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Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine confirms suppressionof high quality research on homeopathy dating back to 1941(at least!)

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  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine confirms suppressionof high quality research on homeopathy dating back to 1941(at least!)


    This is both a story of HISTORY and a story of GOOD SCIENCE that has been
    ignored and suppressed…and it has been now resurrected!

    When you consider that people today are still get exposed to toxic gases,
    people and governments who have suppressed good homeopathic research now
    have blood on their hands because good and effective treatment could have
    been provided to them.

    We need to learn from history…and we need to see that the same problems that
    we face today we faced yesterday…

    The Mustard Gas Experiments of 1941-1942

    One of the first double-blind and placebo-controlled trials ever
    conducted for a governmental agency (England’s Ministry of Home Security)
    tested homeopathic treatments during World War II and was conducted in
    1941-42 on volunteers whose skin was burned with mustard gas. The Glasgow
    trial included 40 volunteers, and the London trial included 240 volunteers.
    A more recent analysis of the data further substantiated the statistical
    significance of this study (Owen and Ives, 1982), and even more recently, it
    was described in detail in the famed Journal of the Royal Society of
    Medicine (Dean, 2014). ¨

    In the Glasgow experiments, only Mustard Gas 30C was used, given
    moments before getting exposed to mustard gas. The first experiment found
    that none of the first 12 patients receiving homeopathic treatment
    experienced deep lesions after exposure to mustard gas, while all (!) of
    those volunteers who received a placebo experienced deep lesions. Of the
    next 28 volunteers who received the homeopathic medicine, 12 had superficial
    wounds and two had deep lesions after the homeopathic treatment. In
    comparison, those volunteers who were given a placebo, two experienced
    superficial lesions and 12 had deep lesions.

    In London, two experiments were conducted. The first experiment
    included 139 volunteers who were assigned to take one of several homeopathic
    medicines known to treat burns, including Rhus tox, Kali bich, Opium,
    Cantharis, and Mustard Gas (all in 30C). A second experiment was conducted
    with 101 volunteers, in which they were either given a placebo or a specific
    protocol of Variolinum 30C and Rhus tox 30C, taken after exposure, as well
    as Mustard Gas 30C and Rhus tox 30C given 14 days before exposure.

    The results of the London experiments were sent for “independent
    analysis. A report determined that “there is certainly an indication of
    beneficial effects of the drugs in general.”

    A recent review of this study acknowledged that despite the remarkable
    results at two locations, the Ministry of Home Security still rejected the
    results on the grounds that the experimental technique must have been
    flawed, despite the fact that the Ministry helped in the design of the trial
    that included the use of placebo controls, blind outcome assessment, and
    independent statistical testing. The Ministry of Home Security never
    provided any evidence that these studies were flawed, but considering the
    positive outcome of the studies, they simply assumed that something was
    wrong with them.

    Dean, Michael Emmans. The Mustard Gas Experiments Done by the British
    Homoeopathic Society for the Ministry of Home Security, 1941-1942. Journal
    of the Royal Society of Medicine, 2014 107(11)453-455. DOI:

    Paterson, J. Report on Mustard Gas Experiments, Journal of the American
    Institute of Homeopathy, 1944, 37:47-50, 88-92. ¨

    Owen, RMM, and Ives, G. The Mustard Gas Experiments of the British
    Homeopathic Society: 1941-1942, Proceedings of the 35th International
    Homeopathic Congress, 1982,


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    That's very interesting, interesting, Dana. Thank you very much.
    Albert, also Hahnemannian444B and and and