.
    These Guys Flew to Liberia to 'Cure' Ebola Patients with Homeopathy
    Dr. Richard Hiltner is a really nice guy. He's in his 60s but
    seems younger, in that way Californians often do and has a very
    West Coast way of making everything sound super positive all the
    time, up to and including the fact that, a few weeks ago, he and
    three other practitioners flew to Liberia to try to treat Ebola
    patients using homeopathy.